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Merced, CA, 95301
On May 17th of 2011 I slipped at work. I talked to my CSM that was on duty that night and she tried to get me to go home without filling out an incident report. Then that night no one filled the papers out and I couldn't go see a doctor until they did the paperwork. It ended up being that I had a sprained thigh and groin, then my hours got cut, they still made me work outside of my limitations that were listed because I was supposed to be on light duty, and now I recently got terminated without any notification.

Gwinnett, GA, 30047
I had a ruptured disc and was told to speak to a surgeon. I visited the surgeon. He told me I needed surgery. He inserted 5 spacers, 9 screws, and 2 rods. The first day I was fine after the spacers. I was told that was the hard day and the second day was easy. I woke up in the recovery screaming in pain. The anesthesiologist gave me an injection but that didn't work so they gave me two bolises of morphine. I have been in pain from that day to this. I was discharged by my surgeon because he said I made too many phone calls. I had repeatedly asked him for a new MRI. He refused. He had me on 180 mg of Oxycontin. I went to another surgeon. I begged him for an MRI. He refused. He said I was a drug addict. I had reduced to 30 mg of Oxycontin per day. I stopped pain meds that day to be taken seriosly. He prescribed Nucynta but I took Celexa. The combination can cause seratonin coma. He also refused to give me an MRI. Six months after surgery I went to a Neurologist. I described my pain and the radiating effect on my legs. He immediately ordered an MRI. The result is that two of the pedicle screws at L5 from posterior to anterior perforated the bone and likely impinge on a nerve. I might have permanent nerve damage. The pain and loss of movement is highly debilitating. Both surgeons failed to do appropriate testing that may result in permanent damage.

Ross, OH, 45601
was married for 20 years in new mexico and suffered physical abuse for first 10 years, then emotional abuse for next 10, and even after marriage ended, forcing me to leave nm and move to ohio, where the harrassment didn't stop. have been diagnosed with post-traumatic fibromyalgia, and currently see a therapist and a family doctor. i have no health insurance, and am finding it difficult to find a job because of nerve damage. i am unable to stand on my feet for longer than 1 hour without feeling pain, and currently take 4 medications directly related to the fibro. i would like for my ex to pay all my medical bills. i didn't ask for medical in the divorce, because all i wanted was to get out of the marriage as quickly as possible.

Haywood, NC, 28716
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Waupaca, WI, 54981
We build our house in 1992.first year our bedroom window crack.every winter ice will built up.then mold smell is so bed.our kids getting sick like flu symtom our 18 year old always says her head hurts so bad everyday.all the window has mold and round the we knock the house down build new home with 30 year mor.. where can we get help? we have ask some lawyers but they will not our case.

Mobile, AL, 36608
Toxic Tort. Exposure came from a company in Moss Point MS which has closed. Also got contamination of another type at workplace in Mobile.

Navajo, AZ, 85929
I won a credibility award in hearing 5/18/2006. Thanks to no medical Dr. to properly examine my work related injuries & my complainant to the ALJ Judge Pogson & SCF took advantage of no medical Dr. & scheduled an IME DR. who did no medical test & trickery ways to say i preformed a task in which there is no possible way I could do task. Caused me to lose my medical award 5/8/2007. I have One ruptured disk in lumbar at an 8 & one bulging disc in lumbar with stoniness in lower extremities. Also I received 4 bulging disc in cervical with stoniness causing upper right side pains 7 in middle back. I have received back injections to which im told back surgery is needed now. Also im told injections are needed in neck. Our welfare insurance has been covering my injuries because comp. failed to. Because my primary Dr. failed to acknowledge my work injury was the cause for my childhood hip dissability. I ended up going to a Dr. here in show low & he placed implants for a a THR that was intended for a taller person. I cant have the parts fixed because my body cant take another surgery there. I am told after it breaks a wheelchair will be my fate. Comp. did NOT pay for my total disability injuries & i really only received one back pay for whole year. Before ending my claim. There is unfair claims written all over my case. I am forever disabled receiving SSI divisibility.

Merced, CA, 95301
Jeffery .d morrison/ and james a stone .sold out there client after being paid/cost me almost 3 yrs in the pen, for a misdeameanor dui,recently found out ,morrison was hiding in tahoe,like to talk to him to reverse the illegal conviction,or pay back whats owed

Maricopa, AZ, 85213

Jefferson, AL, 35244
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Williamson, TX, 78641
The sherrifs deputy taserd a known disabeld manFor 3x more then 30 seconds.all charges were dropped. I have injurys from this.A Torn Rotater cuff and perminent toe injury.If interested please contact.

Washington, PA, 15022
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Winston, AL, 35565
work related injury

Highland, OH, 45133
My sister and I was shopping at TJ Maxx on Beechmont. I fell over a clothes rack as I entered a dressing room. I was in extreme pain, neck started swelling, and my left hand was tingling with numbness. The store manager sent me to Anderson Hospital on 5-mile road. There, they x-rayed my injury and result was a cracked shoulder. They put my left arm in a sling, gave me pain medication and gave me a doctor's number to call for checkup in 3 days. I am a self-employed hairdresser without health insurance. I made a follow-up appointment with a doctor but, they must have money before treating because they do not handle third party insurance payment. I am not only losing customers, (my only income), but, I will not be able to work for a few weeks to a month and will be unable to pay my bills. I have tried to call TJ Maxx ins. co. but, they will not call me back. Do I have a case?

Autauga, AL, 35791
i have been wrongfully accused by a dhr worker gor abuseing my step son even though the doctors they sent him to say that there was in findings and in custody court they said he could have been couched they are still saying am guitly they refuse to talk with the child when he is in the fathers care. the mother has many cases of abuse agaist the child with a police report saying assult in the 3rd degree i have asked for lie detectors test to be done with them not replying. i need help.

Jackson, WV, 25248
umwa disability pension need a lawyer

Autauga, AL, 00000
I was injured at WalMart store on Davis Street in San leandro. My left ankle and foot are badly injured. Two WalMart employees- One leading the shopping carts and the other one pushing them with a motorized device ran into my left ankle and foot. It happened while my girlfriend and I were walking toward the store. The Walmart clerk approaching us from behind (not sure if he was coming from the right or left) and leading the carts lost control of approximately 30 other carts tried while trying to grab another cart and while the other clerk pushing the carts with the motorized device would not stop after initially hitting me because he was distracted and looking away from the carts. The clerk in the front kept on yelling at him urging him to stop. He told him to stop at least 4 times. My girlfriend was hit on her right hand but did not suffer any injuries. However, my left foot and ankle received a very solid hit. I went to Kaiser Hospital in Union City for X-rays because my foot got swollen. I will go back next week again. There is a person representing WalMart who is "reviewing the tapes." The tapes will confirm my story. If you do represent people who have been injured please call me

Macon, TN, 37150
All i remember, It happened Oct. 21, 1997 and left me disabled for the rest of me life. I went thru a-lot of trama and brain trama, etc.

Merced, CA, 95334
In 1978, the Merced County Dept of Education Board illegally sued my husband and me for property we did not own in order to get my job benefits at my tenured/vested/Union teacher jobs. My husband was a military veteran and we had a Cal-Vet Home Loan on the property. My fax number is the same as my phone number. My e-mail does not work.

Burnet, TX, 78654
I was rearended. my neck was injured and it caused me to get pneumonia from food going down the pipe wrong.

Williamson, TX, 78634
hit by a drunk driver

Pasco, FL, 34654
my kids called 911 for me having a breathing attack on kitchen rescue responded by then kids had gotten my inhaler from my bedroom and I was ok .they were cussing at each other in bedroom cuz they both wanted to be the hero and get inhaler 1st.Fire rescue talked to both boys 15 y/o and 16y/o and took my vitals and as I said I was ok by then.A short while later an officer Pasco co.and I thought he was checking on my well being so I let him know I was ok,he wanted to enter my home and I said no,wqhich pissed him off.He stuck his foot in door and I asked him if he was detaing me in my own home I would like to talk to my lawer.This made him madder and he threatend to arrest me for obstruction,he wanted to talk to my boys who were not home by then.he again threatned me.Report says I told him to get the fu__ of my property but that is a lie.My 15y/o came home while he wqs still here and I again said I wanted to talk to my lawer.He then pulled me out of my house by my left arm and said I was under arrest.He told me to put my hands behind my back and I put my right hand in the air and said I couldnt put them behind my back because I have had 3 surgeries on my elbows and wrist.He began to try and put behind my back when another officer ran up and pepper sprayed me 4 times.They then punched me in back of head with elbow and forarm then tqazered m. He then upper cut me in the kidney.My 15y/o wittnessed it all and was screaming.."how would u like someone to punch your mother" he was very tramitized.They then put me in un running car and I could not get there attention as they were about 200 feet away.I lost concisness and had to be taken to the hospital.I told the hosp I was punched in kidney and hit my head on street when they revived me from the street, I was given breathing treatmentt cuz pepper spray and overheating and beating had me trouble breathing i was then booked,processed and had to get another breathing treatment On way to hosp officer called friend on his cell phone and asked him if he" did anything wrong back there " Then he said " well I was going to get her with obstruction,but I dont think the state will pick it up" I was charged with battery on a leo and resisting arrest w/o violence.I have no idea why they were going to arrest me in the 1st place.I have furter damage now to my arms and left thomb upon movement.Doc says there is nerve damage.

Du Page, IL, 60521
computer hijacking enabled by ISP and their free lead of anti-virus resulting in introducing an intrusion of Tidserv 2 activity (Trojan). Hijacking my gmail account and introducing a google video plug-in to take a snap shot of my private information stored (not deleted) on my email account. Much much more. Really need help.

Queens, NY, 11692
On 12/31/2010 I had fallin into a deep crack in the ground in the city streets. On that day it was the first of 9 stroms that we had. I went to the beautiy salon and from there I was making my way to the store until I stepped down into the street and now I'm here 6 months later in the same condition constant pain. I do have a lawyer but she can not help me into pain management or therapy dont here from her much. I have a hard time walking anywhere feet get swollen and in a great amount of pain. I am about to get another MRI down because they feel i must of popped a muscle in the foot so there can be a possible going under the knife type thing. If you can help me with all pt and pm and this lawsuite please contact me. 6 months is to long I have 3 kids two of which has a disablity I just want to be able to take care of my kids more better. Thank you for your time.

Geauga, OH, 44026
we have a huge soil erosion problem threatening our garage since chester township put in a larger drain pipe which gushes onto our property. I need to know if they have any liability.

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