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Autauga, AL, 27
Got car accident

Maricopa, AZ, 85008
Broke leg at work in N.D. have metal bar in leg happen 2011 dec11

Rutland, VT, 05702
On 12/9/2014, I purchased skis, bindings and boots from Ski Werks located in VT. The staff at the store prepared the skis and bindings to release in the event of a fall, However the bindings did not release despite a significant accident in which I did at least one summer salt (sp). I presented that evening to Saint Francis ED in Hartford CT. I was not discharged until the following morning. Several tests were conducted including countless x-rays and a ct scan which showed fractures and severe soft tissue damage. I currently have a cast that covers my entire left leg. I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon next week. The injury will likely require surgery and may impact my ability to ambulate for the rest of my life. I am an advanced skier and also instructor. The bindings should have released without question which would have saved my leg. I have other skis and have fallen before and not been injured. That is the purpose of release upon impact at a specified level. The severity of my injuries are significant such that I am unable to work, am experiencing severe depression since I am otherwise very healthy and active. I am not the type of person to file a lawsuit frivolously but the extent of injury is so great and the negative impacts to my life and happiness are unacceptable. I live in CT however the injury and skis were purchased in VT.

Suffolk, NY, 11960
some one hit my car. I have 2 broken wrists

Wayne, MI, 48203
On, 10/08/2013, i was dispatched to the FMR. Bulk Mail Center (BMC), now Operating as The National Distribution Center (NDC.) ELM: 812.11, 812.12, 812.13, 812.21, 812.22, 812.31, 714.222 Areas, Districts, and Plants. (The Clerk Craft, in the past has always had exclusive Jurisdiction to Operate the Docks at this Facility, not by Motor Vehicle Operators “MVS”). i was preparing to load my truck, when at first, i had to open the "over-head- Dock Door", that has a lower bar to lift the Door in an upward position, which Operates on a glide stationary model, the over- head -Door, had malfunction which must be noted as non- compliance under, ELM: 713.3 Assignment After Training, ELM:732.11 PS Form 2432, ELM: 732.12 PS Form 2548, Individual Training Record, ELM: 732.15 Certificates of Training, 811.42 PS Form 8214, ELM: 721.4 Supervisors and Managers, Supervisors and Managers are responsible and accountable for violating: (a)(b)(c)(d) (f)(g)(h). ELM: 821.21 Responsibility. ELM: 821.22 Methods, (a)(b)(c)(d). ELM: 821.13 Reporting Using PS Form 1769. ELM: 821.131 Completing PS Form 1769. As a collective bargaining agreement employee, i did not receive any training, for the previous functions that are under regulations. (20 C.F.R. Parts 701-704). 29 C.F.R. 1917.50(b)(1);1917.43(c)(5), 1917.111(a). (§1918.33; 1918.34, 1918.35, 1918.36). Now i have the inner and outer- intelligence, to decipher enigma Codes and too cross reference it with the Articles of the U.S. Constitution 1787. OSHA Delegation- Secretary's Order 6-94 Pilot Project to Create Concurrent Authorities and Responsibilities for the Assistant Secretary for Occupational Safety and Health and the Assistant Secretary for Employment Standards With Respect to Certain Whistleblower (Qui Tam), Protection Laws and Certain Laws Establishing Labor Standards Affecting Field Sanitation and Migrant Housing, 60 Fed. Reg. 3655 (Jan. 18, 1995).

DeKalb, GA, 30340
Well, I had a bottle of Mumm Champagne explode on me while trying to uncork it.

Camden, NJ, 08003
car accident

Camden, NJ, 08003
car accident

Mono, CA, 93546
My 9 year old son was seriously injured while at recess at Mammoth School during recess. School is denying responsibility as they have started they have a "no bullying policy".

Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Maricopa, AZ, 85254
The contact form’s window size is so despicably outrageous that even if I type the text on Word and then paste it there, it is still insulting. If you are potentially capable to offer such blatant mind control, then what one could possibly expect from such lawyers?

Ashtabula, OH, 44004
broken screw in neck

Los Angeles, CA, 90027
My primary doctor infected my face. She gave me cream Taclonex against psoriasis – which I never had, she told me to apply it on my chin – instruction tells that it cannot be apply on face, and the cream was expired in 2010. Today: my face is infected and damaged, I can’t work, I can’t go out, I have very bad pain, after a few weeks of antibiotics I will need expensive therapy to recover my skin which was perfect before. Do I have a case?

Alameda, CA, 94542
I was terminated by hertz corp.and so I tried to apply for unemployment but they said that they info was wrong so I contacted my Union and they said its nothing in the system showing that I was terminated. I have been going through it trying to pay bills and just get back on the right track but I haven't received any calls back from the union and this been going since aug

Los Angeles, CA, 91342
I was injured in prison at a prison industry outside gate pass OSHA and no safety code or health meeting were established before we started the work machinery almond fields but the founder of the company send me a workman s compensation form and i have not heard anything for the black lung as well please i need a lawyer my pain still constant and ssi states that i was receiving the beifits I never did receive nothing from the ccwf

Missoula, MT, 59834
Actually zip code is for Helena. My son was in an auto accident. Maybe permanently hurt. Needs to quit his job because of injury

Kane, IL, 60119
An unfortunate case has made me stuck in in a hospital.

Cook, IL, 60465
On july 8, 2013 it all began dr visits monthly for pain in my back hip and uterus, I had a procedure done at loyola university for fybroid tumors, the dr used the divincci robot, it malfunctioned during, the piece of the machine broke off inside me, they found it a couple hours later, when I woke from the anesthetic I was in a great deal of pain. Dr summers the obgyn was there and told me she was sorry for what

Los Angeles, CA, 90015
Petition for leave to file a late claim/medical malpractice

Mason, WA, 98584
I was walking up to a pop dispenser machine at lucky dog casino. A object from top of machine hit me on my top of head. I believe it was cover to ice part. Which was on top of machine. I did not touch anything to make it fall on me. And security came running. They also filed incident reports. I had headache for four days. Missed 3 days of work.

Delaware, PA, 19061
0n 7/16/2014 i went to a chiropractor later started having severe pain in my left shoulde area went to pcp had x-rays which showed 3 broken ribs have not worked since

Galveston, TX, 77590
Utmb malpractice went in achlil tenus now been sever for 2 year in out hospitals because. Of surge could walk and leg keep from blood clots

Autauga, AL,

Autauga, AL,

Autauga, AL,

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