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Washington, MS, 38756
On Nov.23 2017 i lost my child do to lack of service by drmc in greenville miss. Because the nurse refuse to do what she was supposed yo do. And she was very rude with me doing that time.

Hinds, MS, 39206
Bed bug bites at a hotel

George, MS, 39452
Car battery exploded in my face while starting a vehicle.. caused vision problems

Copiah, MS, 39191
I work in an ER as an RN.. I asked the ER physician could he prescribe me Something for indigestion & was prescribed Cytotec . No assessing.. No education on the med.. Nothing!! About month after taking the med I had multiple PE, seizure, DIC, and unknowninly at the time I was PG when given the medication! My daughter Ava was premature & stillborn at 26 weeks

DeSoto, MS, 38654
was robbed and beaten on june 6 2011 have had to have surgrey and still under doctors care

Forrest, MS, 39425
Was prescribed Prilosec March, 1998. Don't know how long I took that. Was prescribed Protonix August, 2005 Had Meniere's attack and fell end of June, 2006. Limb threatening break in lower right leg. Could these rx's have led to severity of break? All I remember is putting my foot down and hearing internally,"snap, crackle, and pop as I went down. If you feel there is no connection, then I am sorry to have bothered you. Thank You (I have Forrest Co. addy, but live in Perry Co.)

Harrison, MS, 39503
My daughter walked up to a game in a store that was stationed for people to try out, however, before she could begin to play the game it fell on top of her, knocking her down to the ground. I would like to know how much I would be entitled to if I were to take action.

Jefferson Davis, MS, 39474

Alcorn, MS, 38834
i had a serious wreck which resulted in my jaw being broke in 5 places, and Corinth magnolia hospital sent me home saying it was a minor break, and i was in severe pain all night, my mom took me back too the hospital and demanded i be looked at again and be sent too tupelo ms. they took me by ambulance

Alcorn, MS, 38834
I had a car wreck last sunday afternoon, I was took by ambulance too alcorn co hospital. both jaw was broke on both sides and they sent me home, i lost alot of blood and sweelled bad. next day i was rushed too tubelo for surgery.

Clay, MS, 39773
My accident happen in Clay county MS, but I currently live in Birmingham, AL

Pearl River, MS, 39466
looking for a job realted injury lawyer

Coahoma, MS, 38614
need to get a lawyer for personal injury( slip and fall

Hinds, MS, 39213
On 2-20-2010, I was struck by a vehicle driven by a one Ms. April Anderson. It was determined by the Jackson Police Dept. that she was at fault. She is not the actual owner of the car and I would like to speak to an associate with your firm about some type of recovery. Thank you.

Hancock, MS, 39576
I am looking for a personal injury lawyer to represent me in a negligence case.

Washington, MS, 38701
Not a lead

Washington, MS, 38701
Not a lead

Harrison, MS, 39540
Hello, I am seeking legal assistance in reference to a spinal injury while serving active duty military U. S Air Force in June 1992, while performing physical fitness run. during the run, I stepped into a deep hole on the track and injured my lower spine, sacroilliac joint, knees with numbness and excrutiating pain radiating down into my left leg. I have a tuff time with employment because of bending, turning, standing and picking up objects. I need someone to translate this to the Department of Veterans affairs in order that I can obtain my rightful benefits according to Law. Please Help me put a stop to the turtore by the Veterans Affairs.

Monroe, MS, 38821
26 y/o daughter just diagnosed with st 2 larynx cancer.smoking x 8-10 years. cancer she has usually seen in 60+yrs of age with life long smoking history she is a single mother with 1 yr old child.

Union, MS, 38652
I am in need of consultation regarding a workers comp case where I was injured and statute of limitations ran out in Oct. 08. Thanks.

Jackson, MS, 39564
I was injured in a car accident and the insurance company is, well, an insurance company.

Warren, MS, 39183
My husband saw something about problems with the dye used when doing the stress test. He has had swollen ankles, and a strange rash in his legs since he had his stress test several years ago. He get sick easier now and he tires out. HIs heart was ok.

Washington, MS, 38701
work related injury

Tunica, MS, 38664
Motorcycle crash. Our subdivision is just outside of Harrah's in Tunica Resorts off of Green River Road. For some reason, the county and/or developers built a small winding road called Eastlake Blvd. This road is tree-lined like most in Tunica Resorts. However, many of the trees are 4.5 feet to 6 feet off the road's surface and most of the larger ones overhang the road. There is no room for error, and cars are constantly taking out the trees. These trees are small ornamental type trees, so there is no way for a car or bike to pass beneath the branches. The height of these trees interferes with line of sight, making these blind corners. Relating to my crash, I was riding a bike I had just purchased, literally, a week earlier. I was riding with my wife for the first time in years I have been licensed 10+ years, and I have passed basic and advanced MSF courses. I am not an inexperienced rider. Anyway, I ended up running wide in one of these corners. Because of the trees, I made ever effort to stay on the pavement, but the bike highsided, throwing me and my wife to the pavement. I suffered a broken humerous, and my wife got a concussion and a deep cut in addition to minor cuts and scrapes. My arm required two surgeries, one of which was a bone transplant, and I was in the Med for almost a week. It is my feeling that the streetscape is in violation of Tunica County zoning ordinance. If it were within the code, I feel as though I would not have crashed due to having a useable shoulder to pull off on. I do not know if there was a police report. A deputy was on scene, but the only people that asked us what happened were the EMTs when they were trying to determine the extent of our injuries. We were never aske for a statement by any LEO. I have numerous photos of the area and some video if you would like to review it. This was a low speed crash and the bike suffered minor damage. We didn’t slide at all to speak of, and we weren’t thrown to far from the bike, maybe 4 feet, and we all ended up in the opposing lane.

Perry, MS, 39476
I have been in a case for nearly 5 years involving nerve damage in my hand based on negligence of an ER doctor. I am no longer with my prior attorney and am in dyer straits to find someone amazing who can bring this case to a close and actually investigate the severity of my injury. I have necessary documentation, doctors witness, and all else needed to continue forward with a very strong case. I only have until November 3rd to sign with someone new, so please contact me as soon as possible if you may be of ANY assistance finding new representation. This injury has taken my life for five years, and I cannot fathom it effecting the remainder of my life.

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