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Harris, TX, 77067
slipped and fell in motel on december19,2011sink overflowed from bottom slip and fell injuring head,neck and back now diagnosed with syncope which is blackouts

Morehouse, LA, 71220
While incarcerated I worked maintenance for jail. I crushed finger , ripped tendons out damaged nerves an broke finger. A pin was placed in it.Due to neglect I developed sever bone infection and am scheduled for possible amputation

Los Angeles, CA, 90034
In October of 2007, all of my teeth were extracted under the guise I had a number of life threating deceases. Thereafter, the dentist retained a surgeon who failed to do the contracted for bone graphs, sinus lifts and ridge augmentations. As a result I have sustained damages in excess of one hundred and thirty thousand dollars. My prior attorneys failed to oppose the surgeon's motion for summary judgment and I have been forced into pro per.

Grant, WA, 98837
Permenant partial impairment of lower lumber L4 L5 and L5 to S1

Washtenaw, MI, 48198
I was at the Phoenix airport in the Starbucks and tripped over a duffel bag sitting on floor causing a fracture to my left arm requiring surgery to correct

Multnomah, OR, 97205
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Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Marlboro, SC, 29512
wrongful death involving EMS

Horry, SC, 29577
Dr. Failed to check for compartment syndrome after finding massive gluteal hematoma.

Sumner, TN, 37075
I was working at AT&T and my doctor requested a stool for me while I was working because of my right leg going numb when I stand over 10 minutes. AT&T refused a stool for me. They then put me on long term disability. I feel they have discriminated against me by not allowing me to have a stool and allowing others in stores in the same position to have stools. I would like to see if someone can help me. I have been told they will end my long term disability in February of 2014 if I can work elsewhere, but that means I will lose all benefits from AT&T if they evaluate me and decide I can work any other jobs and they have already separated me from the company because of the long term disability. We are union also.

Benton, OR, 97370
I was an employee of Firestone in Salinas and am wondering if there is or was a settlement for the chemical exposure and etc. If so was I or am I entitled to any of the settlement. I moved and lost contact with what was going on during the shutdown of the plant. If you know anything about this please contact me . Best by Email for now . Thank you.

Los Angeles, CA, 90045
This is for a medical malpractice and patient negligence case against a plastic surgeon who inserted implants that were physically too big for my chest wall (against my request) which created a number of severe complications, embarrassment, suffering, and thousands of dollars worth of repair. The doctor also failed to treat these complications when he knew they existed, which led to a worsening of the condition and even more complications. I want to know about what kind of case I have here and how the statute of limitations applies.

Santa Fe, NM, 87015

Mississippi, AR, 72315
The physician in the E.R assumed I had an abscess without taking any diagnosis testing. He discharged me because I had no insurance. The only reason he prescribed me antibiotic was because my daughter insisted on me at least giving me medication for my severe swollen lymph node, rash all over my body, low grade fever, severe headache near temple and back of head. He gave me nothing for pain

Hamilton, IN, 46037
Dog Bite

Autauga, AL, 38702
This woman who is from Chicago was in MS, at Harris Casino and was injured on the walkway they have due to a problem with the walkway. She is 83, has a cut lip and other problems.

Sarasota, FL, 34287
I got stopped at 12 midnight by the north port police- they kept me outside until 1 :15 in the damp weather- NOT DRUNK-for speeding on 41- and I have had 2 hip replacements and I was hurting, besides that, wanted to give me a sobriety test- made me put the tape down on the ground. I want to sue for mental anquish!!!!

Whiteside, IL, 61270
I was recently in an auto accident. The other driver was at fault and uninsured. I would like to take this matter to a civil court.

Salt Lake, UT, 84118
I was in the cosmetics dept. when I first arrived in that are there was ne sign or I don't recall a floor cleaner near me cuz I was looking for a specific eye makeup and could not remember the brand so I was on all makeup isles. So this worker who must not have spoke very good English said something like I sweep isle. I just thought ok but was occupied doing my shopping. When I was done I went to leave and realized he had the whole area roped off, but at the end of the isle I was on there was no rope so I assumed since there was no sign or rope that was the exit. As I proceeded onto that isle I immediately started to fall, I tried to catch myself but the floor had a lot of water on it. The worker did not apologize or help me up or help me gather my things they flew out of my hands, but instead laughed at me. I was so humiliated I just wanted to get my shopping done so I got up, I was angry, and didn't realize that my wrist and my lower back felt twisted. I was trying to get to my next isle I needed, and I passed the isle again the same workers were laughing. As I went to find the item I needed I bent down to pick up but then it felt like my back was going out and could not support me. At that point I went to seek out a manager.

Oklahoma, OK, 73103
Extensive background in complex Oklahoma divorce cases, Oklahoma military divorce, Oklahoma child custody cases, Oklahoma paternity/child support cases, Oklahoma DHS cases, and guardianship cases

Monroe, NY, 14624
guided jeep accident in aruba de palm tours. broken bones

Cook, IL, 60074
I am getting a case out of IL. In this case, a boy was taken to a hospital and had a circumcision. They mistakenly cut part of his penis out. This was in 1987. They told the mother this is not going to be a problem. Now the boy is 25 years old, and he is realizing there is a problem and wants to sue. Has the statute run? Can he sue under any theory?

Cook, IL, 60438
my son was born 11-14-1987. i had him surcumzied before leaving the hospitalk, when he got home and bandages were removed it seemed that the tip swa cut off. all these years of me not seeing this area if let it slip by, but now that he is an adult this has gotten to be a promblem. which has caused him pain and suffering in all relationships.

Riverside, CA, 92507
Our son was diagnosed with PVL while in the NICU at Riverside Community Hospital. He was born on May 13 of 2012. He now has cerebral palsy. A lot of situations happened that could have been negligent.

Garland, AR, 71901
aaron stapleton stepped out of his car n threw gas on me n lit me on fire with a zippo lighter. 47% of my body was 2nd n 3rd degree burnt. my left hand was amputated 2 fingers on my right hand. multiple skin grafts. this has left me disabled. with millions of dollars in medical bills

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