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Pasco, FL, 34652
I was injured my wrist was broken the doctors said it is perminent I will have to have more surgery later I want to seek damages I haven't slet since ma 18,2014 due to pain

Manatee, FL, 34203
I work for the law firm of Shapiro, Goldman, Babboni & Walsh and am sending a test page for this website... tku!

Cumberland, ME, 04062
had sepramesh ip put in 2011,,4/15/13.abdominal mess severed my small intestines,infection from leakage resulted in two open heart 100% disabled me please

Lane, OR, 97434
i am from santa barbara ,ca. article on gaming ,, santa ynez reservation,,,,,,, blood freud ,, blood quantum,,agency roll ,,CofC ROLL,,, 1934 rorganization act , 1940 reorganization ,, 1965 duly appionted enrollment committee roll ,,,,fraudulent degree of blood,,,,,

Kern, CA, 93313
my 16 year old son was beat by the bpd

Marion, IN, 46214
On new years eve I fell down my steps at home and was seen in the emergency room which ended up with me breaking my (r) foot and a MCL sprain (l) knee so my when I followed up with the orthopedic doctor he took my off of work because of my injuries while off work I lost everything my car got repossessed,I'm currently facing a eviction and I also got a call from my Job yesterday 6-12-2014 stating that they let me go from the company. I feel that the doctor office is at fault because of not getting paperwork sent in,in a timely manner.Not to mention this has happen twice with my employer letting me go from the company for the same reason,once they realized it was not my fault and it was the doctor's office who wasn't sending in paperwork they rehired me while I was still on leave.

Morgan, IN, 46151

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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was in a bar in DC and someone dropped a glass and it broke injured my leg. The ambulance had to come and take me to hospital

Johnson, KS, 66062
Met a man online and we started seeing each other. He became quite abusive right away and had restrained me in thigh shackles/ankle and handcuffs. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink without it being served to me. I was drugged unknowingly by OxyContin 40mg XL; I know this since I removed them from the blister packs when they arrived in the mail. He became even more aggressive by biting me and choking me out repetitiously. I would pass out and he'd have me chained up. He committed sexual assault by anally and vaginally Raping me, but said if I was to tell anyone that I and my parents would die. He would hold knives at my throat and drive erratically until he was able to do as he pleased. He even began doing a torture technique by leaving his car running in the garage and I'd have to let him have his way with me or he'd have killed us with carbon monoxide. The best part to all this is that I have photographs due to the bruises and then he wanted to have a threesome with my friend and I. Kaitlin agreed, but sold it to my mom for $5000 and it wasn't until she went to cash the check that she found out the account was closed. She got two large African American males to burglarize our house and cause extensive damage. Not to mention fearing for our lives and me undergoing numerous treatment facilities and hospitalizations for PTSD, Dissociative Disorder, and chronic depression. I have an extreme fear of social events and have been hospitalized (4) different times at different facilities. I did have a PFA placed against Jason Brisco, but have yet to prosecute him on the charges. I've underwent anal and vaginal reconstruction as well as esophageal tearing due to him forcing foreign objects down my throat and lesions removed. I've seen many specialist and have had to have extensive testing done by a Urologist, Radiologist for all the blunt trauma and loss of consciousness that occurred and some memory loss. It has been difficult to recover completely knowing he is still out there and can be hurting others. The Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor has been holding the case open until I get representation. I need to recover costs for all the medical bills, testing, psychological and emotional abuse that I have undergone.

Forsyth, NC, 27104
Exposed to mold for well over 9 months and was rushed to hospital after passing out from fumes from mold in apt via ambulance. I need to know if landlord is responsible for this bill which is on my credit report. Also had other bills and problems, I gave up because it was too much stress after fighting for months tho I won a small claims judgment which I fought myself . I need to get these other bill paid but landlord refused after they stated they would but wanted me to sign a covenant not to sue form which I refused. The case was won in SCC for abatement of rent. Can you help me. I have pictures, reports, etc.

Colleton, SC, 29488
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Humboldt, CA, 95503
my three year old slipped and fell on target restroom when floor was wet and no wet floor sign and they said they just moped it and they filled out a false accident report and was wondering if i could pursue this case

Llano, TX, 78607
Producing successive structures as a 3D sport called ' provide' .

Allegan, MI, 49080
I was exiting the plainwell public library and as I walked down the steps I slipt and fell causing a broken left foot and a severely sprained right foot. It was raining and there were flower pedals all over walk way and stairs

Montgomery, PA, 19012
Hello: having worked for R & L Carriers (still on "suspension"), the day after having reported a life-threatening defect, and refusing the dispatcher's directive to, "still drive it," I was given a warning, and now am "Out of Service" - not having been paid since Monday. Please help, A/B

Orleans, LA, 70128
I had a hernia repair on May 28, 2011. The sepra mesh was used to repair the hernia, a year later another hernia(smaller) than the first came back in the area of the first hernia. I started hurting, extreme pain so my mother rushed me to the hospital. After seeing the ER doctor I was admitted into the hospital. The general surgeon who performed the first hernia repair then told me that I had to have emergency surgery, because the mesh had broke and that's what caused me to have bowel perforation, and that if the hernia had burst I could have died. I'm experiencing stomach pain!

San Bernardino, CA, 92315
Bad car accident. Injured . Looking for a Big Bear lawyer.

Polk, FL, 33880
I was in jail officer that runs control for doors she playing with doors to make images go back in to the seal instead she closed the door on my hand while I was serving food to other inmate I was a trustee at time they didn't x rays doctor Gomez pop my finger back in place and put a cast on my hand I went to doctor refer me to a hand surgeon Cus e my finger didn't hill right I CNT feel three of my finger Polk county jail should of did xrays but they never did them and I'm on four different pain medication And my finger are numed

Norfolk City, VA, 23505
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Ada, ID, 83706
i have lived in my apartment for almost 7 years and was becoming sick from the first year. 2 of my animals died, i had severe anxiety when i was in here, was at the doctor many times and they could find nothing wrong with me. my hair began falling out, i was sick all over, missing work, very depressed and weak. there was several water damage issues in my bathroom that were never addressed other than sending a plumber out and them finding nothing. the water was actually coming from upstairs where the tiles in the shower were loose and the water was spraying behind the wall. that wasn't even discovered until recently. a hole was cut in my ceiling in the bathroom and left open for a year and i could see that there was mold, the plumber said it was mold and that it would be in his report to the property management company. i continued to get sicker and sicker, went back to the doctor and told her that i thought the mold might have something to do with my illness. i ordered a test from online that was sent to a lab and said that there was mold at unusual levels, though the levels weren't shown. i then had a home inspector come out and do a 3 hour test of the air and a visual sample from the bathroom. there is an extremely high level of chaetonium and there is also penicillium and i did get to actually talk to the scientist that ran the results from the home inspector and he told me that i should leave immediately, that it was probably in the entire building and that he was sure that was why my animals died and that he was surprised i wasn't sicker. i took the results and reports to the property management and they tried to get me to release them of any claims by offering me my rent for this month and my deposit back. i didn't sign anything. i'm sick, i got sick due to their neglect of the property, i almost lost my job, i have lost wages, i have spent money going back and forth to the doctor, my pets died, i have been horribly stressed and depressed and now i have to move, throw away a lot of my belongings, deal with a fungal infection in my body and hypersensitivity pneumonitis and feeling like i can't even move or think. i have suffered greatly in every way and i want to be compensated. if they had bothered to fix the water damage, this wouldn't have happened though i do from looking at the bathroom that there was probably this issue before i ever moved in. i need some help. can someone please help me? landlords get away with this too often and it's sickening to me. i have the right to live in a habital environment and they are required to provide that and they did not. too many people just move out in these cases and then someone else gets exposed. it's wrong and it needs to stop!!

Jefferson, WV, 25438
I have been employed by the District Court of MD for the last eight years. I have a range of health problems and want to file for disability retirement and receive it.

King, WA, 98101
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Bexar, TX, 78209
Head injury on via bus due to driver tort/negligence. Have witness, documented broken nose, doc't knee injury, possible brain injury, Statute of limitations 03/25/14

Pinal, AZ, 85223
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