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Macomb, MI, 48038
In most cases, it is in the child's best interest to have a consistent relationship with both parents following a divorce.

Kent, MI, 49508
US District Court: 1:17-CV-562 Ionia County Circuit Court: 2016-S-32271-NP 1996 Toyota Camry Accident Chronology Accident Date: November 25, 2013 1. I reported unintended acceleration of my 1996 Toyota Camry to Toyota in early 2013. a. Toyota assigned a case number (Toyota Case# 1307170175). b. Toyota referred me to a Toyota dealership (Toyota of Grand Rapids, Michigan). 2. The following happened at the Toyota dealership: a. A Toyota dealership employee interviewed me on the unintended acceleration. He told me he would forward the answers to Toyota. b. The dealership employee told me he test drove the vehicle and confirmed unintended acceleration. c. The dealership told me they would have to call Toyota to find out how to fix the problem. d. I left the car at the dealership. 3. On July 26, 2013, the dealership replaced the part causing unintended acceleration with a new part. I received a receipt for the service and payment made. 4. I complained to Toyota that Toyota of Grand Rapids refused to reimburse me for the cost of repairs done on July 26, 2013. 5. The General Manager at the Toyota dealership sent me an email (dated July 29, 2013) to explain why the dealership would not reimburse me. 6. I had a car accident on I-96 West on November 25, 2013 at about 8:00 pm while on my way home from work. I was the driver and the only one in the vehicle. The following is a sequence of what happened that day: a. Gas pedal was hard since morning of that day on my way to work and back from work. My home was in Caledonia, Michigan, and work is Wixom, Michigan. b. Just before the accident, I heard a click sound (as if some mechanism came on like the cruise control), the car engine revved up very high (as I experienced earlier in the year with unintended acceleration) and sped up. c. The car was going at least 100 miles an hour. d. The car acceleration revved up near I-96W Exit 77 (Portland). e. I took my leg off the gas pedal and brake pedal as soon as the car revved up and kept on trying to keep the car on the road. f. The car impacted the guard rail on the bridge at Exit 73 (Lyons-Muir) and stopped. Driver and passenger airbags deployed. Extensive damages to the car: windshield broke, front and side damages, and many other damages. g. I climbed out of the car through the driver side window with the help of a passerby. The driver side door wouldn’t open. h. An emergency vehicle took me from the accident site to an ambulance. The ambulance crew examined me and released me to go home. The ambulance took me to a MacDonald’s in Portland for me to wait for my wife to come and get me. i. A Portland Police Officer interviewed me at MacDonald’s that night. j. Portland Police department arranged with Reed & Hoppes Towing in Portland to tow my car to their storage. k. I went to the storage with my wife to retrieve some personal items from the car on the night of November 25, 2013. l. My Toyota Camry has been in Reed & Hoppes Towing storage since November 25, 2013. m. My wife drove me home from Portland. 7. I started having headaches and body aches from the night of November 25, 2013. 8. I saw a Physician Assistant (PA) at my primary doctor’s clinic (Spectrum Health Clinic, Kentwood, Michigan) on or about November 26, 2013. I complained of headaches and body aches. The PA examined me. She found nothing wrong. 9. The headaches and body aches continued. 10. I was admitted to Spectrum Health Hospital (Grand Rapids, Michigan) emergency room on Christmas day (December 25, 2013). 11. Brain surgery (for Subdural Hemorrhage by Dr. Winestone) was done on me on December 26, 2013 at the Spectrum Hospital. I was told a piece of a titanium alloy was inserted in my head. The alloy will stay in my head forever. 12. Appointment with Surgeon after surgery was on January 8, 2014. 13. Returned to work on January 13, 2014. 14. I reported my accident to Toyota (Toyota Case# 1404031093). 15. Toyota interviewed me two times on the car accident. 16. A Toyota Case Manager asked for my authorization to inspect the accident car. I gave the authorization. 17. The company doing the inspection on behalf of Toyota called me and sent an email to ask for details on the car location. 18. The damaged car inspector called me. His phone number was as follows: 269-209-3010. He interviewed me on the car and the accident. I provided him the following information among others: a. That I previously reported unintended acceleration to Toyota. b. That Toyota of Grand Rapids did the repairs to solve the unintended acceleration problem. c. That the part number for the new part installed was the following: 78100-33020 (Link Assy. Accelerat – Accelerator Linkage) 19. The Toyota damaged car inspector told me the following: a. That he would talk with Toyota of Grand Rapids dealership about the repairs done on the car. b. That he would inspect the car. c. That Reed & Hoppes Towing told him they would not let him take the car out of storage because there was a lien on the car. d. That Reed & Hoppes Towing may limit how well he could inspect the car. e. That he would be sending a report to Toyota. f. That Toyota would contact me. 20. Toyota sent me a letter on their determination concerning the unintended acceleration that occurred in my Camry. Toyota claimed the accident was not the fault of the car. 21. I currently have the following medical issues: a. Headaches b. Memory loss c. Regular pain from the scar (from the brain surgery) on my head d. Tiredness e. Sleep Apnea f. Twitching and Freezing of the fingers (both hands).

Macomb, MI, 48035
I have a personal injury case that I need advice on. I recently got a default divorce from my ex narcissistic/pathological liar, addict who is abusive in all forms. The default is leaving my kids and i homeless after my ex ruined my credit while I was hospitalized in 2015 after he petitioned me into a psych ward over an angry jealous rage. He's been attacking me in every way ever since. Although my biggest question is about the false petition that was filled with lies. After I was petitioned, I was taken off the meds I already had been doing well on, and the psych doc put me on all different meds. My ex left the house with my kids and moved in with his parents. After I was released, I had a grand mal seizure due to the med change. I was in and out of the hospital with severe and life threatening injuries. I was alone in the house and I went into extreme psychosis with hallucinations and memory loss. I was in a roll over car accident and I don't remember it. I woke up one day bruised, cut up, swollen and looked beaten to a pulp. My room had been destroyed. I was hospitalized with severe injuries and almost died from liver and kidney failure. I had total amnesia and a near death experience while before I awoke from it. While I was in the hospital, my ex never came to see me or visit, but was on a massive smear campaign telling everyone we knew that I was ODing on Narcotics, that I cheated on him, and had everyone, including my kids in fear of me. I lost everyone close to me, including family and long term friendships. He's abusive and has turned into a monster who gets a sick pleasure out of my pain, so it doesn't stop. It's been an ongoing nightmare that won't end until I'm dead. My children suffer deep emotional issues from that, the divorce, parental alienation and interference, and now he's evicting us without a conscious or compassion for me or the kids. He has gone to great lengths to make sure my life is pure hell, and the default divorce has him at his worst now that he believes he "won". It was several months of in and out of the hospital from the petition and I suffered not only injury, but he quit paying all the house bills, ruining the credit I worked so hard for years to keep in good standing, lost ALL relationships, have PTSD, depression and severe anxiety that keeps me from work. I am a full time single mom raising the kids alone with minimal visitations and little child support. He moved back in after I got off the meds and I thought we were working on our marriage, but he came back to seek more revenge. He turned into a vindictive person I didn't even recognize, and I ended up living in the basement to try to get away from him, but he would come down daily to torment and abuse me at will. He has no empathy, compassion or conscience. He moved out after the abuse reached it's limit and he abandoned the kids and I, stopped paying bills and blocked all communication for almost two months. He then filed for divorce which was filled with lies and deciept. I was set up with a lawyer who failed to defend me, and ignored my pleas for help. He withdrew as my attorney 4 days before trial after I pleaded for help. So I didn't show for court knowing I had no case to argue and I was being bullied by my ex, both attorneys and the courts wouldn't listen to anything I'd say believing his lies that I was mentally unstable, denying visitations, and many other fase allegations that went undefended after my attorney told me not to respond and that nothing I said was relevent. My ex told me the entire time that the kids and I could have the house, and I recieved no notice of a proposed judgement until 10 days AFTER the default was signed. He is evicting us very soon. He was awarded everything, including furniture and things I owned prior to the marriage. My credit is ruined when he maliciously hospitalized me, I was controlled to the point that I was isolated from what few friends I had left and was not allowed to work. The kids and I are now impoverished and can't obtain credit, have no support or money, my depression and anxiety are immense, my ex is more abusive as ever, the police won't help me because they see me as mentally unstable, and my ex has commited so many crimes that I have no way to fight any of this. He was supposed to repay my parents $7000 for the down payment they loaned for the house, but I now have to pay. He made so many promises to pay after he left us, but never repaid, and I don't know where to turn. No attorneys even want to touch my case with too many issues at hand. I have no money to pay an attorney either. I desperately need help, and I have an enormous amount of evidence and reports that I've been collecting, and with the right attorney, I believe I have a strong legal malpractice, medical malpractice, abuse, maliscious acts and seual assault, emotional child abuse, a picture my ex took of my private area and pornographic material that my children were exposed to, he refuses us church on Sundays because he has visitation, and overall, the entire justice system has failed me, and he is guilty of fraud and abusing the justice system among other things. This is a never-ending nightmare and my children and I need help and I believe he won't stop until I am dead unless he is held accountable for something. My case is complex, but it's been an ongoing nightmare since 2015, and gets worse by the day. I believe he is mentally sick beyond help. My kids are suffering in severe emotional anguish, they are only 4 and 6. He won't help me help them. He won't communicate at all. We are all injured beyond compensation, although I don't think justice would be served if I let it slide and things will only continue to get worse and worse until something stops him. He has his friends bullying me and the "smear campaign" and slander have only increased. I have a bankruptcy and public petition of mental illness, and a degree that I haven't finished nor financial aid to help me finish. My business has failed, and the kids and I suffer in ways no one could ever understand. Please give me some advice. No one seems to think I can do anything about the injuries, nor relief from the default or to retain money owed, although I believe otherwise. Please advise me of how to handle this. Thank you for your time.

Wayne, MI, 48150
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Wayne, MI, 48150
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Wayne, MI, 48203
On, 10/08/2013, i was dispatched to the FMR. Bulk Mail Center (BMC), now Operating as The National Distribution Center (NDC.) ELM: 812.11, 812.12, 812.13, 812.21, 812.22, 812.31, 714.222 Areas, Districts, and Plants. (The Clerk Craft, in the past has always had exclusive Jurisdiction to Operate the Docks at this Facility, not by Motor Vehicle Operators “MVS”). i was preparing to load my truck, when at first, i had to open the "over-head- Dock Door", that has a lower bar to lift the Door in an upward position, which Operates on a glide stationary model, the over- head -Door, had malfunction which must be noted as non- compliance under, ELM: 713.3 Assignment After Training, ELM:732.11 PS Form 2432, ELM: 732.12 PS Form 2548, Individual Training Record, ELM: 732.15 Certificates of Training, 811.42 PS Form 8214, ELM: 721.4 Supervisors and Managers, Supervisors and Managers are responsible and accountable for violating: (a)(b)(c)(d) (f)(g)(h). ELM: 821.21 Responsibility. ELM: 821.22 Methods, (a)(b)(c)(d). ELM: 821.13 Reporting Using PS Form 1769. ELM: 821.131 Completing PS Form 1769. As a collective bargaining agreement employee, i did not receive any training, for the previous functions that are under regulations. (20 C.F.R. Parts 701-704). 29 C.F.R. 1917.50(b)(1);1917.43(c)(5), 1917.111(a). (§1918.33; 1918.34, 1918.35, 1918.36). Now i have the inner and outer- intelligence, to decipher enigma Codes and too cross reference it with the Articles of the U.S. Constitution 1787. OSHA Delegation- Secretary's Order 6-94 Pilot Project to Create Concurrent Authorities and Responsibilities for the Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health and the Assistant Secretary for Employment Standards With Respect to Certain Whistleblower (Qui Tam), Protection Laws and Certain Laws Establishing Labor Standards Affecting Field Sanitation and Migrant Housing, 60 Fed. Reg. 3655 (Jan. 18, 1995).

Allegan, MI, 49080
I was exiting the plainwell public library and as I walked down the steps I slipt and fell causing a broken left foot and a severely sprained right foot. It was raining and there were flower pedals all over walk way and stairs

Wayne, MI, 48228
My 2010 deliquent taxes were paid by a man I was dating. He contacted me and advised me that he wanted to gift me the $4,064.00 amount that was due to prevent the property from entering into foreclosure. He advised me through a text message on my Metro Pcs phone that this was in fact a gift, not a loan and that no contract would need to be drawn up. It actually states that on the text message. He advised me on the message that if I still wanted the money to text him the needed information. Shortly after this transaction of funds, after an argument over his infidelity, he advised me he was revoking the payment which may throw the property back into danger of foreclosure. I have the proof this was a gift, but It can be read as it scrolls across the screen of my cell phone, but I am not sure how to get the time and date information or to see the text in its entirety. I already received a conditional receipt which states that a thirty day waiting period has to occur before the tax shows paid. The money he gave was a gift, how will I be able to ensure that he is prevented from stopping the payment he made to my tax bill electronically.

Washtenaw, MI, 48198
I was at the Phoenix airport in the Starbucks and tripped over a duffel bag sitting on floor causing a fracture to my left arm requiring surgery to correct

Calhoun, MI, 49015
fired from job after accident

Alger, MI, 49862
Need help with a personal injury attorney and my statue expires 10/19/2010,

Wayne, MI, 48170
my cousin got atraffic vilation ticket at Millersville city , from summer county police.97/70mph. can you find some one to rep. him and take the ticket point off. thanks

Saginaw, MI, 48623
question ... my wife is a dental assistant. The dentist she works for was divorced June 2008. In May 2009, my wife told me we needed to get divorced. I believe that I have information which indicates that she and the good Dentist were having an affair for 9 - 10 months before she informed me of her desire to divorce. The dentist has been married and divorced twice previously and has settled two cases in which complaints for quid pro quo sex discrimination, unlawful harassment and hostile environment, and retaliation in Viloation of Michigan ELCRA. Is it possible for me to hold the dentist legally responsible for the destruction of my marriage??

Kalamazoo, MI, 49088
My son chipped his tooth at a McDonalds PlayLand.

Ogemaw, MI, 48661
My brother in law and I were hired by a homeowner to cut down a tree in his front yard. While cutting down the tree I sustained a massive head injury requiring reconstructive surgery. We were not a tree service we were just working for some guy my brother in law knew. What can I do?

Oscoda, MI, 48636
My driver's license was suspended due to a seizure and the Secretary of State is treating me like a drunk driver. According to Judge Yenior, I have a perfect driving record.

Shiawassee, MI, 48867
My boyfriend is incarcerated in Steuben County Indiana and was beaten up by four men, three of which are being charged by the state. Obviously, the guards weren't watching the monitors when these fights took place. I need to know if you can take his case.

Genesee, MI, 48504
my landlord was told by not only myself but the city of flint that the awning above the front porch needed to be fixed befor someone got hurt well yesterday 6/18/09 it had been raining all day very hard and i went to go get the mail which is on that same porch and i just grabbed the mail out the box and started to walk back to the front door and i heard the awning make a ripping sound i looked up and the awning came down on my sholder throwing me to the ground and hitting my back my girlfriend was at a doctor apt and it was just me and my 2 kids at home i texted her and told her the porch awning just fell and i was under it and see said "oh crap" then when my girlfriend got home we went to the hospital and they said there was alot of swelling and some bruseing and said i was very lucky said my sholder is most likely sprained really bad and that i need to go see my back doctor and get my back checked out

Huron, MI, 48725
i have taken celebrex for 10yrs. i have had worse pains. experianced rashes and break outs through out my body.

Kalamazoo, MI, 49009
Hello, I am looking to schedule appointments with you to add you to our referral source guide for our homecare clients and their families if needed. Thank you for your time in advance.

Kalamazoo, MI, 49009
Hello, I am looking to schedule appointments with you to add you to our referral source guide for our homecare clients and their families if needed. Thank you for your time in advance.

Montcalm, MI, 48891
I was beaten severly by the police.My shoulder broke, and my pectoral muscle was ripped from the bone...Have internal affair support, hospital records, and witnesses who say they'll testify against the beating. Vinny

Marquette, MI, 49862
I tripped on a carpet while entering a grocery store, fell and dislocated my left elbow. I was transported first to Munising Hospital then to Marquette General to have the elbow put back in place. Date of accident 12/4/08.

Calhoun, MI, 49015
need a great lawyer PLEASE

Huron, MI, 48731
trying to find out if i have a case, the doctor removed a rib and says he didn;t and i'm having all kinds of problems

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