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Bryan, OK, 74741
My wife and 2 daughters were hit by another driver. On a Bryan county road.

Grant, OK, 73759
I had lunch at Braums # 85 in Enid, Ok. on Saturday Dec. 27th, 2014. Upon finishing drinking my malt at home I found a forgien object in my mouth. It was a green triangle looking piece of hard material. I did not injure my tooth but could have very easily. Do I have any legal options to take against Braums for this forgien object found in my malt. I went to the store the next day with the object and they filled out an incedient report and said maybe someone would let me know what it was. I requested to be notified of what the object was.

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Oklahoma, OK, 73103
Extensive background in complex Oklahoma divorce cases, Oklahoma military divorce, Oklahoma child custody cases, Oklahoma paternity/child support cases, Oklahoma DHS cases, and guardianship cases

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Oklahoma, OK, 73107
I just moved to Oklahoma city last year. My ex husband and I have gone through some custody issues with my kids. In the process he has ran my credit and ran my motor veh Info without my consent through his AAA insurance. Also his girlfriend has accessed my medical records and given them to him as he has repeated things about a er visit that only the dr and I know. I was not even at the same hospital that she works at either. He has gone to my family and slandered me so much making them believe I am a psychopath. My only sibling won't talk to me because of this and my ex has convinced them that I can harm my parents. My ex also has don't the same to my parents as well which left us not talking for some time. We do now but my mother had asked why would I ever give him access to my medical records.. My ex husband is bi polar.. And has been since he was 13.. He's 44 now. His family has a long history of mental illness including his father and grand mother killing her husband and killing herself. I have just stayed quiet but this is getting so out of hand.. Do people known that the AAA employees can access and use there information for whatever they want? What about the health care system.. Not only has been done but used to hurt me and make my relationships with my family hard as well as many other areas. What can I do?

Oklahoma, OK, 73139
I'm a victim of robbery. It happened in March 2010 while I was at work. The robber held a gun to the back & side of my head. I missed about 3 weeks of work because of that incident. I still have issues about being in my place of employment but I try to cope with it the best I can. I asked my employers about helping out with counseling but they told me I have to pay out of my own pocket if that's what I want. I can't afford to pay for it. They also wanted me to sign a paper so they could stick it in my file. That was for their benefit so they wouldn't have to explain to corporate why I missed all those days. I didn't sign it & they stopped asking for it. I had to be put on a waiting list at the OKC Indian Clinic for counseling. I finally got in on August 10,2010 & was told I had PTSD. I also had a stroke on 08-18-2010 & went into the hospital. I worked most of my shift that day before I left to go to the emergency room. I was released on 08-20-2010 under doctor's orders not to return to work until 08-23-2010. Ever since the robbery, its seems to me that they're trying to sweep it under the rug as if it never happened. My manager even made the comment, "It didn't seems to bother you the day it happened." I was still in shock when he saw me. How did he expect me to act? To make matters worse, the store security left the robber's image upon the screen when he left to go make a copy for the police. They left me in the room alone with that picture frozen on the screen. I sat there a few minutes before I got up & left the room. This is why I'm looking for a lawyer. Thank you for your time.

Tulsa, OK, 74133
I knew Sean Drunktis very well thru the years of 1990-1992 & I have experienced the same thing from him & know other of other girls...I'm shocked to read this about him

Le Flore, OK, 74939
need an aggresive lawyer

Tulsa, OK, 74012
Customer of Wal Mart fell September 2007. Still having complications. Wal Mart wanting to settle for 1000.00 They say soft tissue injury

Oklahoma, OK, 73120
Looking for a lawyer in IN to help with a PI case. Hit by an unisured driver and looking to collect my out of pocket expenses.

Seminole, OK, 74868
oilfield accident lawsuit

Seminole, OK, 74868
oilfield accident lawsuit

Nowata, OK, 74048
in a mva 5/5/07 other drivers fault and have neck injuries have mri

Adair, OK, 74964
i need a lawyer that can take a slip and fall case. I fell in wal-mart on friday april 14th around 1 and they took an injury report and i still have heard nothing from them.

Carter, OK, 73401

McCurtain, OK, 71832
I was hurt at work. I got hit with a farm rack while i worked at tysons hatchery in brokenbow. I no longer work there but i have a herniated disk in my back that may require surgery. I have had cat scans from the choctaw clinic in idabel. They are referring me to a back surgeoun in paris but the choctaw nation wont pay for it.I am constant pain and i cant walk right now much less work anywhere. I need them to pay for my doctor bills and what ever else i need

Oklahoma, OK, 73118
rear end auto collision

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