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Autauga, AL, 90784
I am checking up on a Lawsuit filed against the Amoco Oil Co's by the Jarreau Family from New Roads in the Pointe Coupee Parish? Did you handle that case?

San Diego, CA, 91977
This case is my son's, he has asked me to try and find a personal inj. atty. He was arrested and jailed by his P.O. On or about the 2nd or 3rd day, He feel from the third tier of bunk beds onto the concrete floor, breaking his back, his L-2 vertebrete burst causing sharp pieces of bones to be placed near the spinal cord. He had surgery to find and remove these pieces. They also fused the lower vertebretes together. He has over 50 staples in his back to close the surgical wound. Further prognosis unknown at this point. Held in Trauma unit for approx 4-5 days, spent another 4-5 days hospitalized. Is now in central jail medical ward. He would like an atty. to contact him to discuss any form of action he may be able to take.

Anchorage, AK, 99507
Hi, I am a Diabetes and I started having weakness in my left arm in September 2011. I went to the VA to make an appointment, after seeing my doctor she sent me to have X-rays taken; nothing showed up on the X-rays. They found out diabetes was causing my weakness in my left arm, and November I had a MRI done; and in December the results was I had a torn tendon in my left shoulder, they want to operate but they want to take more test; so they postponed the operation. my next test is on the 20th of April. Workers Compensation denied my claim because the VA did not provide detailed information to Workers Compensation. I have used up all sick and annual leave, I am in a leave with out pay status at present.

Rockcastle, KY, 40456
i burnt my hand on 300 degree water and coffee grounds. Burnt my left hand and its the hand i normally use. Since i've donit there been 3 other girls who've burnt their hand the same way as i have.all within the past three months. One of the girls there wasnt even an accident report made on her until she asked a manager to do it two days later.

Orange, CA, 92628
I was exposed to the hepatitis c virus through a blood transfusion at a major hospital in southern calif -- I have recently gone through chemo ( Interferon therapy) because of such --I need legal help in obtaining a lawsuit against this hospital

Hernando, FL, 34608
My rent has toxic mold, I am allergic to mold got very sick ( 8 weeks now) three times in ER just out of ER after five days, needed blood transfusion. I have renters insurance and a lease, staying at the Motel looking for new place to rent.

San Bernardino, CA, 92307
I found a link to this website which brought up a case called Bonati v. Allen in which a Dr Anthony Mork basically did the same thing to me as was done in that case. He did surgery on me twice without result and I had to go to another Surgeon to get a disk removed from my spinal cord. I now have permanent paralysis to my abdominal muscles and permanent pain. Dr Anthony Mork it seems has a history of doing this to his patients. I feel I have a very strong case against him. I have three sets of MRI's which show that he did surgery on me and did nothing, he did a second surgery and I remained with a Disk crushing my spinal cord at T-12, L-1, I then went to Chapman Spine Center and had the disk finally removed. The surgeon there said that due to the two failed surgeries performed by Dr. Mork, I had extensive scar tissue and that my outcome was not favorable. This Surgeon has caused me permanent damage. I need an Attorney to go after him for me.

Butler, OH, 45015
I tripped over a cardboard box that a worker was cutting up. It was on the floor in the walk way, I tripped so bad I almost fell. due to previous surgeries I can't afford a fall !

Los Angeles, CA, 90066
I am a noted author and Biomechanics/Ergonomics specialist with expertise in workstation injuries, productivity, sports, sports injuries, nutrition, asymptomatic health enhancement, and lifestyle.

Tangipahoa, LA, 70422
I work a diamon b constrution the women i work for treated me like shit made me pick up cans for her so she can get the money and me and the other guy that works with is my best friend he was on the back of the trailer picking up cones of the side of the enter state and she was doing about 50 mph and my friend slipped and she druged him a mile down the enter state before she stoped and i quite work for her all because of the way she treats me nobody didnt get hurt but i still thing there should be something done about is because nobody sould have to go to work and be treated like crape and pick cans up so she can get the money for her selft

Clark, NV, 89110
had a emergency c section which was supposed to be a scheduled c section the week before but when I arrived to the hospital on febuary 28th I was told the doctor could not do the surgery as planed thus he said it was to soon and that I was not dilated or in labor I was also told that there was a change in plans when the nurse decided to tell the doctor I wanted to have a natural birth which was incorrert following this I was told that if I did not go into labor then to come in on the 6th of MARCH the day after my due date to have the c section performed even thought I was 41 weeks pregnant and it was already told to me the I would not have to go into labor thus it would be dangerous to me and my child and would also cause complications on MARCH 4TH i arrived at the hospital in labor the c section was performed i was told everything was ok (hours later i developed pph) which could have been prevented and controlled once discovered but was not after the doctor failed to control the pph he also told me i had urine atony then he told me I had fluid leaking in my blood but didn't say how it happened I was told 3 different stories non of which makes sence to me I then had to wait 40 mins for the doctor to come back to the hospital when he arrived he told me I would have my uterus removed in which i feel was unecessary and no other treatment was done to try and stop the bleeding they (nurses) just kept on pressing on my stomach this could have been prevented through other methods of care after all was said in done the doctor came to the ICSU and said to me it could have been prevented if he had done the surgery the week prior

Cannon, TN, 37190
A machine failed to stop at Nissan resulting in bodily injury.I have a workman's comp attorney but would also like Nissan to be held responsible for their machine failure

Harford, MD, 21040
My son and this kid were playing around and he shot m son with a high power bb rifle my son wound up in schock trauma. I want to know if I have a case for his medical bills that my insurance won't cover

Blanco, TX, 78606
My wife passed on 10/2011 from small cell lung cancer. She passed in Vermont and death certificate states cause as tobacco use. She was a Texas resident.

Jefferson, AR, 71603
i am in pain all the time.the Dr have ben in my knee 3 time becouse the bolt came off.

Los Angeles, CA, 91311
looking for personal injury lawyers in minnesota

Orange, CA, 92648
I believe my mother suffered bodily injury which subsequently lead to her death as a result of exposure to chemicals found in the ground water near the BPOU Superfund site. My mother worked and lived on the site for 22 years. I would like to know if I have a case.

Morgan, AL, 35673
rear ended by car rd

Carroll, TN, 38344
IN the past few years my back has deteriated to a crippling point. I have worked for American Ordanance for 7 yrs. I have sought medical attention for 3.5 yrs now.Tried nerve blover time blocks and numerous other treatments. I fear this is going to continue to worsen . I can not imagine it getting worse. The dr. has informed that my condition can not improve but infact will continue to degenerate. I need help. I work in a factor that makes ammunitions for the United States Federal Government.

Westchester, NY, 10704
An inmate was attacked by another inamte and/or a prison guard. Details are not available yet because inmate is still in the hospital with a broken orbital socket and in need or sergury. He is being denied phone calls

Rockingham, NH, 03038

Benton, WA, 99337
well i sliped and fell resalting in two herniated discs in my neck. there was an addmitence of lieability.I lost my ability to walk, the use of my right side , and knumbness from my stomake down .as my moter skills left so did my balence,and i fell 3 to 4 more times.This all happend in benton co. jail while i was a trustee in the M.R.T. program i was serveing breakfast,i was whairing there trusty shoes , and the carts at all meals have exsessive water on them.I also want to sue them for med. mallpractice.denieing me the proper care ,and giveing me i-beprophin 600 and naproxen at the same time .would not give me any of my med. records so i could get a ferlow to go see my i wrote my neralogist and my p.c.p. and rejested my file . i never receaved them ,and come to find out that they did send them .as a matter of fact the main man at la clinica sent it to/for neralogist Dr. Ograddy.was in diss beleaf, and angry when i told him how i was treated and denighed the propper help.and i did have a priore injury an d they where well awair of my priore med. history. i was nevergiven the rejired trustee physical.i can write 5 or 6 pages on these matters .I'm permenitly dissabled with un repairable nerve damedge,loss of feeling, and moter pritty mutch bed ridden.So i hope you can help me !!!!!!!! Thank you!

Washoe, NV, 89704
My stress level recently went through the ceiling! My husband had to take 2 trips to the ER recently due to a bloody nose that wouldn't stop bleeding. Both times, they cauterized his nose. On the 2nd visit, I was told I needed to take him to an ENT and to have him checked for cancer. This pretty much put me over the edge. I contacted the office of my ENT. He was checked. The doctor said there was NO reason for this person to mention cancer...there's nothing there to be cancerous. He also checked the areas cauterized...they missed the bleeder by 1/2 in both times. Is there anything that can be done?

Walla Walla, WA, 99362
Seeking work/experience as legal nurse consultant. Possess 30 years of nursing experience, BSN, legal nurse consultant certification.

Sublette, WY, 82941
I fell off an excavator near Williston, North Dakota. One month later I am still waiting on Workforce Insurance to make a decision as to what they are going to do. I did injure the same shoulder 7 years earlier and had it fixed with surgery. I am not getting any response from the insurance other than it is pending.

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