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Harford, MD, 21015
Injured at work, denied Md. St. retirement accidental disability. Need lawyer with experience and could hold his own with attorney generals lawyers,

Harford, MD, 21040
My son and this kid were playing around and he shot m son with a high power bb rifle my son wound up in schock trauma. I want to know if I have a case for his medical bills that my insurance won't cover

Anne Arundel, MD, 21061
I hurt my lower back on the job may 25,2010. I was off work for about 3 months then I was but on light duty for 10 months. Then I was told that I will not be able to return back to my normal job which was a custodian by the workers comp doctor.Then i was told to file for retirement disabilty on july 18,2011 which I did and was denied by the retirement doctor who said that I can return to work. Which I thought that was not true. So I filled for an appeal and they are given my a hard time.

Anne Arundel, MD, 21061
On may 25th 2010 I was at work doing my normal duties went to lift a trash can and hurt my lower back found out I had a lumbar sprain went back to work on light duty september 2010 I worked light duty until july 2011 then I was forced to file for disabilty retirement and I was denied I appeal my case now need some help they are giving me a hard time

Baltimore city, MD, 21212
I have newbie complaining to my landlord about the mildew in the basements in attic since, daughter and son who both have asthma have continued to have asthma attics due to this the lanlord won't fix anything..I even had a inspect come out and he gave him 30 days nothing we also have sewage exposure from a bathroom we did not know exist behind the molded wall I'm fed up with their negligence plz help

Saint Marys, MD, 20622

Harford, MD, 21050
i fell getting off of plane,at bwi airport on 7/2/11,and broke my toe. do i have a case

Montgomery, MD, 20874
I fell on uneven sidewalk pavement at my apt complex and broke my wrist and now I may need surgery.

Montgomery, MD, 20874
I fell on uneven sidewalk pavement at my apt complex and broke my wrist and now I may need surgery.

Howard, MD, 21043
My wife was hit from behind at an intersection in Ellicott city back on Aug. 30th 2010 . She was injured in the accident and received medical treatment for over 2 months . I tried to handle the claim myself but Esurance's claim handler gave me the run around . We need great representation , it has been a terrible hardship to us .

Frederick, MD, 21773
Our groundwater was contaminated by gas tanks from the local store leaking into the ground. Myself and my neighbors are unable to use the water from our wells as a result also the ground itself is contaminated and now as a result the air in our house may be contaminated too.

Frederick, MD, 21702
During my moms stay at FMH hospital she developed a stage 4 bedsore on her back right at her tailbone. Its now been 5 mos later, it is finally getting treated and she is still not walking, which is because the bedsore caused her so much pain and discomfort.. Please be in touch as soon as possible.

Queen Annes, MD, 21607
I have degenerative disc disease and am a teacher in the State of Maryland and am a member of the State Retirement & Pensions System of MD and have filed for ordinary disability retirement. I have worked in the QAC public school system for 20 years and am eligible for benefits. I have had 2 back surgeries, one of which is spinal fusion, and have had 6 series of epidural back shots, I experience myofascial pain every day am on Dilaudid 4 mg 2x per day can't sleep at night, can no longer do my job as a teacher. I have an IME scheduled with SRPS's doctor on Feb. 1 and I want a consultation with an attorney who could represent me if my benefits are denied. My primary care doctor, and orthopedic doctor along with a pain management doctor I have seen have agreed that I not work as a teacher. I have doctor's notes from them - and also a a recent mri with more herniated discs in my neck that are on hold because I am recuperating from spinal fusion that was done on Nov. 17. Call me to discuss my case for representation.

Montgomery, MD, 20818
Writing on behalf of my mother. She went into the hospital for a knee replacement on Feb. 2007 and came out of the hospital with her leg amputed. Please call so I can explain more in detail.

Carroll, MD, 21157
I need to speak with a personal injury lawyer asap, I have a lawsuit that needs to be started asap against baltimore county detention center

Montgomery, MD, 20912
The accident happen around 4somethin early sat morning. I was in an 2004 acrua t.l as the front seat passenger. as my friend signal to make a left turn the taxi cab behind tried to speed up while getting on the lane thatsgoing aganist traffic to pass the car i was in and made contact on the left wheel/left bumper of the car i was in. when the collistion happen it jerked my body from a un confromforting position towords the dashboard where i bumped my head towards down my left eye. the whole jerking of my body left many strain aroung my body from my neck down towards my thighs alsoo since i had my right finger aroun the top of the seat belt i may had torn a ligament or strained it. when the police was called to the scene all i remember was a police women askin if i was all right i responded wit an I guess so.

Baltimore city, MD, 21201
I need to talk two a lawyer that deals with toix mold please contact me as soon as possbile

Baltimore city, MD, 21215
mold infestation in room at school i study in was very sick for months with asthma attacks sinus infections and upper respiritory infections .many er visits and many doctor visits

Carroll, MD, 21104
My wife (54, driver) and daughter (20, passenger) traveling west on a 4-lane boulevard in Elbersburg MD were struck in the passenger's side by a man (Joesph Garber, 84) as he was trying to make a left turn out of a shopping center parking lot across the lane my wife was in. The accident occurred on Friday August 7th at ~11:00AM (clear and dry). Mr. Garber has admitted fault; there were at least two witnesses indicating he was at fault; the police report indicates Mr. Garber was at fault and the damage to our vehicle obviously indicates what happened. Both my wife and daughter were examined at the emergency room immediately after the accident (driven there by myself). My daughter suffered a mild concussion, abrasions on her left arm from air-bag deployment (abrasions subsequently became infected) and she had to miss 2 days of work. My wife was severely bruised on her left shoulder from the seat belt engagement. Subsequently she has found that part of her clavicle has become separated. We are seeking compensation for any OOP medical expenses not covered by PIP, pain and suffering. loss of vehicle use (our car has now been deemed a total loss) and the time and inconvenience (absolute hassle) this entire mess has caused. I am getting nowhere with the insurance companies.

Harford, MD, 21001
I am looking for a reduced fee/pro bono attorney for a medical malpractice attorney. I only have a couple of months left before my statue of limitations (1/10/10) expires. I am in dire need of help!

Charles, MD, 20601

Calvert, MD, 20688
i was injured permantly on federal gov prop by another employee my employer has failed to do anything because of racism i feel i have bo recoursea

Calvert, MD, 20688
i was injured permantly on federal gov prop by another employee my employer has failed to do anything because of racism i feel i have bo recoursea

Montgomery, MD, 20904
I live in LA, but my accident was in MD and need a lawyer who can handle this.

Cecil, MD, 21904
was in a accident today need advice

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