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Pinal, AZ, 85223
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Androscoggin, ME, 04210
I burst/perforated my left eardrum at work when we were swimming with the children in our care. I dived down to retrieve a ring that one of the children had thrown in the deep end. The Company sent me to Concentra – 59 East Avenue Lewiston ME. The first Dr. thought it was a big blob of wax and gave me anti bio tics for an outer ear infection, I was given an appointment for the next day. I saw a different Dr. She said it was a middle ear infection for which I was given anti bio tics. A third appointment was scheduled where again I saw a different Dr. She did not want to comment as neither of the two previous Dr. were not on duty and she could not consult. A fourth follow up appointment was made. At this appointment I saw the Dr. I had seen on the second visit. I asked to be referred to an ENT, which they organize. I saw Dr. Norris Lee. He advised me that my ear was perforated, that I was not to go under water more than 4 to 5 feet, and to use silicone earplugs when I swam or showered to keep the water out of my ear. He made a follow up appointment to check and see if it had repaired itself. Dr. Lee told me that only a thin layer would grow over as my eardrum had been perforated before. I went back on Friday and was told that I would need tyampamplasty (CPT 6631) operation as it had not healed in two months. The hole was big enough for water to go into my middle ear. Blue Cross, the company that is handling the claim says they will not pay for the operation as it was a preexisting condition. Please let me know a way forward, I have lost my hearing in that ear.

Barry, MO, 65625
My daughter was 3 at the time and she got bit by a basset hound at someone elses house while innocently touching the dog. Later I found out they knew the dog had bitten people before and didn't give even a warning. Owners had dog on home owners insurance. My daughter was hurt in several places a cut and scar on right cheek and a small tear in her right nostril which has resulted in sinus problems and it knocked both of her front teeth loose so both had to be removed which has resulted in alot of tramitizing treatment and doctor visits and a child being very upset about not having her teeth and the pain she went thru to get them pulled was extreme for a child of her age and still yet has issues with eating with not having the front teeth. The owners of the dog have since harassed and laughed and sent messages stating how they wish he would got her worse and laughing at the child for it happening. I have all messages sent by dogs owners. It has changed our life and caused alot of emotional issues and alot of missed work and money issues.

Fairfax, VA, 22180
Incompetent treatment in nursing home led to re-hospitalization, exacerbated fistulas and long recovery period. Nursing home was not equipped with the equipment or expertise to treat the significant wound.

Charlotte, FL, 33982
My child went to his friends house, which is my friends neighbor while he was standing in his driveway the little boy came out of the house and the large Rotweiller came out of the house and attacked my 5 year old son in the yard. My son did not enter the house. He has a large bite on his back, a large bite on his underarm and a large bite on his arm along with a fracture. The owner is a local sheriff who is not taking responsibility and did not even help my son when he saw what happened. He stated to us. Oh well he should not have been here. His son and my son are friends. My son has been to his house before.

Lauderdale, AL, 35648
I went to hospital by ambulance and was told I had pulmonary embolism. Stayed in hospital for over a week. I was on oxygen, blood thinners and pain relievers. Doctors and specialist believe it was caused by my birth control nuvaring. I'm on bed rest and unable to work.

Manatee, FL, 34203
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Maricopa, AZ, 85374
I bought a heated coat at Chester's Harley Davidson. Jacket shorted out and burnt my back in two areas the size of a silver dollar. I have bills receits and photos of injury. Is it worth pursueing for financial restitution. thank you--No phone calls for now, just e-mail

Shelby, TN, 38134
My husband is currently incarcerated at the FCI Memphis Correctional Facility. On August 4, 2013 he broke his tibia and fibula that resulted in surgically inserting a titanium steel rod and screws in his right leg due to chunks missing from a broken staircase leading from the housing cells of the top tier. I have a detailed day to day journal of incidents that includes 4 day delay of proper medical care, misdiagnosis of the injury, denial of meals while injured and enduring pain and suffering on several occasions, harassment by multiple staff including medical staff due to him acknowledging the negligent acts on their behalf, not complying to surgeons orders by removing his wheelchair and orthopedic boot during the healing process and disciplinary action taken against him for correcting the medical staff concerning the specifics of the situation resulting in being placed in solitary confinement(the hole)while still wheelchair bound. The extensive journal also includes officer’s names and medical staff as witnesses to these incidents in the event of questioning or court subpoena. These witnesses stated they would tell the truth under oath if questioned. Also a tort claim has also been filed and there are legal documents proving the facility has admitting to their fault of the stairs being broken and repair orders that have been filed but still are not repaired as of this day. If you are interested in this case please respond to the information given. Thank You for your time.

Nassau, NY, 11021
My son got bite by dog at park , that have sign no dog in park

Pasco, FL, 34652
I was injured my wrist was broken the doctors said it is perminent I will have to have more surgery later I want to seek damages I haven't slet since ma 18,2014 due to pain

Manatee, FL, 34203
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Cumberland, ME, 04062
had sepramesh ip put in 2011,,4/15/13.abdominal mess severed my small intestines,infection from leakage resulted in two open heart 100% disabled me please

Lane, OR, 97434
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Kern, CA, 93313
my 16 year old son was beat by the bpd

Marion, IN, 46214
On new years eve I fell down my steps at home and was seen in the emergency room which ended up with me breaking my (r) foot and a MCL sprain (l) knee so my when I followed up with the orthopedic doctor he took my off of work because of my injuries while off work I lost everything my car got repossessed,I'm currently facing a eviction and I also got a call from my Job yesterday 6-12-2014 stating that they let me go from the company. I feel that the doctor office is at fault because of not getting paperwork sent in,in a timely manner.Not to mention this has happen twice with my employer letting me go from the company for the same reason,once they realized it was not my fault and it was the doctor's office who wasn't sending in paperwork they rehired me while I was still on leave.

Morgan, IN, 46151

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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was in a bar in DC and someone dropped a glass and it broke injured my leg. The ambulance had to come and take me to hospital

Johnson, KS, 66062
Met a man online and we started seeing each other. He became quite abusive right away and had restrained me in thigh shackles/ankle and handcuffs. I wasn't allowed to eat or drink without it being served to me. I was drugged unknowingly by OxyContin 40mg XL; I know this since I removed them from the blister packs when they arrived in the mail. He became even more aggressive by biting me and choking me out repetitiously. I would pass out and he'd have me chained up. He committed sexual assault by anally and vaginally Raping me, but said if I was to tell anyone that I and my parents would die. He would hold knives at my throat and drive erratically until he was able to do as he pleased. He even began doing a torture technique by leaving his car running in the garage and I'd have to let him have his way with me or he'd have killed us with carbon monoxide. The best part to all this is that I have photographs due to the bruises and then he wanted to have a threesome with my friend and I. Kaitlin agreed, but sold it to my mom for $5000 and it wasn't until she went to cash the check that she found out the account was closed. She got two large African American males to burglarize our house and cause extensive damage. Not to mention fearing for our lives and me undergoing numerous treatment facilities and hospitalizations for PTSD, Dissociative Disorder, and chronic depression. I have an extreme fear of social events and have been hospitalized (4) different times at different facilities. I did have a PFA placed against Jason Brisco, but have yet to prosecute him on the charges. I've underwent anal and vaginal reconstruction as well as esophageal tearing due to him forcing foreign objects down my throat and lesions removed. I've seen many specialist and have had to have extensive testing done by a Urologist, Radiologist for all the blunt trauma and loss of consciousness that occurred and some memory loss. It has been difficult to recover completely knowing he is still out there and can be hurting others. The Jackson County Assistant Prosecutor has been holding the case open until I get representation. I need to recover costs for all the medical bills, testing, psychological and emotional abuse that I have undergone.

Forsyth, NC, 27104
Exposed to mold for well over 9 months and was rushed to hospital after passing out from fumes from mold in apt via ambulance. I need to know if landlord is responsible for this bill which is on my credit report. Also had other bills and problems, I gave up because it was too much stress after fighting for months tho I won a small claims judgment which I fought myself . I need to get these other bill paid but landlord refused after they stated they would but wanted me to sign a covenant not to sue form which I refused. The case was won in SCC for abatement of rent. Can you help me. I have pictures, reports, etc.

Colleton, SC, 29488
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Humboldt, CA, 95503
my three year old slipped and fell on target restroom when floor was wet and no wet floor sign and they said they just moped it and they filled out a false accident report and was wondering if i could pursue this case

Llano, TX, 78607
Producing successive structures as a 3D sport called ' provide' .

Allegan, MI, 49080
I was exiting the plainwell public library and as I walked down the steps I slipt and fell causing a broken left foot and a severely sprained right foot. It was raining and there were flower pedals all over walk way and stairs

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