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Orange, CA, 92869
I was taking a shower I was going tosit on the wsho3wer chair wthge 2 rubber sol on the chair came off ande i slide back the fell under me and i hurt my back 3 inches wide 4 inches hifh on the ledt side on my back i will call tye c9mpny on 9/24/2012 yo get a new chair went to chapman hospital dr prescribed vicadon and to call my dr. for a appt

Litchfield, CT, 06759
i was recently diagnosed with hepatic adenomas i have 2 lrg ones and a small one. they say i need to have a liver resection and that these are caused from my prolonged use of bcp's . im 42 and have been on bcp's since i was 21 in 2005 i was diagnosed with ms and put on avenox which can also cause liver problems. not one dr put the 2 together and thought i shouldn't be on bcp's until i went to my new ob in aug and he immed took me off stating i had too many risk factors. now i have to under go a painful surg that is going to change my life. i could loose my gall bladder im going to be weak and out of work while my liver regenerates with limited income coming in. i feel the dr's were neglegent by not picking this up sooner. this was found incidentally while getting tests for my ms. i hope you can help

Fulton, GA, 30303
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Shelby, TN, 38127
fail in a pot hole at work mess my knee up employer had surgery done on my knee now im in so much pain plz call

Door, WI, 54235
I have an extensive informational package regarding being injuried by the WI DOC which left me crippled. I have been advised by everyone from my doctors to the SSI/disability admin to seek suit. I had a career as a shipbuilder w/annual package over $50.000 before going into custody, came out crippled and on disabilty. who can help me?

Riverside, CA, 92223
Injured 3/8/2006, resulting in back surgery , botched hand surgey , Doctors even got in an altercation . Leaving diabled multiple problems, even though insurance company was court ordered to pay bills in 2010, they still efuse, Keenan's atty & my work comp atty were friends. Was told i had to settle otherwise I would get nothing and medical care was not an option. When I asked atty why , was told laws are changing and he just tells clients he will do those things to make them feel good? Have Witness, Bullied into settling . Need both shoulders replace, skin scarrin & multiple bouts of staph infections contracted in hospital, jaw dilocated during surgery, discs out in neck and back , neuropathy and nerve damage ? Yet I medical is not n option ? Not to mention ruined credit .

Angelina, TX, 75949
I work on 18 wheeler tires for a living in Lufkin, TX at Cook Tire. I was called out to Terra Renewal's yard in Lufkin for a service call. The job was to replace the 3 left rear tires on a tanker trailer that they were draining used cooking oil from. After I had removed the tires and rims from the trailer, the customer spilled a large amount of used oil onto the concrete directly in my work area. I stopped and notified the supervisor in charge that they had spilled the oil where I was working and was told "I guess you better be careful" and walked away. I was able to finish half of the job before my feet slipped out from under me and the tire and rim fell on top of me. I was able to get out from under it, take photots of the spill, and finish the job. I then reported that I had slipped and was in pain. I was told, "Damn... hate to hear that." He then walked away and ignored me. The accident happened on September 3, 2011 and I have been through 5 surgeries on my back from a completely blown disk in the L-5 of my spine. There has been nerve damage, loss of usage of my leg and back. I am still looking at the possibility of even more surgeries to come.

Coryell, TX, 76528
I started working for Gatesville ISD the first day of school, Aug.27,2012 as a sub in the cafeterial. I had been asked prior to that day by Sharon, who is the manager of the high school cafeteria to work in the high school cafeteria replacing a woman until she came back to work possibly in November. Her daughter was having open heart surgery. The first day was very busy. I basically had to work as I went. I had no training at all. The end of that day, I asked Sharon just what my duties were. She showed me two lists with my duties listed on them. I was, a runner, which meant I worked where needed. I did have designated jobs as well. The 28th, I went to work and was to replenish the line the students got their food from. I had to fill pears in little plastic containers, taco sauce, salads. They were stored in a cooler behind the line. I had gone from the cooler to the line several times going from the cooler directly to the right and straight to the line carrying what was needed to be refilled. The last trip I made, I had to go out from the cooler and to the right of the prep table and down to the line, I tripped on a black mat and fell. I hit my left cheek on the stainless steel pan I was carrying that was full of pears, and my right knee on the concrete. Actually, my whole body hit the concrete floor. I couldn't move. Sharon came to me and said those mats are suppose to be under the table. I had no idea. I had not been working at that table and didn't know they were suppose to be under the table. The mat was black and had holes in it and was very flemsy. The nurse took me to the hospital. After a few hours, they x-rayed my knee and saw that my knee cap is broken. They didn't xray my face. The Dr said I was fine. The nurse put a foam brace with velcro straps on my leg and said it would slide down. They gave me crutches and sent me home with pain medication. The Dr said I needed to get into an orthopedic surgeon. The next day, I went to Dr. Vo per Gail who hired me a the school. She made the appointment for me. She said that Dr is a workman comp Dr. My aunt went with me. The Dr told me they like to get people back to work soon and how did two weeks sound to me. I said I didn't know because I had no idea about the extent of my injuries and I can't drive. She said, "Oh, yes, you can't drive with a device". She said my face was fine. It is still bruised horribly, and hurts. I had a headache for four days. The Dr said they were working on a referral for me to an orthopedic Dr. in Temple which is around 30 miles from us. Her nurse tried another brace but it didn't work on my knee. The opening was too small and it hurt my knee cap. My leg is swollen and bruised not to mention hurts alot. I have a hard time sleeping even with pain meds. I have spoke to my employers insurance regarding workmans comp. her name is Karen. She said for me to let her know when I get an appoint with an ortho. Friday, the 31st, I called the clinic and asked about my referral. Stacy is the one I need to talk to, Carrie said. Stacy said I need to go to an occupational therapist first. I explained that I need to get my knee stabalized. She said did you tell Carrie, I said of course. I have told everyone. My quality of life has been turned upside down. My husband is on dialysis and has a hard time just getting around, we have a six year old. We adopted our Granddaughter. I don't want to have to deal with these people. Sharon, the manager I worked under didn't tell the truth on the inspection regarding the mats. She called me while I was still at the Er and told me she took all those mats out and threw them away. I asked her why. She kept saying she was so sorry this happened to me. Evidently, these mats were not the right ones that were suppose to be in that kitchen. I just am tired of getting the run around. They don't care anything at all about me. I don't trust them and am very concerned about my well being. I am 59 years old and am very concerned.

Indian River, FL, 32962
mini face lift. right side stitches opened half face opened. returned 3-4 times disfigured behind ears.

Amador, CA, 95642
I bus in was getting off the calaversas transit bus when i slipped on dirt on bus, and hurt my left ankle,turned out to be spranged ,but hurts real bad,have not been able to get around now for a week,went to emergency,at sutter hospital,here in iackson town where i reside,

Tangipahoa, LA, 70444
I believe that my family and I are victims in the Billieson v. City of New Orleans case.

Middlesex, MA, 02149
My 17yr old son was hit by a car while riding his bike. He didn't sustain serious injuries, just major road rash, cuts and bruises, a concussion, and neck and back pain. He needs to go to physical therapy for his neck and keeps geting headaches. He lost conciousness and had some amnesia when the accident occured. We don't have witnesses and he is foggy about exactly what happened, but he did start out in the crosswalk and he saw a car out of the corner f his eye and he swerved his bike to get out of the way, but he got hit anyway. From what we have been told he was tossed quite a distance into the air and hit the ground hard. We are not sure where to go and what to do (if anything) about the accident.

Callaway, MO, 65231
I have a stimulator installed in my thorasic spine due to severe pain. I had a spinal fusion performed and there were many complications. During the first surgery, plates were installed on the anterior, as well as spinal fusion and plates and a rod posterior. After a few days of severe sciatic nerve pain, it was determined that something may be rubbing the nerve. Another surgery was scheduled and this time there were several issues. The Dr. removed ALL of the posterior hardware, but in the post op consult only discussed removal of one screw that was rubbing the nerve. It was thought to be a faulty screw, and I asked to receive it. After the second day in the hospital, the PA told me that during surgery, one of the leads to my pain management system had been burnt. The Dr, did not discuss this until I asked him at which time he said yeah, it will either work or it won't. When I turned on my stimulator, I received a major shock in my right side. I immediately turned it off, and am now having another surgery to have the lead replaced. The post op report shows no evidence of the lead being burnt during surgery, in fact it states the wires were located and left in tact. I do not feel the Dr. has been up fron and honest throughout this process, and I am now incurring excessive axtra pain and surgeries due to failures in both the original surgery and the second surgery.

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Los Angeles, CA, 91331
sustained hand and arm damage, numbness, loss of sensation, involuntary hand movement due to zip tie restraints for a period of 5 hours.

Pierce, WA, 98405
my brother is in prison while working off grounds he was injured breaking his waist he has l&i involved but i dont think anyone has his best intrested in mind want to know if if he has has claim against prison for poor safely protection

Jefferson, KY, 40214

Orange, CA, 92649
Feb, 2012 I joined an HMO, called One Care, to have three abscessed teeth removed. Their Dental Plan, Liberty Dental has been negligent and has harmed me for the past 6 1/2 months. The first dental office failed (for 6 weeks) to send in the referral for a specialist to verify the need to pull 3 abscessed teeth. The same dental office failed / refused to give me anti-biotics or pain medication. Once I realized their referral negligence, I transferred dental offices. The wait continued, as did the pain. 4 months later, and I have had to go to the emergency hospital 4 times from abscessed tooth pain, And ... I just encountered a 2nd dental office blunder (this time, from a specialist, the oral surgeon) that also forgot ( for 6 weeks) to send the request to pull the 3 abscessed teeth. Once I found out, the dental office agreed to see me quickly, and submitted a referral to have the teeth pulled... But, the oral surgeon refused to give me any anti-biotics or pain medication, even though my mouth is still impacted and swollen and I was in the hospital 5 days ago for the teeth, swollen gums and pain. HOW can any dentist refuse to provide needed medication? I suppose, an inept one, who also "forgot, for 6 weeks, to send in a request to pull 3 teeth". And through it all, this dental group / HMO ( that I belong to) has been collecting their share of all these referrals and hospital ER visits, 35 X rays from 6 dentals for 3 teeth... all money billed and collected from our Federal Government. Our Health Care System is financially stressed and HMOs like this contribute to the problem of OVER-billing the government for excess, repetitious, UNnecessary and UNwarranted expenses, of referrals upon referrals. And this group has other members whose expenses are pumped up into beyond-excess. What should have been a $600 tooth extraction has cost the American taxpayers over $70,000 and the teeth have STILL not been pulled. Please ket me know if there is an attorney who is willing to go after the Liberty Dental Group, and their HMO, One Care, who have been negligently, and perhaps deliberately and fraudulently, bilking the American government.

New York, NY, 10007
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San Francisco, CA, 94114
returned from JFK to SFO. i live in the bottom flat of a tri level home in san francisco.I get home to find my key was not working on top lock. I knocked and rang door bell of owner /landlord upstairs no answer I phone him several times no answer. so I start to honk horn of guests car which is in drive way (330 am) some guy comes out and I ask him where Joel is I need help getting into my apt. he says Joel has not been here in 3 days and starts yelling at me for honking his horn. he gets in my face and I push him open handed in his face and he hits me in lip. I chase him down street and finally he quits running and I explain why I am upset and that I live down stairs and we shake hands and return to home. heh ups in his car and says good luck and takes off. I look up and see Joel staring out the window and I yell at him to let me in he ignores me. so since there are so many windows in front door I break the smallest cheapest window and then the cops arrive. they have been here so many times one of the cops new I lived at 517 Sanchez street and 519 Sanchez street was the owner Joel Elliot which has been 5150'd several times since January 2012. they tell Joel to relax and that I am just trying to get into my place . they leave and I pick a different window which made getting into my place possible. Joel is just starring out his window looking at me the whole time. he only had to let me walk thru to the back yard and I could of just opened the back patio door and I would of been in. Instead this time I am in a rush mainly for bathroom purposes and after I pull window curtain up and out of my way I slip and smack my jaw on window sill . causing a open mandable fracture. he has homeowners Insurance can I pursue a claim against him. there is much more to the story but that is a pretty good synopsis

Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
Hello, I was injured at Oakland Unified School District on 1025 Second Avenue last month when their only lift (for those who can't walk steps) dropped me and paramedics part way from first floor to ground floor. Please let me know if you may be interested in representing me or giving me referrals. My fibula is fractured, dislocated and my neck was sprained. An orthopedic specialist I saw last week said that the ankle may take 2-3 months to heal, and I have to stay off feet for now. I am immediately interested in seeing that the district does have safe access for those who can't walk stairs and need a lift, as the elevator does not go from outside street to the first floor inside. This seems a major violation of ADA and school policies. Please let me know what information you may need. Thank you.

Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
Hello, I was injured at Oakland Unified School District on 1025 Second Avenue last month when their only lift (for those who can't walk steps) dropped me and paramedics part way from first floor to ground floor. Please let me know if you may be interested in representing me or giving me referrals. My fibula is fractured, dislocated and my neck was sprained. An orthopedic specialist I saw last week said that the ankle may take 2-3 months to heal, and I have to stay off feet for now. I am immediately interested in seeing that the district does have safe access for those who can't walk stairs and need a lift, as the elevator does not go from outside street to the first floor inside. This seems a major violation of ADA and school policies. Please let me know what information you may need. Thank you

Los Angeles, CA, 91605
My aunt just got injured coming off a train. She was carrying her one year old baby and had several bags on her. She fell coming down from the trains stairs. Now she needs stitches and shes in the hospital. I was wondering how would I go about a lawsuit and if I have a chance. We got photos of the injury and I'm about to take some more photos of that specific train. If you can help me I would really appreciate it. Thank you

Eddy, NM, 88220
My 90 year old mother was coerced into signing a loan secruing her farm properties in Montana. The escrow officer refused to consider that there was a recorded document that my mother's signature was not valid with out mine.

San Juan, WA, 98250
1/12/12 was hurt lifting special needs child out of wheel chair. On first report document back, leg, arm was injured. I have been denied by L&I medical treatment. I have not received any medical until I went back to Illinois to be family and have had to put everything on my own personal insurance. I have three jobs that I enjoy and would really like to get back to. I support myself and I am losing over $2000 a month from L&I not treating me and holding up medical. The pain and body is falling apart.

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