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La Porte, IN, 46360
I need some information about a case please call or text me.

Elkhart, IN, 46528
my mother was not terminal, my sister & hospice took her life. my sister, (POA) did not want to deal with her anymore. myself & 2 other sisters fought her, trying to keep her alive. mom did has lung problems, hospice came to her house 11-9-16 and did evaluation, mom was denied by hospice. 11-15-16 hospice came back and accepted her. my mom's primary care giver denied hospice 11-11-16. Lies from poa sister & co-operation from hospice, mom passed 12-7-16. we have a very detailed paper trail. at this time we have a case number at the police station, we have a detective (kinda involved) & the d.e.a. has an open case, but he wants more evidence. we had one, local attorney ready to take the case & now the 2nd. Please give me some advise, look at our reports and let us tell someone what happened. not for me, not for my family, to stop the wrong doings in our area with our local hospice. no other elder person or family should have to suffer what we did! my mom is gone. Elkhart, Mishawaka & south bend might seem small to you, but in our world it is big. I understand how they have gotten away with this, around here, for so long. It has been an endless battle with the police, attorneys & now the dea. the battles we are fighting is because of people that does not understand how it works. maybe not wanting to let go. that is not me. I do know how hospice is supposed to work. I was involved in my mother-in-laws end of life. I brought her to my house. she was here. 6 days. the comfort meds was put into place the last 24 hours. my moms started, day one, full blown & continued 3 weeks & 3 days.

Marion, IN, 46204
Randall Sevenish is a member and we have a question about a invoice he received that has already been paid. I have filed out this form twice now and need some one to contact our office so we can find out what the invoice is for. There is no contact number on the letter we received and this is the only way to contact someone on the website. Please call our office this morning.

Marion, IN, 46214
On new years eve I fell down my steps at home and was seen in the emergency room which ended up with me breaking my (r) foot and a MCL sprain (l) knee so my when I followed up with the orthopedic doctor he took my off of work because of my injuries while off work I lost everything my car got repossessed,I'm currently facing a eviction and I also got a call from my Job yesterday 6-12-2014 stating that they let me go from the company. I feel that the doctor office is at fault because of not getting paperwork sent in,in a timely manner.Not to mention this has happen twice with my employer letting me go from the company for the same reason,once they realized it was not my fault and it was the doctor's office who wasn't sending in paperwork they rehired me while I was still on leave.

Morgan, IN, 46151

Jasper, IN, 46310
was hit by a car while crossing at crosswalk

Hamilton, IN, 46037
Dog Bite

Lake, IN, 46327
On Friday March 15th I attended a birthday party of one of my girlfriends at King of Diamonds Strip Club in Harvey, Illinois. At around 1 am I needed to get singles and walked towards the singles booth. As I did so I suddenly and violently twisted my ankle and fell. As I looked down I noticed that this tile floor was broken and cracked right were I twisted my ankle. I tried to sit it off for a minute before I left, considering maybe it was just sore for the minute. But I couldn't even stand, and even one of their security guards had to carry me to the car, with no paper work filled out or anything .Now I have worn then boots all year prior to the date of the injury, and have never been hurt. I am a hooters girl/bartender and cheerleading coach, and because of this injury, I may have to consider surgery for my ankle, because somehow it has not become realigned. Which means I will be out and so will my funds.

St Joseph, IN, 46628
My car was rear ended by a semi. I just got out of the hospital for a back surgery.

Jefferson, IN, 47224
Aspiration of feces to lungs, symptoms ignored, resulting in wife being placed on life support for 7 weeks. Seperate incident doctor did not follow protocol for weening off of ventilator.

Switzerland, IN, 47038
I was in prison for DUI,while there a faulty window fell on my finger I had to have surgery to fix the bone and repair the finger.

Lake, IN, 46403
i was rear-ended by a man on drugs and have a head injury. i have a hearing date for 1-30-12 and need a lawyer

Lake, IN, 46403
i was rear-ended by a man on drugs and have a head injury. i have a trial date for 12-12-11

Marion, IN, 46237
I have put in a total of about 6 work orders in the last year and a half 4 a leak coming through my ceiling from the apartment above . maintenance just keeps covering it up . in that timeframe have noticed health problems . 2 weeks ago the ceiling came down when I was home . I was able to look in the hole before they covered it up .I noticed a lot of black mold and took pictures of it .I took the pictures down to management . I showed the pictures to the manager to make sure of proper removal also informing her that they were causing health problems with me and my son . maintenance came out and put a big fan on moldy area for 3 days and then covered it with drywall . and since the fan the health problems have got worse .now I having severe respiratory dificulties .

Marion, IN, 46250
I was injured by an IMPD offcer back on July 4 2009. ahd contacted the polce dept. by phone and was told had to come n and make a recorded statement. did not because I was immobile at the time and I did not want to go make any statements without a lawyer present. I was also in fear to make a complaint. Time has passed and I am still in need of another surgery and bills are piling up due to the broken toe I sustained. I notified the insurance company and their subrogation unit I intended to file a claim. I have since moved from that area and would like to know if I have any rights to pursue the cop involved.

Harrison, IN, 47115
I was being treated medically with multiple types of meds., which were working (I could do anything I wanted e.g., finish building the house I started, work on my internet business, write and play music etc. ) my complications are: severe tinnitus and extreme pain from contracted muscles in the shoulders, neck and head that I received many years ago from saving a client who was developely disabled (I worked as a Dir. at a REHAB FACILITY) from getting hit by a car on a state highway I was laid off previously but was looking for work - just when the job market improved and I was hoping for an interview my medication was changed without any notice from my doctor and or the pharmacy' Walgreens' The formula was changed I slowly became sicker and sicker ,THOUGHT i HAD THE FLUE--BUT WAS TOLD BY THE PHARMACIST i WAS HAVING WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS NOT THE FLUE, I'm left with not being able to drive and function can't keep up with the house, etc, am in extreme pain, dizzy and just sit in a chair-typing this has taken allot of time 1.5hrs the name of the medication is Oxycontin and the formula was changed from OC to OP to stop people from abusing it- which I did not, and it is making me sicker day by day. I did not realize I was so dependent on the medication being so addictive There was no mention by my doctor and or by the pharmacist-and no notice on the bottle (there are about 5 warning strips on the medicine) they could have put one on that the med was changed and give some insight to what might happen.Basically all I can do now is sit in a chair-I'm worried about my future, I cant think very well and do paperwork-I'm probably going to have to file for disability Looking on the internet this is happening to allot of people I could have made plans if I would have know the possibilities, my unemployment has run out and in the state of IN one cannot extend their insurance -I was in the process of doing this but now I cant think can you help?

Clark, IN, 47147
I received a 2nd degree burn on the right side of my face by my mouth when I bit into a Double Delicious Chicken Sandwich. I bought it at Kentucky Fried Chicken on Friday October 8th in Charlestown In. When I bit into the sandwich grease squirted out onto my face. I contacted the store manager of the incident that day.

De Kalb, IN, 46706
I was in an auto accident on Jan 4, 2010 with serious injuries. It was at 5:30 in the evening, dark, snowing and I didn't see the other driver because he didn't have his headlights on. I was in the turn lane and was starting to turn and got hit headon. I want to recover medical expenses and sue for pain and swuffering.

Marion, IN, 46240
The main entrance door in my apartment complex cause me a cut that required 10 stitches and I am going to have a terrible scar on my right foot.

Jay, IN, 47371
i was hit in the face i had several fractures around the eye by charles franks

Martin, IN, 47553
i got hurt at work and i am not getting better

Martin, IN, 47553
i got hurt at work and i am not getting better

La Porte, IN, 46360
My son chipped his tooth going down a McDonalds Playland Slide.

Hamilton, IN, 46030
I have zinc poisoning from denture cream,and have spent 3.5 months getting a diagnosis. I have been to a Cardiologist and kidney doctor, multiple tests including heart catherization. This has been costly and I still don't know who or how I will have try to treat me. I don,t know if it is even possible at this point to reverse the damage done to me.

Tippecanoe, IN, 47909
I was involved in a accident in my commpanys vechical but at the time I felt fine but two weeks later I started having back and neck pain and just didn't think nothing about it but gradualy has got worse I even lost my job because I had to start taking my perscription pain pills again is there any thing that can be done

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