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Mississippi, AR, 72315
The physician in the E.R assumed I had an abscess without taking any diagnosis testing. He discharged me because I had no insurance. The only reason he prescribed me antibiotic was because my daughter insisted on me at least giving me medication for my severe swollen lymph node, rash all over my body, low grade fever, severe headache near temple and back of head. He gave me nothing for pain

Garland, AR, 71901
aaron stapleton stepped out of his car n threw gas on me n lit me on fire with a zippo lighter. 47% of my body was 2nd n 3rd degree burnt. my left hand was amputated 2 fingers on my right hand. multiple skin grafts. this has left me disabled. with millions of dollars in medical bills

Jefferson, AR, 71603
i am in pain all the time.the Dr have ben in my knee 3 time becouse the bolt came off.

Greene, AR, 72450
I had a Hernia Operation in 2004. 13 months later I had a Bowel Obstruction Operation! I have had 3 more Obstructions since. 2 weeks ago was the last! I asked the doctor if the mesh they put in me in 04 was causing this re-accruing problem. He said " More than Likely". I have an Appointment the 16th to see a Surgeon! I am gonna have to have this fixed! ASAP! This is a life THREATING Issue! I am 60 years old n Single! I do NOT want to have to wear a Bag! Thanks in Advance

Crittenden, AR, 72364
Fell at Target in Hornlake, MS. in the woman's restroom due to a leaking commode. Broke left wrist and badly sprained right wrist.

Jefferson, AR, 71603
Leg had to be amputed. Dr. botched it.

Clark, AR, 71921
we were using a product deemed safe, a starfrit peeler slicer with bonus corer ejector - corer slicer and the slicer broke and stabbed and sliced my husband it cut through his thumb and tendon, we have a emergency room bill and loss of wages as well as pain from a product that has no warning

Sebastian, AR, 72903
Misdiagnosed and it was colon cancer.

Ashley, AR, 71635
November 6, 2009 I am begging you to please look at my sister’s medical malpractice case and let me know if there is anything at all we can do. Approximately 2 years ago my sister got bit by a spider and went to the doctor a few days later, when her face continued to swell and had a fever. She was given medication and sent home. She continued to get worse and went back to the doctor. At this time, her blood count was low and she was running a high fever. She was admitted to the hospital for a blood transfusion and they discharged her a day or two later... still running a temperature. The next week I get a call from her saying she was really sick and running a high fever again. I called her doctor and requested we admit her back to the hospital. I continued to tell him that there is something wrong with her. He did admit her back to the hospital and I went up there and told them I would like her shipped to another hospital. She was finally shipped to St. Francis Hospital in Monroe, which she ended up staying there for a few weeks with kidney failure, MRSA, and cardiac problems. We had requested all of her medical records from the first hospital to find out that she had MRSA when she left the hospital the first time and no one attempted to treat it or to even let her know that she had MRSA. When she was discharged from St. Vincent’s she had to have weeks of IV antibiotics, in which she had to go to the hospital everyday to receive. Due to all of this, she ended up back in the hospital for a heart valve replacement and started on Coumadin. Last week she ended up having a major stroke. She is still in the hospital at LSU in Shreveport. She is going to have to have extensive therapy plus her doctors are not sure she is not going to have another stroke. All of these problems related to the inappropriate treatment of the spider bite along with the MRSA that she was not treated for in the first place. I know about the statue of limitations, but also knew that a great attorney as your self could find a way to help my sister. I do not know what else to do. Dates: November 9, 2007 to doctor for abt. November 12, 2007 to ER was told to complete antibiotic and take some Tylenol. November 14, 2007 admitted to hospital. Received blood and blood cultures were drawn. November 21, 2007 admitted back to hospital with septicemia and acute renal failure. Found out this time that she had MRSA. Please let me know what we can do. Is there any way to get an extension for filing a law suit, anything? I also wanted you to know that we already have all of the paperwork and medical records from the hospital and doctor. Sincerely, Kathi

Faulkner, AR, 72173
On Feb.2009 my case was reversed and dismissed. I spent a total time of 16 months incarcerated in Faulkner county jail as well as state prisons. What are my options? Thank you.

Baxter, AR, 72653
it has to do with my husband

Pulaski, AR, 72120
Slipped in Walmart N Little Rock. Looking for attorney who is not afraid or brought out, to represent.

Greene, AR, 72450
Had a "slip n fall" at Harrahs Casino, last attorney quit because the casino hired him! If youre NOT a "Go-Getter", Dont call me! I have plenty of proof! Must call by 2-20-09

Pulaski, AR, 72209
my totally disability claim termination, but my doctor won't release me back to work. what do i do.

Washington, AR, 72764
brain, neck, kidney injuries

Pulaski, AR, 72225
Are there any lawyers in Little Rock who are accepting or are willing to discuss the FenPhen issues/cases? Believe it or not, my case is still pending 8/18/08 and I can get no return calls from class counsel/Fund Admin etc. I have not received info regarding medical review or info regarding technical deficiencies and I do not know where to get help. I am listed in their Category One Class Members. Thanks!

Faulkner, AR, 72034
I fell in a local business because the air conditioner unit in the business had leaked water all over the floor. I have a lot of questions and not sure how I need to go about having the owner of the business pay for my medical expenses.

Hot Spring, AR, 72104

Nevada, AR, 71857
ER Misdiagnosis Medical Malpractice

Nevada, AR, 71857
ER Misdiagnosis after boating accident

Lonoke, AR, 72086
November 24, 2006 I was in a single car, car wreck. A shot that the doctor had given me, put me to sleep behind the wheel. I was in ICU for 5 weeks, and in the hospital for a total of 7 weeks. Please contact me, if you think you can assist me.

Ashley, AR, 71635
my 8yr son was attacked in the neighbors front yard by a pit bull.. he suffered extencive wounds on his upper arm , which requried stitches in 4 different place ..his 2 older sisters got the dog off him while the owner stood there looking stupid and done nothing to control his dog my 8 yr old had to stay in the er for 6 hours while they tried to close the gashes , and is still undergoing more dr visits for this attack

Ouachita, AR, 71720
I am looking for a good lawyer to help me with my mothers wrongful death sut at UAMS hospital in Little Rock Arkansas.

Pulaski, AR, 72211
Searching for attorneys that handle neglience.

Pulaski, AR, 72202
Just a test to see if this is working properly.

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