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Kane, IL, 60119
An unfortunate case has made me stuck in in a hospital.

Cook, IL, 60465
On july 8, 2013 it all began dr visits monthly for pain in my back hip and uterus, I had a procedure done at loyola university for fybroid tumors, the dr used the divincci robot, it malfunctioned during, the piece of the machine broke off inside me, they found it a couple hours later, when I woke from the anesthetic I was in a great deal of pain. Dr summers the obgyn was there and told me she was sorry for what

Whiteside, IL, 61270
I was recently in an auto accident. The other driver was at fault and uninsured. I would like to take this matter to a civil court.

Cook, IL, 60074
I am getting a case out of IL. In this case, a boy was taken to a hospital and had a circumcision. They mistakenly cut part of his penis out. This was in 1987. They told the mother this is not going to be a problem. Now the boy is 25 years old, and he is realizing there is a problem and wants to sue. Has the statute run? Can he sue under any theory?

Cook, IL, 60438
my son was born 11-14-1987. i had him surcumzied before leaving the hospitalk, when he got home and bandages were removed it seemed that the tip swa cut off. all these years of me not seeing this area if let it slip by, but now that he is an adult this has gotten to be a promblem. which has caused him pain and suffering in all relationships.

Cook, IL, 60612
I fell in a pothole andhurt my leg and knee

Du Page, IL, 60559
please just call.I have a case my mom severly injured,in and out of hospital

Marshall, IL, 61377
My sons father passed away a year ago. I just received a copy of death certificate. It was accidental, lethal dose of doxepin.

Shelby, IL, 62463
on 4/14/12 my 6 year old son was seriously attackd by what we beleave a heiler our son had surgery after getting to the hospital there was two suregons for him . he has two very large cuts that went to his sckull on top his head and a cut on his right eye and left shoulder and lots of places on his head where the dog left marks with his teeth,we was in the hospital from saturday to monday . this dog was out to kill and if my sons uncle did not hear the scream my son would not be here today with us. my sons name is caleb age 6 him and his sister was staying at there uncles for the weekend when this happend.

Du Page, IL, 60521
computer hijacking enabled by ISP and their free lead of anti-virus resulting in introducing an intrusion of Tidserv 2 activity (Trojan). Hijacking my gmail account and introducing a google video plug-in to take a snap shot of my private information stored (not deleted) on my email account. Much much more. Really need help.

Kane, IL, 60118
Had teeth and mouth reconstructed 7 years ago for $15,000. Now dentist wants to re-do the entire work for another $15,000

Cook, IL, 60029
Bath and Body Works sold this woman a liquid soap. Her eyes burned for 4 days when she washed her hands with this soap and put in her contacts.

Cook, IL, 60644
I was the victim of an assault by a woman who threw a glass, hit me in my eye and now suffer from loss of sight and stuck with a host of unpaid medical bills.

Sangamon, IL, 62704
children in foster home was assulted by 18 foster mom daughterpolice wasnt caled daughter slept in park cause she was locked out i called casewoker only thing she did was called foster mom

Will, IL, 60586
heavy objet fell on foot partialy cut off big toe and broke toe next to it several stiches and being refered to orth specialist

Cook, IL, 60651
january 16th 2009 i broke my knee at luke shell gas station had and attorney 17 months into the case they drop me i'm sure they have a video tape of me and the slip and fall my sister and mother wittnessed the fall along with lots of other people whom at the time i did not get their names and numbers i didn;t know my knee was broken these attorney's mislead me having me rack up debt and then nothing some how i think they cut a side deal with federate ins that has left me out in the cold and i'm still having pain in my knee i was in therapy for 6 months and you mean to tell me i get nothing can you please help me please i know i have a case there is something fishy going on here with them and that ins co they supposedly sent the attorney's the video tape with the slip and fall on it but yet they didn't see anyone on the tape falling thats because they know they are liable and they were at fault fishy fishy fishy i was there i broke my knee on their establishment i have 2 wittnesses they need to pay

Cook, IL, 60618
just looking

Cook, IL, 60636
I will not be available at the first number after 5:30 pm

Cook, IL, 60651
need to speak with a lawyer about a negligent lawsuit against a auto repair shop.

Sangamon, IL, 62670
Would like a lawyer that is paid by so much of percent if I were to get any money from the other party.

Cook, IL, 60632
call me asap

Cook, IL, 60632
how much do you charge

Cook, IL, 60026
Our firm Specialize in : Head & Brain Injuries Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Real Estate Sales & Closings

Will, IL, 60440
rejected - worker's compensation case. Slipped and fell on ice on work property. Fractured tailbone.

Cook, IL, 60646
While working at UPS in the late 90's, I injuried my back. I no longer work for UPS, but the injury keeps recurring. Is there any legal steps I can take to help provide healing.

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