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Weber, UT, 84401
I was going to work on March 1, 2018 at approximately 9 PM. When an SUV ran into the side of me on my bike fracturing my pelvic bone. I have all the information. The Clearfield police department was involved. The paramedics were involved. And also the security guard for the Freeport Center was involved. I am now out of work. The driver was fully at fault, and cooperated with the authorities. I'm asking to be compensated for medical bills and for my being out of work.

Salt Lake, UT, 84118
I was in the cosmetics dept. when I first arrived in that are there was ne sign or I don't recall a floor cleaner near me cuz I was looking for a specific eye makeup and could not remember the brand so I was on all makeup isles. So this worker who must not have spoke very good English said something like I sweep isle. I just thought ok but was occupied doing my shopping. When I was done I went to leave and realized he had the whole area roped off, but at the end of the isle I was on there was no rope so I assumed since there was no sign or rope that was the exit. As I proceeded onto that isle I immediately started to fall, I tried to catch myself but the floor had a lot of water on it. The worker did not apologize or help me up or help me gather my things they flew out of my hands, but instead laughed at me. I was so humiliated I just wanted to get my shopping done so I got up, I was angry, and didn't realize that my wrist and my lower back felt twisted. I was trying to get to my next isle I needed, and I passed the isle again the same workers were laughing. As I went to find the item I needed I bent down to pick up but then it felt like my back was going out and could not support me. At that point I went to seek out a manager.

Box Elder, UT, 84302
After walking down a flight of stairs, I looked up and saw the office I needed. I turned to my right, took another step, and fell not realizing there was another step. I was injured bad enough to require an ambulance. While lying on the floor feeling very embarressed, I espressed this to one of the office personnel kneeing beside me. She said to me not to worry, this happens two or three times per week. The building maintenance was called and as he was coming down the hall he said loudly, "what, we got another one down." I felt at that moment and still feel that if this was occurring that often, then something should have been done to prevent this happening again. I feel that negligence was involved and compensation needs to be made.

Kane, UT, 84741
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Kane, UT, 84741
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Salt Lake, UT, 84121
need information on a possible case

Salt Lake, UT, 84121
need information on a possible case

Salt Lake, UT, 84020

Salt Lake, UT, 84020
was shot in foot at a bar the guy was arrested. i need medical biils payed and lost wage and pain and suffering

Weber, UT, 84401
I was in a WAMU financial institution today making a cash deposit into the account of one of their customers. I was insulted as usual by the staff and told them I was not here for conversation. The bank manager made me leave the branch and told me he would call the police if I ever came back. A friend of mine entered the bank immediately after me with my deposit and they accepted it from him. I have been to the bank dozens of times, I have never cussed at these people nor threatened them in anyway. This friend of mine not only raised his voice but he cussed at them and threated to sue them too, yet they helped him. I am very distressed over this entire incident and am looking for an attorney to help me with this. I have much more to add, I am sure they broke some kind of law because the cash deposit I was making was for a debt and the currrency says legal tender for all debts public and private, plus this is a financial institution, if the person to whom the money is owed chooses to bank there they must act on his behalf and accept the deposit no matter who is making it. Please call me.

Utah, UT, 84601
I got hurt at work using a box cutter and I have had to have surgery on my arm as result to the injury and I may not ever regain feeling in my thumb. I was just wondering if something like that was a case or not.

Utah, UT, 84655
smoking light cigarettes

Salt Lake, UT, 84084
I have fibromyalgia and have lost several appeals. This did not result from an accident. I don't know how it came about.

Salt Lake, UT, 84047
In 2003, June, I entered U of U in SLC, because I had a burst vein in my head, (no stroke), it was from stress, when the person used the needle to enter my back to remove the fluid and blood, staph entered my back and there was an infection, I lay in Critical Care for 11 days waiting for the blood to clear in my head, and while I lay there, my back hurt so bad, so they brought in a psychiatrist twice to suggest getting off the Paxil I'd been on for so 6.5 years, I said no, I kept saying my back hurts, and on the regular ward of the hospital for 2 days I complained, and used a hot shower to get out of pain a bit. On the 2nd day in the regular unit, my leg wasn't picking up properly, it was getting worse, nobody listened, I was discharged. I went home and didn't sleep for 3 weeks, on the 3rd day of my release I went to the U of U to emergency, I was giving a shot and muscle relaxers, then I went to St. Marks, same treatment a week later, my regular doc, part of the U of U network, cautioned me saying I was using too much Lortab for pain, I said, well my leg is getting worse, I can barely pick it up, he wouldn't give me anything for pain, until he called 2 days later, I begged for an MRI on my back, it didn't happen, I called Dr. Richard's Schmidt's nurse at the U, she never called back, except once to say, you'll have to wait until your scheduled C/Scan on your head and we'll check out your back, I didn't get any diagnosis, because nobody paid attention. After all I had my head drained, the MRI showed I was fine, on the 20th day I went for the C/Scan, I got to the clinic with a wheel chair and then I was scheduled the next day for an MRI, after several frustrating hours, Dr. Schmidt admitted I had an enclosed infection laying on my spine, and so they needed to operated, and 1.5 later I was out, but the operation took around 6.5 hours, when I came to I was feeling great, however in the next 6 days with the roller-coaster effect of the opiates and the chemical imbalance I had, because the Paxil quit working years ago, and I couldn't get off of it, I went throw so much depression and anxiety that I thought about throwing myself out the window many times, because my brain felt as though it wanted to explode. Many people have nightmares with opiates, I had terrifice nightmares from being awake 3 weeks and having so much pain medication in me, I also was afraid to go to sleep, all I got from doctors and nurses was that, I wasn't used to pain medication. I went home crying as I had cried every day in the hospital because of anxiety, and I had an anti-biotic in my arm for 6 weeks, I lost wages at work, my 13 yr old daughter took care of me for 2.5 months, and I continued to cry, I never took an aspirin or anything those 2.5 weeks I was home, I had horrible leg restlessness, and since I alread had a bad neck, sleep didn't come easily. It was so horrible I can't even explain. I used a walker to finally build my strength back up. The hospital finally took the co-pay for the back surgery away that left a scar that I could care less about, but the suffering I had and the fact that now, or rather, 6 months ago, my back started to ache, bone was take out to get the infection out and a microscope, and now arthritis is in there, and it is hurting, I already had a bad neck, and had to had 2 disks replaced in April 2005, so now with my neck hurting still, I have to contend with my back hurting, is there anyway we can sue the hospital. I had an attorney he dropped me I think because I work for the State, and he was one of those attorneys you get if you do work for the State, I paid a small fee every month, he said nothing, he asked for my medical records and disappeared, I saw him in the white pages last month and asked him, why did you drop me like that, right after he did, the liability laws changed for doctors, and I left a message or 2 he won't return my call. I am using 2-3 pain pills a day for my neck pain which will never leave and now this back pain. If only they had listened instead of thinking I was being a woos because I had depression and used Paxil, I hurt I complained and nobody checked me out...

Davis, UT, 84040
auto injury rearended whiplash

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