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Lake, IN, 46403
i was rear-ended by a man on drugs and have a head injury. i have a hearing date for 1-30-12 and need a lawyer

Anne Arundel, MD, 21061
On may 25th 2010 I was at work doing my normal duties went to lift a trash can and hurt my lower back found out I had a lumbar sprain went back to work on light duty september 2010 I worked light duty until july 2011 then I was forced to file for disabilty retirement and I was denied I appeal my case now need some help they are giving me a hard time

Pierce, WA, 98375
I incurred a job related injury to my right shoulder on 1/27/11,I had to have roator-cuff surgery on 3/04/11-the injury was due to a mis-matched truck-trailer combo. to a local warehouse .

Pierce, WA, 98375
I incurred a job related injury to my right shoulder on 1/27/11,I had to have roator-cuff surgery on 3/04/11-the injury was due to a mis-matched truck-trailer combo. to a local warehouse .

Parker, TX, 76087
Food poison

Delta, CO, 81416
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Pierce, WA, 98375
wrongful job related injury,was assigned wrong equipment to do a real heavy unload at a loca warehouse. Iwas driving a truck-trailer combo.

Clinton, PA, 16822
I was mis-represented and my attorney beause he did not file an appeal on time which caused me to lose my compensation, plus I did go back to the light duty job that was offered to me and worked from June of 1996 until Feb. of 1997, which at that time I went on full social security disability, but for some reason they did not have that information at the hearing I attended. I have been trying for 15 years to get this settled and I don't understand with all the proof and doumentation I have why it is not settled. I am pleading with someone to please help me, my husband was just diagnosed with cancer and will be going in the hospital in Pittsburgh to have it removed an we will be in great financial distress for months. I just want what I have coming to me, I have to live like this for the rest of my life and am possibly looking at more surgery due to the amount of pain I am in from from this injury, my life was changed dramactially because of this, I use to be an active person and now can't do anything and I am also trying to raise my grandchildren since the death of my daughter in 2009. The house we live in is in desperate need of repairs and our quality of life is very depressing. I am on medication for everything I have went through and have to pay all my own medical bills. I have not heard anything from the attorney I had for almost 2 years and as far as I am concerned he is fired, cause all he has done is drag this out way too long and I am wondering why!! I had five witnesses when this happened and I'm sure they would still stand behind me. Thank You so much to whomever may get this and would help me get it over with finally.

Hillsborough, FL, 33559
I was at a red light coming off I275, and was rear ended. I am also 27 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend and 2 year old daughter were in the car.

Waupaca, WI, 54981
Had a bio-met total knee replacement in Oct,2009. I have had trouble with it from the begining and now I need the knee cap and maybe all of it replaced because it is loose. My surgery is going to be on the 16th of Jan. 2012

New York, NY, 10028
Several, basic theme of placing severe duress and extreme harm, recklessness towards my life and well being, has caused severe financial as well as emotional suffering. Located in NYC.

Spartanburg, SC, 29301
Hurt on job in 06 used workers comp that day but not since I have been paying out of pocket can I do anything or,has,it been to long

Polk, TX, 77351
i was in a accident in a company truck today and im hurt and dont know what to do

Polk, TX, 77351
i got into a reck in a company truck and got my foot neck and back hurt and wasnt sure what my rights.

Cowlitz, WA, 98632
I was at a friend of the family's house. He has parkinsons. He was stuck in the bathroom and couldnt get up, so i proceeded to help him up and slipped very hard my knee cap hitting the tiles floor. His homeowners was turned in and they found that he was not personally liable for me falling. The orthopedist says i need surgery and i dont believe they will pay for it. His medical coverage on his policy only covers 1ooo dollars. I need to have this surgery, and he was at fault, he couldnt get up without my help, is there any way you can help me.

Cabarrus, NC, 28081
A few hours after having a mastectomy I fell in the hospital with a care partner right beside me. This caused extended stay at hospital and further complications with mastectomy site.

Volusia, FL, 32725
While in the Republic of Panama I fell and broke my femur. At the Hospital Chiriqui they repaired using a TFN Synthes nail. All was well until 4 weeks later the nail broke in two at the screw entry point. After a second surgery to repair again within 2 weeks I came down with MRSA. Returning to Florida to deal with the infection, now 3 more surgeries later, and rehab center duration, I am now leaving rehab 11/4, but continuing with IV antibiotics and barely walking. My reasoning with all this...if the initial Synthes nail had NOT broken...none of this would have happened. Can you help? If not, Why?

Tarrant, TX, 76063
My son is a student of 3rd Grade. He is a special care needed child because he cannot walk alone due to his cerebral palsy. He walks at school under direct supervision of a special care giver and with a walker He recently got a new walker and he was complaining of that. Yesterday he fell face down on concrete floor from walker. He reported is difficulty of walking with this walker in the last 3-4 days. He got the new walker last week. During the fall his attendant was with him but could not prevent him from falling. He lost 1 tooth permanently and two teeth broken. School called me and I took him to Dentist. With bleeding continuing school did not send him to hospital rather waited until I arrive there which took more than hour. My concerns are: (1) Use of unsafe equipment-in this case walker for which oral complaint has been raised (2) Negligent supervision, by law school district has provided a dedicated attendant just because he can only do limited walk with the help of walker. The attendant failed to prevent the fall for which for which she has been appointed. (3) Not sending to hospital, waited too long with serious sustained injuries.

Nassau, NY, 11758
During my visit at Aquatica, I triped and fall on the ground and broke my hipp. I had surgery at Celebration Hospital in July 2010

Volusia, FL, 32725
While in the Republic of Panama, I fell on 6/30/11 and broke my femur. The Orthopedic doctor in Panama repaired my leg with a TFN Synthes nail. Recovering very well, a month later the nail broke inside the femur and had to undergo a 2nd surgery...2 weeks later came down with MRSA and return to Florida where the hardware was removed with 3 more surgeries and currently recovering in a rehab center. If the Synthes nail had not broken, none of this would have happened. Now looking at further surgeries to correct the leg in the future. Is there a product liability situation here?

El Paso, TX, 79835
I Injured at Work will Bringing Some Boxes Down, and suddenly i fell From a later, I injured My Back

Lake, IN, 46403
i was rear-ended by a man on drugs and have a head injury. i have a trial date for 12-12-11

Los Angeles, CA, 91316
I’ve got a premise liability case and need surgery. The lawyer I have just told me he has to drop me and several clients because of his heavy workload and that he cannot at this time hire on any new staff or expand. My case is a large one. Also, my first meeting was with his paralegal who signed me up, the lawyer just came in and said hello.

Marion, IN, 46237
I have put in a total of about 6 work orders in the last year and a half 4 a leak coming through my ceiling from the apartment above . maintenance just keeps covering it up . in that timeframe have noticed health problems . 2 weeks ago the ceiling came down when I was home . I was able to look in the hole before they covered it up .I noticed a lot of black mold and took pictures of it .I took the pictures down to management . I showed the pictures to the manager to make sure of proper removal also informing her that they were causing health problems with me and my son . maintenance came out and put a big fan on moldy area for 3 days and then covered it with drywall . and since the fan the health problems have got worse .now I having severe respiratory dificulties .

Baltimore city, MD, 21212
I have newbie complaining to my landlord about the mildew in the basements in attic since, daughter and son who both have asthma have continued to have asthma attics due to this the lanlord won't fix anything..I even had a inspect come out and he gave him 30 days nothing we also have sewage exposure from a bathroom we did not know exist behind the molded wall I'm fed up with their negligence plz help

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