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Hennepin, MN, 55428
slipped on the ice at my apartment building and hurt my arm.

Aitkin, MN, 55760

Ramsey, MN, 55106
I gave birth too a dead baby due too wrong male practice ....

Hennepin, MN, 55429
drove my bicycle in an unmarked construction hole. injuries, broken hand, shoulder rib knee injuries & road rash.

Hennepin, MN, 55429
drove my bicycle in an unmarked construction hole. injuries, broken hand, shoulder rib knee injuries & road rash.

Wright, MN, 55362
Fractured femur 10/17/10 involved surgery installing plate and screws. Then, 7/13/11 x-ray showed plate broke in half and required surgery again. Repeat of recovery, loss work, PT, more medical bills, etc.

Ramsey, MN, 55116

Houston, MN, 55947
I had cancer surgury the doctors went in and the cancer was'nt where it was suppose to be so going from a 11/2 hour surgury it went to 7 hours of pure hell now the surgeon say's I'll have to have the surgury again and where a celoscome bag the rest of my life I was suppose to be back to work in 2 to 4 weeks it's now been over six months and doubt I'll ever be able to work again please help I have a small daughter at home its just me and her and it's very hard to provide agian please help

Wadena, MN, 56482
have multiple injuries from a fall at work

Isanti, MN, 55040
The surgeon damaged nerves while putting in a dialysis access in my upper left arm. i no longer have feeling in a couple of my fingers and loss of muscle in my hand and arm. the nerve damage causes lots of pain especially in the winter.

Washington, MN, 55016
I walked out of my place of employment and slipped on some ice and broke my leg. I also found out that there was two other women that broke their arm and their leg on different dates one was feb 26,2009 and the other one forgot the date but I am able to obatin if necessary.

Washington, MN, 55016
I walked out of my place of employment and slipped on some ice and broke my leg. I also found out that there was two other women that broke their arm and their leg on different dates one was feb 26,2009 and the other one forgot the date but I am able to obatin if necessary.

Carver, MN, 55555

Hennepin, MN, 55423
I would like a consultation as I am considering a defamation case against the manager of my apt complex and am unsure if I have a case or not. You may reach me by phone or email. Thanks in advance for your time.

Anoka, MN, 55432
I am the mother of a 16 year old girl who was the victim of a CSC crime on July 1, 2007. (age 15) Although we have the perpetrators DNA in CODIS he has not been identified or caught, and the investigation went on hault within a week of the crime happening- which is a seperate issue altogether. It happened in an open parking lot of an apartment complex that she was walking past. He was drunk and appeared from the area of the apartments she was walking past to come home. She did not know him but he chased her into the vestibule. The police did find a peice of her clothing there that night. The actual location where she was penetrated was out in the open, but was sprayed down with automatic sprinklers that went off before the crime lab could process the area. The guy who hurt her- told my daughter he was at a party in the first building ( there are 3 that make a horseshoe) this is 1/2 a block from the Coon Rapids PD, and less then 1/2 block from an elementary school.The crime itself is something we are trying to survive through, although it's impact has had a significant affect on our lives- and today I met with a victim advocate and she suggested that I talk to an attorney, because what happened at the apartment complex with the property manager was wrong, and did additonal harm to my daughter. it wasnt until the manager of the apartment complex said some things severely perverse that sent my daughter into suicide mode. Fortunatly, I intervened and still do. I was at the time a criminal justice student, I have 9 classes left- I had to leave school after my daughter began getting harrassed by other kids and rumored about- she stopped sleeeping- cant be in stores- it's an endless list- we still virtually live in hiding.We both have PTSD and have gone into therapy at different intervals to deal with this. You have to realize that I purposely was a single parent, so this wouldnt happen to my kids- and it did anyway. Now I cant go back to even finish college- The day after my daughter was assaulted on the grounds of 11085 Robinson Drive, I went to the location, it was a monday morning to discuss it with the manager. I went there with the expectation that they would cooperate in trying to solve this crime. Immediately she began denying it happened there to me, despite bits of evidence- she went on to tell me that they would not notify or ask the residents any questions because they were not going to scare them. I told her she had a responsibility, to the women and children that lived there. I told her that the perpetrator stated he came from an apartment where he was drinking and pointed to the first building. I described him, and her assistant sat back with the look of surprise and fear on her face- and still the manager refused to cooperate or inform the residents. Nor did she allow her assistant to speak. my daughter saw someone look out a window and close their blinds. we'll never know- we'll never know anything because she wouldnt help, and because the Investigator, was like a lot of them here in Anoka County- incapable of doing a thorough investigation. I've read the reports- it's wrong. But, what can we do but a file a complaint, now? I just got the police reports a week ago- no one told me what our rights were- that I had a right to that report. The manager went on to tell me that no one in her apartment complex throws parties and no one would know a rapist. That its was my daughters fault for being out so late- and yes, she was walking home after curfew- she was upset with me and was trying to test the boundaries, it was the first time she ever broke curfew- ever, but this punishment did not suit the crime. I told her that a resident I had spoken to, while looking for my daughters cell phone that teh man stole from her, told me there was a man in that first building that always threw parties. I never mentioned to that person the guy came from that particular building- what the manager said to me in that office, took every bit of common decency I had not to assault her. She was horrible about my daughter and about the crime. That afternoon I posted a simple letter inside the vestibules of the complex that simply said a juvenile female was sexually assaulted on the property, provided a description of the male and gave the police number if they had any information. Those signs were immediately removed, and I argued with a police officer in this city to have them reposted- the manager complied- posting 1 sign with about 4 sentence's - that pretty much just said the victim was not a resident was crap. And taken down the next day- of their own accord.It was never even placed near the buildings from the direction that man came from. Then school began- 3 blocks from the crime scene. She wanted to try to move on- but, she was taunted, teased even threatened to be beat for not talking about it to some girls who didnt know her and came from one of the other schools to do whatever- even adults were telling their kids to stay away from her because now she might have AIDS- and she started slipping because she felt like no one beleive her- that she didnt matter. So one day, she walks by the apartments, with her 2 best friends in tow and goes to talk to the manager. She wants the manager to at least support her and say yes it did happen- that's all she wanted. A mistake. Because the manager told her she would never say it happened there, no matter what, and that she shouldnt have been out so late, and that she needed to take responsibility for it- more crap- my daughter threw her new cell phone in anguish and from that point on- started drinking- a problem we never had before- she was drinking so much I had to put her in treatment 3 times within 6 months and she lost out on her education, friends, life once she was found on the side of the road passed out in the rain one day at 5 p.m. with a BAC level of .32. She is 5'1, 98 pounds as she has been the last 2 years. She told me, she wanted to die because no body cared and that she was nobody, it was ok to have this happen to HER. A couple of months ago I started writing some legal information on the web, for this site- and I wrote an essay on victims and surviving, and I did inform First Select Properties that I would be writing about the crime and the issues surrounding the victim issues. In turn I got a threat that if I discuss the crime, or the content of conversations with management that they would sue me. A police officer, the same one as mentioned earlier called me and told me I could not talk about it. I returned both messages stating that it's public record- that I am not being slanderous if I am not lying about any content of any conversations- my intent is to advocate, but if they felt like suing me, they could. I never considered it until now- I want to hold the management company and the manager there accountable for their irresponsible and damaging behavior. Do I have a case?

Wright, MN, 55376
Looking for an attorney to Sue Wife, Her Mother, Her Brother, and her Sister. for Intentional Infliction of emotional distress, Unintentional Infliction of emotional distress, Abuse of process, Defamation, Filing False Police Reports, and Deprevation of Parental rights. in civil court.

Nicollet, MN, 56003
i want to cousulate a lawyer

Ramsey, MN, 55110
I need a lawyer for a injury i obtained in walmart and recieved a concussion and i am still under doctors care please contact me as soon as possible thank you.

Dakota, MN, 55122
my head hurts

Jackson, MN, 56150

Hennepin, MN, 55420
about five years ago now, my two nieces were taken out of there home. My youngest ones father was sexually, verbally, mentally and physically abusing them. He has been convicted of CSC and is incarcerated until 2015. What I came to find out later was that the county had a sexual assault case already on him and they just kept passing it around from attorney to attorney. So in the meantime he is walking the streets free to assault more victims. There were at least 4 additional victims assaulted while they are passing the file from one desk to another. Last time I spoke with our victims advocate she told me they were working on a plea deal for that first case. In the meantime while they screwed up I have three of those four victims living in my home. Two of them my nieces and he also raped my oldest daughter. They suffer from lots of issues due from the past they had. Some examples are PTSD, Social anxiety, School and emotional problems. sleeping problems, weekly therapy. And much more.I feel that if they would have prosecuted him with the first case that maybe he could have at least been labeled an offender or locked up.

Washington, MN, 55090
Home contact during day

Sherburne, MN, 55330
Dog bite injury

Ramsey, MN, 55112
car accident

Hennepin, MN, 55406
I have a back injury that has not healed. It has been going on for over a year. I have work comp, been on light duty or off of work since 4-22-06.

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