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San Luis Obispo, CA, 93410
our 18 year old son Sebastian got arrested for Arrested for California Penal Code 647(f) PC 'Drunk in Public' because he was sleeping on a bench on the Cal Poly Campus in San Luis Obispo close to his dorm. During the arrest and while already been handcuffed the arresting police officer felt that our son didn't fully cooperate and tripped one of his legs so he fell to the floor which resulted in cuts and bruises on his head, elbow and both knees. we are wondering if we have a personal injury / civil rights violation case due to police brutality. The police did their own investigation and there exists a video of the arrest. Also both my son and the police took pictures of the injuries.

Maricopa, AZ, 85304
I am a patient that came from Dr.Angelo Chirban and I need to know if I can file a malpractice suit against him.

Cuyahoga, OH, 44146
Was bitten by a dog on November 30th, 2010. At my friend Paula Glassmans house. I was bit on the bridge of my nose and right arm. Paula had homeowner's insurance but it excludes dog bites. The incident happened near Cape coral, Florida. Have severe scarring.

Cuyahoga, OH, 44146
Was bitten by a dog on November 30th, 2010. At my friend Paula Glassmans house. I was bit on the bridge of my nose and right arm. Paula had homeowner's insurance but it excludes dog bites. The incident happened near Cape coral, Florida. Have severe scarring.

Page, IA, 51601
exessive force causing injury

Fresno, CA, 93621
I fell at the imagine center in fresno and hurt myself. my feet ,neck and back

Escambia, FL, 32505

Escambia, FL, 32505

Sacramento, CA, 95693
I have had a Dow chemical implant removed along with half of one breast and have silicon left in my body

Sacramento, CA, 95693
I have had a Dow chemical implant removed along with half of one breast and have silicon left in my body

Harris, TX, 77373
On Sun Aug 28 I had an itinerary flying me from Corpus Christi, Tx to Kingston, Jam on American Airline. There were three legs (1) Corpus Christi to Dallas Fort-worth (2) Dallas Fort-worth to Miami, and (3) Miami to Kingston, Jam. On my second leg (DFW to MIA) there was a passenger sitting behind me that was carrying a laptop bed tray with a laptop on her lap. There was an off duty AA flight attendant sitting in her row. She informed the passenger that technically she was not allowed to carry any items in her lap. They both proceeded to look for open space in the overhead bins. Flight was full and space was limited. The attendant instructed the passenger to place the laptop on top of her personal carry-on. And then found room for the laptop bed tray in the overhead bin across the isle. I over heard the off duty attendant state that her flight to Hartford was cancelled due to Hurricane Irene and that AA was flying them to the destination where they were suppose to be working the following day. (Miami) Upon arrival someone opened the overhead bin and the laptop tumbled out hitting me on the top of my head, then hitting me on my left cheek bone and finally somersaulting off my left shoulder. The incident happened so quickly. I was unable to talk for a few minutes after the impact, my eyes began to tier up, and saliva was drooling from the right corner of my mouth. The flight attendant working in my area could not see what had occurred because many people were already standing in the aisle. After 45 seconds or so I hit the flight attendant call button so I could get some assistance. After about a minute the flight attendant that was on duty came to assist. She asked if I was okay and if she should call the paramedics - I noted my head gesturing "yes". I still could not speak at that point. I'm assuming it was the shock of the incident; all I could do is sit there holding the left side of my head. The attendant gave me a bag of ice as I awaited the arrival of the paramedics. Another attendant asked me if I would like to move closer to the front of the plane and I again knotted "yes". She grabbed my carry on and walked me to the middle of the aircraft where the passengers were disembarking. After a few minutes the paramedics arrived. I was still somewhat dazed and they asked me if I spoke English or Spanish and which time I knotted "yes". They said I needed to respond verbally at that point I said English and told them I was short of breath. They took my vitals and proceeded to place an ice compress on the side of my head and wrapped it with a bandage. They asked if I wanted to go to the hospital which I knotted my head "no" all that I wanted to know was I fit to board my final leg. They said they could not clear me to fly all they could do is check my vitals. They asked me to sign an on line form stating that I did not want to seek medical attention at a hospital. The AA flight attendant took down all my personal information along with the information of the passenger that owned the laptop and the off duty AA flight attendant that was sitting in the row behind me. They escorted me to the entrance door to the arriving gate. I then asked could they please provide me with some type of incident number in case I needed to reference the matter in the future. The gate attendant said she would contact a supervisor. I waited at the gate for approx 45 minutes before the supervisor arrived. He asked me a few questions about how my injury occurred and then provided me with the paramedic incident number and said I could also reference my airline confirmation code. The final leg of my flight was to leave within 45 minutes and my departing gate was approx. 30 gates down from where I was located. They called a courtesy cart to drive me to the gate. At that point I got in line and proceeded to board my flight.

Oklahoma, OK, 73107
I just moved to Oklahoma city last year. My ex husband and I have gone through some custody issues with my kids. In the process he has ran my credit and ran my motor veh Info without my consent through his AAA insurance. Also his girlfriend has accessed my medical records and given them to him as he has repeated things about a er visit that only the dr and I know. I was not even at the same hospital that she works at either. He has gone to my family and slandered me so much making them believe I am a psychopath. My only sibling won't talk to me because of this and my ex has convinced them that I can harm my parents. My ex also has don't the same to my parents as well which left us not talking for some time. We do now but my mother had asked why would I ever give him access to my medical records.. My ex husband is bi polar.. And has been since he was 13.. He's 44 now. His family has a long history of mental illness including his father and grand mother killing her husband and killing herself. I have just stayed quiet but this is getting so out of hand.. Do people known that the AAA employees can access and use there information for whatever they want? What about the health care system.. Not only has been done but used to hurt me and make my relationships with my family hard as well as many other areas. What can I do?

Bronx, NY, 10467
I had an accident at my job. A fork from a fork lift fall on my left foot making a fracture on my big toe joint.. I claim workers comp. And I didnt receive nothing on 5 weeks. I have a family of three , 11month daughter and my wife 7month pregnant with a high risk pregnancy, she cant work.. I brought her grandmother to help us and we have bad luck ,the next day she cought a infection on her hand needing emergency surgery with no insurance, call my job explaining my situation and they said I was supposed to receive a wkcomp check monday and for my suprise I call wkcomp and said I didnt even have a case number yet. Meanwhile my family and me are been suffering from pain and financial hardship ..

Saint Marys, MD, 20622

Jefferson, LA, 70072
The approx. six yearago (this is an estimate date of 1999) An attornet took our case against B.W.Coopere projects for possible lkead and other hazared materials iunthe project. The walls would sweat a lot. I don't knpw the outcome of that case. My mother's name is mable. she is decease now . athe complicatiopns of her death included the diagnosis of asthma and COPD.

Rutherford, TN, 37128
I was a passenger in a MVA. I and my girlfriend both sustained injury. We were both taken to the ER and received treatment. I was hospitalized. I had sustained compression fractures of the vertebrae as well as severe bruising and continue to be under physician care post 8 weeks as chronic pain persists.

Gaston, NC, 28120
A company in the Chicago area is using my image (news interview - 2008) on their web page (not as a link) to promote their business. I do not work for this company, nor have I given them any permission to do this.. What can I do?

Starr, TX, 78582
This case begins in 2010, Dr. Jaime Tijmes from McAllen operated me and left me immobile for one year. I seeked other opinion and found Dr. Pechero, who did surgery in my leg and now I can walk and move it. I am seeking a compensation for the time I have not been at work, I lost my job due to not going. He did surgery not once but twice and neither worked. On or about the beginning of July, Dr. tijmes called me to his office because he wantwd to make a deal, to settle out of court. I requested this in writing and his Administrative assistant Cindy denied this. I want on a daily nasis to his office and all I got was tomorrow tomorrow and tomorrow. This Dr. has repeatedly done malpractice and been negligent I am seeking the money paid back to Medicaid since they paid both of my surgeries and I am seeking something to secure his wrongdoings.

Wake, NC, 27609
Dog bit me as i was walking on the side walk

Wake, NC, 27609
Dog bit me as i was walking on the side walk

Wright, MN, 55362
Fractured femur 10/17/10 involved surgery installing plate and screws. Then, 7/13/11 x-ray showed plate broke in half and required surgery again. Repeat of recovery, loss work, PT, more medical bills, etc.

Washington, PA, 15022
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Harford, MD, 21050
i fell getting off of plane,at bwi airport on 7/2/11,and broke my toe. do i have a case

Linn, OR, 97321
while taking my debris cart to the curb, I hit a spot on my driveway that a root has pushed up and the cart fell on top of me breaking my lower back. I live in a rental house and I feel the landlords homeowners insurance should pay for this accident. I was in the hospital for 4 days, wore a back brace and had to go to physical therapy. I was off work for about a month. This happened about a year ago so I need to get going on this.

Sumter, FL, 33513
after taking a perscribed medication, my daughter committed suicide

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