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Johnson, KS, 66062
Met a man online and we started seeing each other. He became quite abusive right away and had restrained me in thigh shackles/ankle and handcuffs. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink without it being served to me. I was drugged unknowingly by OxyContin 40mg XL; I know this since I removed them from the blister packs when they arrived in the mail. He became even more aggressive by biting me and choking me out repetitiously. I would pass out and he'd have me chained up. He committed sexual assault by anally and vaginally Raping me, but said if I was to tell anyone that I and my parents would die. He would hold knives at my throat and drive erratically until he was able to do as he pleased. He even began doing a torture technique by leaving his car running in the garage and I'd have to let him have his way with me or he'd have killed us with carbon monoxide. The best part to all this is that I have photographs due to the bruises and then he wanted to have a threesome with my friend and I. Kaitlin agreed, but sold it to my mom for $5000 and it wasn't until she went to cash the check that she found out the account was closed. She got two large African American males to burglarize our house and cause extensive damage. Not to mention fearing for our lives and me undergoing numerous treatment facilities and hospitalizations for PTSD, Dissociative Disorder, and chronic depression. I have an extreme fear of social events and have been hospitalized (4) different times at different facilities. I did have a PFA placed against Jason Brisco, but have yet to prosecute him on the charges. I've underwent anal and vaginal reconstruction as well as esophageal tearing due to him forcing foreign objects down my throat and lesions removed. I've seen many specialist and have had to have extensive testing done by a Urologist, Radiologist for all the blunt trauma and loss of consciousness that occurred and some memory loss. It has been difficult to recover completely knowing he is still out there and can be hurting others. The Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor has been holding the case open until I get representation. I need to recover costs for all the medical bills, testing, psychological and emotional abuse that I have undergone.

Sedgwick, KS, 67213
I'm 8 months pregnant and tripped and fell in the parking lot at dillons. I went straight to wesley hospital where i found out I sprained my ankle and was having contractions. I was on monitors for 4 hrs.

Sedgwick, KS, 67211
First off I'm disabled from 2 back surgeries. I'm renting a home and have been for almost 6yrs. after moving in the landlord rebuilt the garage (06) but put the old door back on instead of replacing it. Shortly after the work was complete the door was difficult to open and close and I told the landlord my times about this and he knew about the back problem I suffer from. The only thing he did to repair the door was jamming shims behind the tracks and adding screws here and there. I had him sign my receipt book letting him know in writing about the problem, he was notified about this many times, also verbally. Nothing was done to fix the door right. In Sept. he was working on the home behind me (he owns) and brought him in the garage to show him that the door was splitting in the middle of the panels and was told that if I was to pay for a third of the door he would replace it, I told him it was a problem that was his responsibly to repair the door not mine. On Oct.5,2010 the door fell on me because the panel split and folded in on me I was able to stop the door but twisted my back very badly. He was notified right after it happened I was told that he didn't care and was going on vacation. I ended up at the E.R. for the pain. The E.R. said to follow up with my personal doctor, which I did the next day. He sent me to my surgeon for more exams which were MRI's and P.T. for six to eight weeks. I have all the medical reports, pictures,and copies of my rent book with his signatures showing he has know about this problem for 5yrs. plus. He has been making repairs in the home that were not up to code and during these repairs my receipt book has disappeared, I know he took it but he's acting dumb about it, but I do have copies of the book where he signed it next to the notes of the bad door.

Johnson, KS, 66204
I was involved in a slip and fall accident at work on october 23rd 2010, due to wet and slippery floors due to high humidity. the floors are painted concrete which get really slippery when they are wet and tend to sweat in the humidity. there are several customers and employees that have slipped and fallen due to the slippery floors even though the restaurant has only been open a few months. i dont think there are any employees injury records except mine, but i do know that there are multiple customer injuries that were documented by an accident report, most likely filed in the restaurant. the wet floors did not have wet floor signs in the back of the restaurant,when i asked why there were no wet floor signs in the server alley i was told because they were all up front for the customers safety. (Stated by the manager on duty, Tracy Hinman, after the accident had occured.) i have intense lower back pain that have not subsided since the accident. A work comp dr said that i was fine and gave me pain killers and i was told to go back to work, i got a second opinion from a chiropractor that said she believes that an MRI is warranted. Also i seen a second dr( picked out by work comp) who is saying i need an MRI as well. I feel that i may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering, the probability of not being able to do my job anymore, and negligence by the owner of the company, the manager on duty (for not resolving the problem immediately), the installer and/or manufacturer of the floors, and the owner of the building that the restaurant is leased by.

Lyon, KS, 66801
I fell off a ladder helping a friend at his business, broke arm in numerous places and severely dislocated my wrist which required major surgery and enternal and external plates and pins. He did not have insurance in place at the time. I have lost major use of my arm and fingers due to the injury and have irreversible nerve damage.

Wichita, KS, 67863
Went to have my tubes tied in 08 and the Doctor left a needle that broke off inside of me

Cowley, KS, 67156
Help. My child is and has been abused by foster care. The agency has admitted to verbal and emotional abuse. I want her home and nobody is listening to me. She has become a bitter, untrusting child. They were supposed to help us but have only hurt us. I am a desperate single mother needing to help my child.

Shawnee, KS, 66612
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Dickinson, KS, 67410
worker's compensation case - Taking care of patient in nursing home and the person fell and she hurt her back.

Pratt, KS, 67124
I am looking for a good and honest medical malpractice lawyer.

Neosho, KS, 66720
I have been denied treatment by my family physician with no notice what so ever. I have been disabled for 4 years and I take daily medications that I have not been able to take because I have been dropped by my primary care doctor and now I am sick and I don't know what to do. I called a doctor in my area trying to get into see a new doctor and they said contact a lawyer. None of the doctors in my area can even get me in until like November and I need help now. Please Help. I have already been in the hospital for this because of my doctor.

Johnson, KS, 66083
looking for someone who does defamation of character resulting in emotion stress and physical stress.

Brown, KS, 66439
needing to ask questions on workmans comp on a back injury

Johnson, KS, 66219
I was in a sears store and tripped over a pallet which had a board protruding from the side by the check out isle. I flew forward which was witnessed by store employees. I filled out a accident report with the store. I have since seen a doctor, had xrays and have a bent spine at the neck which has caused pain and paralysis to my right side including arm and leg.

Labette, KS, 67357
Back in April 2006, I had a medical test done at the Parsons hospital. I didn't get the results back for 4 months and only because I had gone to the Dr. and they called the Hospital to get the results. As it turned out, I had a second bout of cancer and the test showed it but neither one of my two medical and cancer doctors received the results of the test at the time it was taken. What is the statue of limitation on this ??!!

Wyandotte, KS, 66109
I was in an auto accident on 5/5/08. I initially contacted an WyCo attorney who basically told me that he wouldn't touch JoCo cases because of reticent juries. I was hit hard enough to be disoriented and ferried to the ER on a backboard. I have been receiving treatment on my neck weekly since. Now my insurance wants an "independent" evaluation, even though the other party is clearly at fault. I'd like to know my options and what chance I have to get future medical from the girl who slammed me while texting.

Wyandotte, KS, 66112
I am interested in speaking with an Attorney concerning a possible Defamation of Character case that cost me my job.

Johnson, KS, 66214
i was a passenger in a car wreck. the driver was at fault and was cited. i suffered a compound fracture in my arm and have not worked since july 3. the drivers insurance has paid only part of my ever-increasing medical bills.

Shawnee, KS, 66603
I got bit by a pit bull dog last wed.evening and had to get a tetnas shot.So I have Med.bills and I have missed work for 3days.

Linn, KS, 66075
My son was injured at the city pool on July 28, 2006. It was due to the lifeguards not being on duty, but instead the lifeguard told a patron to tackle my son. He has since had surgery on first three cervical vertebraes and has metal rods in his head. I would like to find out if the pool can be sued. He will never be the same.

Reno, KS, 67505
child injury

Thomas, KS, 67732
toxic mold

Cowley, KS, 67156
I have severe headaches and neurological problems we now believe to be the result of toxic mold in the building where I worked. The administration refused to clean it up, including replacement of the carpet in which we could see the mold growing.

Labette, KS, 67357
My mother died of HIT, 20 days out of bypass surgery and loss of one leg

Johnson, KS, 66062
i am having surgery 4-5-06 and i am getting no help from ins. co. or previous employer

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