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Portsmouth City, VA, 23707
I am going to file for Social Security for an injury I sustained at work 11 years ago, also have recently been diagnosed with some heart problems. I have some questions concerning my case. If you would please contact me so that I can begin this process I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

Fairfax, VA, 22180
Incompetent treatment in nursing home led to re-hospitalization, exacerbated fistulas and long recovery period. Nursing home was not equipped with the equipment or expertise to treat the significant wound.

Norfolk City, VA, 23505
Want more clients and customers? We will help them find you by putting you on the 1st page of Google. Email us back to get a full proposal.

Norfolk City, VA, 23505
Want more clients and customers? We will help them find you by putting you on the 1st page of Google. Email us back to get a full proposal.

Prince Edward, VA, 23901
I am a real-estate appraiser in training, and while I was walking up these steps to take pictures of a client’s building, the steps gave way, and I fell through his steps which were about 5 foot high, resulting in a fracture in my ankle, which was diagnosed at the emergency room, and torn ligaments which were diagnosed in the orthopedics office that is still an ongoing healing process. It also caused me to have a server pinched nerve in my back that required me to have surgery and stay in the hospital overnight. In addition, it gave me extreme pain in my hip that has shown a possible tear in it, which the doctors have given me a total of three shots for in my bursa, which has done no good that might require me to have surgery later on. I been on pain medication most of these seven months, and the doctor told me that it could take a year for my ankle to be healed, or it might not might not never be right. I have missed a total of seven months in which I was supposed to be working. During this time their home owners insurance, only gave me 5,000 for my medical bills because they said that was all they could give me, and they was wanting me to get better before they settled, and so far my medical bills has totaled over 74,000.

Loudoun, VA, 20147
when i was stop my car and waiting for the green light on the traffic siganl.One woman hit to my car from the back.In the result of that accident i become disabled permanently since that day.Accident occurred on the November 18th,2010 near the DMV Sterling,Virginia.My spinal cord have been damaged,lumber 2,3, have been displaced.i have the fracture on the right feet lower the limb.My two back vains for the circulation of the blood are blocked.I am permanent disabled and waalk with the supporting of a stick since that day.Seven to eight months i was totally paralized and after a long treatment now i can walk very difficultly with the supporting stick.

Loudoun, VA, 20147
I got accident on the november 18th,2010.In the result of that accident my spinal cord (back bone) damaged and my lumber 2,3 are displaced.The swelling is still there.I am become disabled since that day.Now i want to sue the who hit my car from the back side.When i was waiting for the green signal near the sterling DMV Virginia.

Loudoun, VA, 20147
I got accident on the november 18th,2010.My spinal cord( babk bone) damage and lumber 2,3,displaced.I have fracture on the right feet lower the limb.

Fairfax, VA, 22003
i was punched in the face for no apparent reason [when my head was turned] then fell down a flight of stairs [cement] taken to hospital [i did not want to go go but the cop said she would arrest me if i did not?! i broke 8 ribs my face is completely swollen i can barely talk i can barely use the bathroom hell i can barely breathe all do to this guy hitting me for nothing i did.......can you help me?????

Fairfax, VA, 22312
Fell into a huge ditch in the parking lot of a 7-11 store and fractured my ankle. I will be out of work for approximately 8 weeks.

Alexandria City, VA, 22304
The evening of Sunday, Feb 13th I was carrying groceries to my rented townhouse and was walking to the sidewalk, but before reaching the curb, I stepped in a pothole and severely hurt my foot. I was taken the ER and it was discovered through x-ray that I broke my 5th metatarsal in my left foot. As per my emergency room discharge instructions, I was seen by an Orthopedic Surgeon on Monday, February 15th and fitted for a walking boot and was told I would need to wear it for four to six weeks to allow the facture to heal. Per doctor’s instructions, I am forced to miss 5 days of work. I was supposed to get married in Las Vegas on February 19th. In light of the injury, my fiancé and I were forced to postpone the wedding to give my foot time to heal. We had to cancel all arrangements made for the 19th and our three guests had to cancel their plans as well. We all incurred penalties for doing so. On February 8th, I signed a contract with a real estate agent to list my condominium apartment on the real estate market as of March 1st. I am now unable to do any cleaning, staging, etc. to prepare my condo for sale. There are no street lights at our end of the cul-de-sac. I contacted the rental office on Monday, February 15th to notify the management staff of the pothole and advised them that I had broken my foot as a result of tripping in the pothole. Approximately thirty minutes after I called the rental office, I noticed through looking out my bedroom window that the pothole had been filled in. I have several photos of the pothole before and after it was filled in. My fiancé also called the rental office Monday afternoon while he was at work to follow-up on ensuring the pothole had been filled in and had been advised by the management office that it was taken care of.

Roanoke City, VA, 24121
I have a below the knee amputation on my right leg. And on the left I have lost all my toes and the front of my foot. I got an ulcer on the bottom of my foot and had to be put in hospital to have surgery to clean out all the infection. I was in there for 15 days. They put me on Clindamycin and I had to take mylanta and a pain pill just to tolerate the pain from this medicine. They sent me home on June 30. I had severe diarrhea, extreme stomach and intestines pain. severe heartburn pain in my esophagas I cant sleep,skin itching all over my body, got small blisters on my arms and peeling, I got a severe yeast infection that wont go away. I had to go to the doctor to get medicine for the itching and the yeast infection. I ended up in the emergency room they think i had a light heart attack from taking this medicine. I was in there for 4 days. I have had a stress test and a test where they use a camera and light to look at your stomach I have had an upper GI, and a gall bladder test. I still have to have a test for my colon and my kidneys. I never knew a medicine could cause so my problems. I know some people have died taking this medicine. I am still having problems from this. all this since June 16,2010. If you can help me please give me a call

Salem, VA, 24153
made a left turn on a solid green light, another vehicle coming the opposite direction was traveling at double the speed limit & struck me head on. So far I have been charged at fault(failure to yeild right of way, left turn on green) I have a witness to the other mans speed, several pics of the intersection & damage to my veh. which is very extensive. Traffic court date is june 11 2010. Witness has been subpeoaned & have filed not guilty.

Alexandria City, VA, 22314
I was hit from behind by a vehicle and as of today the insurer has not contacted Geico, but I have and the insurance is valid.

Alexandria City, VA, 22314
I was hit from behind by a vehicle and as of today the insurer has not contacted Geico, but I have and the insurance is valid.

Alexandria City, VA, 22314
Good Afternoon: Yesterday, while trying to go to work at the Rosslyn, VA, Metro center; once I got of the Metro train, I attempted to exist the station by using my Metro card (Value $280 remaining on my card), I placed my card on the swipe system and the gate opened then closed causing me to jolt in my tracks and then the gate opened back up. Well, this closure of the gate which hit my out thigh; making me come down hard with my right leg causing direct pain to my thigh. After hopping thru to gain my mind-set since I was in severe pain; the Metro attendant on site said that he witness the entire incident and wanted to know if I was OK. Then she said that prehaps I didn't have enough funds on my card which might have caused the system to re-act like that and maybe since there were so many people existing - I told her thru my tears that I always trail behind anyone in front of me ensuring there's no problem with whomever is in front of me. After I hopped over to the side in front of the Add Value system, she ask me "do you want me to call an ambulance", and I said I will try to walk on my leg in order to go to work up the hills my office; well, I could not put any pressure on it and I responded yes. Prior to the ambulance coming a gentlemen (I failed to get his name, since the pain was so bad) came and saw that I was standing there crying and ask to help since he said that his background was in the medical field; he noted that another Metro worker had brought over a chair for me to sit in so I did and he proceeded to examine my leg and ask for me to extend it if I could, which I couldn’t. He said that I had a contusion in my leg which was causing the pain. I was transported to the Virginia Hospital in Arlington, VA after that. Due to the shock of what was happening – my blood pressure went up to 157/90, which was do to the pain and excitement taking place. Making this story short and direct, Metro has caused me to miss two days of work and now I have fears riding the Metro and entering the station which I will seek counseling to combat those fears. • I want Metro to be aware of this so that can pay for the two days lost from work and the medical bills. • I will be seeing an specialist next week to seek extent damages done to my leg. I apologize if I have wasted your time in reading this sincere measure of needed advise/help. Thank you.

Amherst, VA, 24572
I fell on April 3rd, 2010 at approximately 8:30pm at Fort Hill bowling alley in Lynchburg, VA when I walked onto the oiled bowling lane #22, I had just previously went to the bathroom and when I came back to the lane I was bowling on, it was my turn to bowl I walked over to the bowling ball rack picked up my ball walked up to bowl and both feet shot out from under me, as I was falling I released the ball and as I landed on my right shoulder I felt something pop. When I tried to get up my shoulder felt as though it was dislocated. The lady that worked at the bowling alley Carolyn immediately came on the loud speaker and told me to bring my shoes up they had water on them, and gave me another pair, I told her I never thought that I could have picked up water on my shoes, she said she had watched me go to the bathroom and come back out and bowl and flipped the shoes over and showed me they were wet on the bottom, I was still in shock and couldn't believe that had happend, I have been bowling for years since I was a teenager and nothing like that had ever happend. We were out for my boyfriends daughters birthday, and I didn't want to ruin her time so we stayed and they finished bowling, then took her out to eat. My boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go to the hospital and I told him no, that if it was no better the next morning I would go to the doctor. I didn't bowl anymore that night, his daughter and him took turns bowling for me. The next morning my shoulder was no better and I couldn't lift my arm straight up. So after church I went to Urgent care center in Madison Heights where the doctor x-rayed my shoulder said it was not broken but had torn the rotator cuff or ligaments and tendons, he instructed me to take naproxpen every 4 to 6 hrs and to use heat if it helped and to not use that arm for 3 weeks and if no better to follow up with orthopedic doctor that it might need surgery or physical therapy. I have called the bowling alley back on April 13th, I was told that I had to speak with the owner Shelia Mays, I left my phone number and message for her to call me back. I was asked if I filed a report at the bowling alley and I told them no, it was not offered to me at the time and I did not think to ask at that time.I called to see if they carry any insurance that will cover the medical expenses from the incident that I have incurred so far the doctor visit was $102 because I don't have any health insurance, I am currently unemployed and have been looking for work. I need medical treatment but due to no insurance at this time can not afford to get it. I am a single mother of two teenage children. This is really stressing me out and making me depressed since I can not due a whole lot with my arm this way. This will affect my ability to find work, until my arm is recovered and not sure if I will get back my full range of motion, which is upsetting to me as well. Please let me know what I can or can't do. I need help.

Prince William, VA, 20155
Slipped on stairs which resulted in hospitalization,head injury and time lost from work.

Arlington, VA, 22207
I want a really aggressive person who knows what they are doing - please

Warren, VA, 22630
I have lawyer now for a work injury. Iam not happy with. I dont understand how he can know anything about my case when he hadent asked me any questions about it. My doctor has me on a work restriction and my laywer keeps telling me to look for work. Iam the one running around to clinics and state hosptals trying to find out whats worng with me and he's getting all the reports. I was injured on December 27,2006

Fairfax, VA, 22031
need a lawyer for personal injury -Slip & Fell

Mecklenburg, VA, 23452
after release from jail for a dui, I was required to walk 10 to 15 miles to retrieve car back. In doing so I ended up in the hospital and had to have open heart surgery within four days.

Carroll, VA, 24333
On the 29 of january of 2009. I slipped and fell at work and hurt my L5 S1 Disk in my lower back. After 6 weeks my wife had to feel out my workers comp form because my boss said it was not his place. On the 8 week i got a check that took 3 weeks to cash from the insurance comp. Now iv been out of work since the 29th. Today i called my boss and he said i did not have a job there and i need to turn in my unforms. And the insurance company told me to see my doctor that they had talked to them and we were close to getting me back to work. My back and legs still hurt. They said that when i was released i would not get any settlment from them for my pain and suffering. My boss fired me while im still drawing. I got a family to take care of . Can i sue the company that i used to work for. For doing me this way? Please contact me and let me know. Thank You

Rappahannock, VA, 22747
shattered knee

Fairfax, VA, 22003
need local counsel

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