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Hamilton, OH, 45230
The patient received cervical spine disc replacement surgery in Boston MA in June 2015. The disc failed in August 2015. A second surgery in Dec 2015 was required to repair the spine. The initial disc replacement had come loose from its placement and was causing a cascading effect of cervical spine instability. The orthopedic surgeon who performed the first surgery did not check the patient for two contraindications for disc replacement (both of which the patient has) which are kyphosis and scoliosis of the spine. The patient had begun medical school in July 2015 and has had to withdraw. She will now not be able to continue in that field.

Spokane, WA, 99223
I was in the Er August 22, 2015. A male Rn was going to administer IV Valium in my left hand Iv. I told him I was a certified Iv Nurse and that Valium is contraindicated in a hand vein. He gave it to me anyway.

Portsmouth City, VA, 23707
I am going to file for Social Security for an injury I sustained at work 11 years ago, also have recently been diagnosed with some heart problems. I have some questions concerning my case. If you would please contact me so that I can begin this process I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!

Autauga, AL, 11511
Kill some one

Racine, WI, 53405
I would like to know if your Office does legal Malpractice cases, I was wrongly convicted of a crime, which I done prison time for. The state public defender’s office assigned me a appellate attorney who Misrepresented me and was Ineffective by not subpoena my eye witnesses for my Post conviction motion hearing which would of proven that I was wrongly convicted of the crime. Which I would have been released from prison early and then a month later he drafted a no merit report

Clark, NV, 89148
My son got bitten by a dog last tuesday. I took him to urgent care but im still really worried.

Los Angeles, CA, 93550
We would like to work together to help lawyers serve papers. We serve nationally and are the only guaranteed server in the U.S.

Los Angeles, CA, 93550
We would like to work together to help lawyers serve papers. We serve nationally and are the only guaranteed server in the U.S.

Stillwater, MT, 59001
I write to inquire if your firm can help draft contract for construction equipment. Respond if you are able to help and schedule a time to discuss details.

Stillwater, MT, 59001
I write to inquire if your firm can help draft contract for construction equipment. Respond if you are able to help and schedule a time to discuss details.

Los Angeles, CA, 91324
Personal injury

Dutchess, NY, 12601
We are the law firm of Spiegel Brown & Fichera. I want to update our listing. How do I go about doing that.

Saint Lucie, FL, 34952
I fell in Walmart parking lot. a van was pulling out and I got out of the way and trip and fell. I FRACTURED my nose, right hand, 3 ribs and my right knee. I tore my right rotator cuff .

Saint Lucie, FL, 34952
I fell in Walmart parking lot. a van was pulling out and I got out of the way and trip and fell. I FRACTURED my nose, right hand, 3 ribs and my right knee. I tore my right rotator cuff .

Stillwater, MT, 59001
I need you to please confirm you handle business transactions like drafting of Bill of sales and sales agreement.

Marion, IN, 46204
Randall Sevenish is a member and we have a question about a invoice he received that has already been paid. I have filed out this form twice now and need some one to contact our office so we can find out what the invoice is for. There is no contact number on the letter we received and this is the only way to contact someone on the website. Please call our office this morning.

Klamath, OR, 97601
I need to update our office's address with you. Our old address was 1151 Pine St. Our new address is: Law Office of Rebecca Whitney-Smith 280 Main St Klamath Falls, OR 97601 Thank you

Los Angeles, CA, 91702
I work for a school district as a carpernter and in 1/2012 I lost my ring finger on my left hand on a table saw that did not have a saftey gaurd on it , the district was find by cal OSHA at the time because of this accident . I never signed anything to close the case and after returning to work I had to remove the table myself but before doing so I took several picture of the table saw . I would like to know if there is still a possibility to file a claim?

Christian, KY, 42240
Please Cancel Invoice # 206-308

Autauga, AL, 160-8
Hi My company needs an attorney that could represent us in a Purchase and Sales Transaction. Does your firm practice that area of law? If not a referral will be appreciated. Thanks.

Placer, CA, 95747
On June 30th, the elevator in our building dropped down from the second floor to the ground at the full speed. I was in that elevator. I am a postal employee and it happened on postal property in the postal building. The elevators are served by Schindler elevator company. As a result, this elevator will be replaced in the next months or so. I sustained neck, back and left knee injury. Nothing is broken by everything hurts. I filed OWCP claim. My management challenged my claim and it was denied. I will file an appeal. I was not paid for my days off even though I have enough Sick leave and annual leave - I received Leave without pay. Therefore, I have physical and financial damages. I paid for all of my medications and medical bills from my own pocket. I am still in pain and my injury is not resolved. I requested the MRI to check my neck pain but was refused by Kaiser stating that the MRI only pre-surgical procedure and is not authorized for my neck injury. It appears that I am the only one is getting losses but the USPS and Schindler not. They negligently ignore the elevator complains and problems for the past 2 years and now I have to suffer pain and loss. Can anyone help to bring justice to this?

Miami-Dade, FL, 33125
I was in a hospital in Bridgewater State Hospital and I was imprisoned against my will. I was physically assaulted and the hospital wanted plus still wants to murder me. I know it is funny and you will drop to the floor in laughter. If you can investigate and help I would greatly appreciate it.

Autauga, AL, 00000
We want to join the association. We are an Australian law firm and are happy to assist lawyers in the USA as either agents or lawyers for clients who are American citizens injured in Australia. Please provide information as to how we join and how we can assist.

Hillsborough, NH, 03031
I have been a cardiac step down nurse since 2009 I graduated from Saint Joseph's College of Maine with A BSN and in 2014 graduated with an MSN/MBA from Grand Canyon University. I've rarely missed a day from work during my career. However, in 2013 I was denied a job from Elliot Hospitial for not claiming I was disabled on the application. I moved from Fayetteville, NC after my husband finished his four year stent with the US army. I left him and my one year old in NC while I drove up from NC in order to complete the "employee health screening" I passed the screening to include bending this way and that way lifting items and twisting in certain directions. I have suffered with back problems since I was 17 but that has never affected my ability to be a nurse and I have never once called out because of my back since my diagnosis of degenerative disc disease. Elliot asked for all my medical records to include what my prognosis was, what treatments I've had, what treatments I will need etc. I obtained documents explaining what they asked for to include a letter from my doctor explaining that I could work with no restrictions. The next day a group of Elliot practitioners, that I've never met before, met to decide I was u for for the job. I then contacted the human rights department which agreed this was unjustified since I do not have a disability. I then filed something with the state to fight Elliot's decision. They in turn hired a lawyer that came to the conclusion Elliot was right In their decision because I was not truthful on my application because I didn't state I was disabled. Both my husband and I did not have a job for 3 months when we got to New Hampshire. It was a great hardship for my family. We never would have moved knowing I didn't have a job. It took til May of 2014 to sell our NC house and we lived with my parents in Mont Vernon NH during this time. I got a job at CMC in January of 2014 and have called out once during the 2.5 years I e worked there because of the flu. I intend to take Elliot to court to fight for what's right and to fight so that others aren't treated unfairly by Elliot Hospital. We tried to reach a settlement although it was unsuccessful as I was willing to settle for 3 months pay and moving expenses of $16,000. This barely covers the tremendous amount of credit card debt that was incurred during those months on unemployment let alone the thousands in interest. I hope that you will consider Representing me as I am sure I'm not the only one Elliot has denied employment to due to a none existent disability. Thank you for your time.

Alexander, NC, 28636
13 yrs ago I had a c section and delivered a beautiful daughter I had been to the same dr gyno for all of my first three children and then he retired dr bowmen came in and bought out his practice therefore thinking it was ok cause dr greens nurses were still there and new my history I stayed, at the first consultation with bowmen he said he completely understood that I only had one (1) ovary left I had a tumor when I was 17 and had one ovary removed with this one ovary I birthed 4 children just fine when bowmen delivered Emily he saw a small cyst on my only ovary mind you I had this cyst for over 20 yrs while my first dr said it wasn't that big and if I didn't have any problems seeing it being my only one he did not want to remove it. while bowman was in there he took it upon himself to remove my only ovary and NOT TELLING ME OR MY FAMILY MEMBERS AT ALL 4 mo after Emily was born I started to go in to pre metapausal state and hot flashes andeverything else possible it was horrifying not knowing what was changing in me my partner at the time put up with a lot and so did family members finally I called bowmens office and she pulled my chart (the nurse) Peggy and called me back and told me to come in immediately for a consultation I did and bowmen never showed up to explain himself why he did that to me and never put me on a hormone he even told peggy the nurse she has anther one. I waited in his offie for a meeting he never csme in so I left with a script for a hormone supplement and have struggled with this for several years I never did get an explaination from anyone and I heard that there was nothing hat I could do about what he had done to me or my family I am just reaching out to see if there is anything I can currently do I have been several different medications and I really wanted more children but he took that from me thank you for hearing me

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