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Barry, MO, 65625
My daughter was 3 at the time and she got bit by a basset hound at someone elses house while innocently touching the dog. Later I found out they knew the dog had bitten people before and didn't give even a warning. Owners had dog on home owners insurance. My daughter was hurt in several places a cut and scar on right cheek and a small tear in her right nostril which has resulted in sinus problems and it knocked both of her front teeth loose so both had to be removed which has resulted in alot of tramitizing treatment and doctor visits and a child being very upset about not having her teeth and the pain she went thru to get them pulled was extreme for a child of her age and still yet has issues with eating with not having the front teeth. The owners of the dog have since harassed and laughed and sent messages stating how they wish he would got her worse and laughing at the child for it happening. I have all messages sent by dogs owners. It has changed our life and caused alot of emotional issues and alot of missed work and money issues.

Sainte Genevieve, MO, 63670
I was on my boyfriends friends land and the dog approached me as I was sitting down and bit on my eye lid and above my eye brow. And also on my hand which stopped him the most when he led out an evil growl and attacked my face. This happened on April 12, 2013 and I need a good lawyer to help me with my case because this is the second time the dog has bit somebody. And I want to take legal actions.

Clay, MO, 64118
I fell at the Kansas City ZOO last Sunday in the mix of the gang related vilence..I did break my ankle. The emergency room did xrays then I had to go to an orthopedic doctor and they confirmed that I will have six more weeks of healing. The Zoo s insurance company contacted me and is saying that I have had previous multiple sprained ankles and this is not there fault. Im wasnting the zoo to have to take care of my medical bills and for the seven weeks I am having to have help to care of my kids.

Callaway, MO, 65231
I have a stimulator installed in my thorasic spine due to severe pain. I had a spinal fusion performed and there were many complications. During the first surgery, plates were installed on the anterior, as well as spinal fusion and plates and a rod posterior. After a few days of severe sciatic nerve pain, it was determined that something may be rubbing the nerve. Another surgery was scheduled and this time there were several issues. The Dr. removed ALL of the posterior hardware, but in the post op consult only discussed removal of one screw that was rubbing the nerve. It was thought to be a faulty screw, and I asked to receive it. After the second day in the hospital, the PA told me that during surgery, one of the leads to my pain management system had been burnt. The Dr, did not discuss this until I asked him at which time he said yeah, it will either work or it won't. When I turned on my stimulator, I received a major shock in my right side. I immediately turned it off, and am now having another surgery to have the lead replaced. The post op report shows no evidence of the lead being burnt during surgery, in fact it states the wires were located and left in tact. I do not feel the Dr. has been up fron and honest throughout this process, and I am now incurring excessive axtra pain and surgeries due to failures in both the original surgery and the second surgery.

Miller, MO, 65026
I slip and fell on ice in the parking lot of Capital Regionl Hospital

Saint Louis, MO, 63021
Dental Malpractice. Open crown margins documented by x-ray, knowledge kept from the patient, resulted in decay of 8 healthy teeth. I need lawyer familiar with dental standard of care.

Cole, MO, 65109
I was assulted at work by an employee with a history of voilent outbust berfore. my knee is messed up. I have developed patellofemoral pain syndrome due to the assult.

Jasper, MO, 64804
I'm in Hot Springs,AR. The incident occured in Joplin,MO on Sept. 6,2009.

Bollinger, MO, 63764
I have a hydraulic injury to my hand. I have lost half of my thumb. Product Liability

Franklin, MO, 63077
need to talk to an attorney about an accident, insurance co not wanting to pay for my vehicle damages or a rental car, need transportation to and from work. I have neck and back pain, my passenger also has back and neck pain due to accident.

Dent, MO, 65560
2 masked men broke into my house while i was sleeping and beat me half 2 death with steel pipes, then duct taped my hands and feet together & tortured me 4 an hour! I have physical and emotional scars from this & they where arrested can someone help me with a civil suite against them or their family please.

Jackson, MO, 64050
was burned under eye by a piece of rice that pooped from sizzling skillet served at TGIF' restaurant

Laclede, MO, 65536
was in mu hospital columbia mo for 47 days and 5 surgerys which 3 of them were messed up they did not even what they were dealing with

Putnam, MO, 63565
Gastric sleeve surgery

Greene, MO, 65809
Exposure to toxins constuction liability

Greene, MO, 65803
I was recently awarded a Workers Compensation Settlement in Kansas and I need to initiate a claim immediately against the at fault party and their insurance to collect for pain & suffering related to an auto injury a few years back. Please call me your qualifications and rates in dealing with such cases. Thank you.

Platte, MO, 64151
My airbag did not deploy in my 2005 Toyota Camry on April 22, 2006 and my face is injured.

Cass, MO, 64012
I need an attorney to help me to understand my rights in regards to injestion of multiple mouse feces in Godfathers restaurant on the salad bar

Boone, MO, 65240
I just wondered if you dealt with Fortis insurance company for Long term disability claims, I fell at work got work comp for a settlement, am now on SSDisability Medicare part A and will be having Medicaid pay my care part B soon. I just wondered if you could appeal to see if they would approve me since when I appealed they denied me.

Clay, MO, 64068
apartment with black mold and worsening asthma problems

Andrew, MO, 64421
I would like you to give me a call about my sons accident at school . He fell at summer school and broke both bones inm his right wrist . As for the teacher said she was not watching him at the time of his fall.

Jackson, MO, 64125

Saint Louis, MO, 63119
Just send info. please.

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