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Rutherford, TN, 37130
September 30, 2014, I went to see my primary physician after suffering pain and swelling with redness in my left ankle. (I don't know how I hurt my ankle. I worked my full shift on the 29th. By the end of my shift I could hardly walk). I was given pain meds and antibiotics. I was sent to have X-rays and they did lab work. A few days later, I was back at the doctor because the pain was unbearable. I was told all my lab work was normal as well as the X-rays. I was given steroids and more pain meds but no new x-rays. I couldn't work because the pain was so intense I could hardly walk. I was on FMLA from September 30 to October 12. I think I was at the doctors office at least 3 times during that time. I went to work on the 13th but I was back at the office the morning of the 14th because the pain was terrible. At that time I was told that I needed to see someone else because she didn't know what was wrong. I was referred on to an orthopedic doctor. I went on October 15. I was asked to bring in the X-rays that were previously taken. The doctor told me the xrays were normal and he didn't know what was wrong with my ankle since all the test were normal. My ankle was still swollen and it was still very painful to walk. He did not order anymore xrays or any other test. He put me in a walking boot, gave a compression sleeve for my ankle, and gave me some exercises to do. He prescribed Naxpoxen. I was taken out of work from the 14th thru 19 and to return to work on the 20th. He told me to come back to see him in a couple of weeks after that. I decided I need to see someone else because I didn't feel like the doctor was even concerned or believed me. I wore the boot and ankle compression sleeve as I was instructed. I left his office and started calling around to find another doctor. On November 3, 2014, I went to see a Podiatrist. He took 3 sets of xrays and all 3 showed I have a fractured ankle that had been present for several weeks. I have been in two different cast, back in a boot and today I am in an ankle brace. My ankle has not totally healed but I am going back to work Monday December 29th because if I dont I will lose my position at my job. I have worked there 24 years. This whole thing has been extremely stressful, not to mention painful. I want to know if I have grounds to file a lawsuit because of being missed or undiagnosed for the broken ankle?

Shelby, TN, 38134
My husband is currently incarcerated at the FCI Memphis Correctional Facility. On August 4, 2013 he broke his tibia and fibula that resulted in surgically inserting a titanium steel rod and screws in his right leg due to chunks missing from a broken staircase leading from the housing cells of the top tier. I have a detailed day to day journal of incidents that includes 4 day delay of proper medical care, misdiagnosis of the injury, denial of meals while injured and enduring pain and suffering on several occasions, harassment by multiple staff including medical staff due to him acknowledging the negligent acts on their behalf, not complying to surgeons orders by removing his wheelchair and orthopedic boot during the healing process and disciplinary action taken against him for correcting the medical staff concerning the specifics of the situation resulting in being placed in solitary confinement(the hole)while still wheelchair bound. The extensive journal also includes officer’s names and medical staff as witnesses to these incidents in the event of questioning or court subpoena. These witnesses stated they would tell the truth under oath if questioned. Also a tort claim has also been filed and there are legal documents proving the facility has admitting to their fault of the stairs being broken and repair orders that have been filed but still are not repaired as of this day. If you are interested in this case please respond to the information given. Thank You for your time.

Sumner, TN, 37075
I was working at AT&T and my doctor requested a stool for me while I was working because of my right leg going numb when I stand over 10 minutes. AT&T refused a stool for me. They then put me on long term disability. I feel they have discriminated against me by not allowing me to have a stool and allowing others in stores in the same position to have stools. I would like to see if someone can help me. I have been told they will end my long term disability in February of 2014 if I can work elsewhere, but that means I will lose all benefits from AT&T if they evaluate me and decide I can work any other jobs and they have already separated me from the company because of the long term disability. We are union also.

Davidson, TN, 37207
Had 3 surgery's in a months time autory was cut and now have aphorism and have a possibility of another surgery and can not turn my head left or right and difficulty speaking

Shelby, TN, 38127
fail in a pot hole at work mess my knee up employer had surgery done on my knee now im in so much pain plz call

Shelby, TN, 38103
I was stabbed downtown Memphis a block away from Beale st. Attempting to break a fight between a friend of mine and two other guys when I was unfortunately stabbed to the left side of my abdomen collapsing a lung putting me in critical condition nearly taking my life, causing me ( a one income family ) to be out of work unknown yet how long, with a substantial dr. Bill at risk of losing place of residence and unable to provide. Going to speak with detective 5/16/12 regarding the matter and really need an eager lawyer for representation.

Shelby, TN, 38128
job does not supply proper lifting support or any equipmet such as back support,i substained a hernia lifting company merchaindise and had to go to the va for medical attenion and to get a back and belly support for my job.J.B HUNT would not let me come back to work until i was cleared by thier doctor and did not compensate me for anything,3 weeks later they fired me becaused i was hurting and could not come to work nor perform my duties properly.i was sent on deliveries many of times that requiered two people to perform that duties at task,i brought it to thier attenion but was denied help on several accasions,its all about jb.hunt and thier status,work performence and qoutes ,not about the employee.i throught really hard on this,before i came to this decision the file a case against them,they have not been fair to me and my family....

Cannon, TN, 37190
A machine failed to stop at Nissan resulting in bodily injury.I have a workman's comp attorney but would also like Nissan to be held responsible for their machine failure

Carroll, TN, 38344
IN the past few years my back has deteriated to a crippling point. I have worked for American Ordanance for 7 yrs. I have sought medical attention for 3.5 yrs now.Tried nerve blover time blocks and numerous other treatments. I fear this is going to continue to worsen . I can not imagine it getting worse. The dr. has informed that my condition can not improve but infact will continue to degenerate. I need help. I work in a factor that makes ammunitions for the United States Federal Government.

Sevier, TN, 37865
my stef ather was transfered to ft sanders regional hospital complaining of shortness of breath and chest pain. er doctor sent him home after treating him for a sore throat. called the dr back in explained he couldnt breath and had chest pain. dr said he is going home, said he did an ekg which was not done. my stepdad went again by ambulance the following morning. was admitited with mild heart attack and pnemonia. medical director called back apologized said the first visit we wouldnt be charged for and the dr is no longer employed at ft sanders regional

Henderson, TN, 38351
on july 14 of this year my family and i were in ohio to visit with some family when we were staying at 68 motel there in urbana,ohio when i took our dog out and my foot got lodged in a hole that was iin the side walk outside our room,i went to the hospital and the doctors said it was scraped up a lot and brused,that i would have to wear a brace for 6 weeks i need to know what i can do ,thanks

Rutherford, TN, 37128
I was a passenger in a MVA. I and my girlfriend both sustained injury. We were both taken to the ER and received treatment. I was hospitalized. I had sustained compression fractures of the vertebrae as well as severe bruising and continue to be under physician care post 8 weeks as chronic pain persists.

Macon, TN, 37150
All i remember, It happened Oct. 21, 1997 and left me disabled for the rest of me life. I went thru a-lot of trama and brain trama, etc.

Hamilton, TN, 37404
Auto casualty case with undisputed liability in Hamilton County, Tennessee. Victims/clients are a husband & wife in their mid-60s. Husband suffered fractures of the "lis franc" joint in both feet resulting in medical opinion he'll have to have both these joints fused at some future point. He had one fused the third year post-accident. Based upon his treatment to date, it appears his medical bills will total about $110,000.00 after the second surgery is completed. He has a permanent impairment that will likely worsen somewhat after the second surgery, but has not been rated as yet. Your thoughts on value will be appreciated.

Williamson, TN, 37027
fell and broke leg in three places in a casino.

Davidson, TN, 37214
Here the case in back in 2003 I have two people who drive car and made an accident by hit me in bicycle while I was riding the bicycle so they were keep attention to ward. Now I didnot have full information and until I get sheet at home tommorrow. Can you send me your Email so that I can give full details tommorrom.

Robertson, TN, 37172
Really need help with a case wanna know how i can file a cliam

Hamblen, TN, 37814
I was in a MVA on 5/8/09 - 3 cars were stopped at a red light, I was the middle car. A woman crashed into the car behind me, causing him to crash into me; I crashed into the car in front of me. I need advice on possible legal action. The person behind me was driving an Animal Control Van which caused extensive damage to my car and left me with neck and back problems. The woman who caused the accident was under the influence of narcotics and never even hit her brakes.

Hardeman, TN, 38075
fell at a talent show at whitevlle school sit in a chair and fell and hurt my back after teacher and parent helped me up another teacher stated the chair should have been moved cause it was broke went to er on 5-8-2009 5-10-2009 and went to family doctor on 5-11-2009 he stated i had a pulled muscle and a muscle spasm and if it dont get any better i will have to go to a specialist on next week

Davidson, TN, 37013
I have Lasik surgery damage. My pupils were mismeasured at 6.5mm. They are actually 9.0mm

Carter, TN, 37643
I have beengiven a 15% partial permanent impairment rating of left lower extremity and 6% partial parmanent impairment rating of the whole person. my question is what kind of offer should I get from wokers comp. I fell at work had surgery July 08 and have been drawing wokers comp. Also impression 1- 719.46-left knee pain. 2-complex regional pain syndrome

Decatur, TN, 38311
I have also sent email with basic info regarding my situatiion. I have a home in Decatur County Tn.,but residence in Ft. Myers Florida. Thanks.

Greene, TN, 37641
Help.. I'm being sued by a person in an accident with my son.. My name was on the car on question as primary and it was my sons car

Davidson, TN, 37228
Just completed a form but did not click on Nashville, Davidson County before completing it.

Davidson, TN, 37228
I was injured on the MTA bus, the MTA supervisor called an ambulance and I was transported to St. Thomas Hospital. For months and months they refused to inform me how to file a claim or give me a claim number. I was mailed a letter that simply said, call when you get this letter; when I called twice I did not get a return phone call; the letter was not from MTA. Now they are saying they will not pay because it is out of the one year time limit. Please assist me.

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