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Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Cascade, MT, 59404
on ss from truck accident.would like to cash-in workers comp insurance,medical.

Dallas, TX, 75254
I'm preparing for a motion for a new trial in Dallas, Texas. My deadline is March 14, 2013. I have new evidence to toll the statute of limitations, including my psychiatrist's records, prescriptions and a compelling affidavit from a person with special knowledge. My case is based on Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code Section 81: Sexual Exploitation By A Mental Health Services Provider and using 81.009 to toll the statute of limitations. (1) What constitutes a properly sworn affidavit in Texas Courts? How do I correct existing affidavits that were submitted by my attorney and were said to be “unsworn and lacked a jurat”. (2) How are medical records used as evidence in a Texas civil case? Must they be sworn? If so, what constitutes properly sworn medical records? (3) How are text messages and history of phone calls (that are still on original phone) used as evidence in a Texas civil case? Must they be sworn? If so, what constitutes properly sworn text messages and records of phone calls. (4) If I file a motion for a new trial due to new evidence and the judge denies it for whatever reason, can I then include the new evidence in my appeal?

Multnomah, OR, 97205
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Santa Clara, CA, 95044
disability and police personal injury matter

Ventura, CA, 93034
Wrongful termination and discrimination against me after hurt afree working for Del Notre Recycling Regional Center through Labor Ready worked for 6 months.

Chemung, NY, 14904
Daughter has cp and I almost lost my life due to hospital and dr negligence

Cook, IL, 60612
I fell in a pothole andhurt my leg and knee

Stanislaus, CA, 95354
We have gone to court with our landlord over him evecting us for back rent he says we owe him and with out really understanding what are rights or responsabilities are we agreed with our landlord's lawyer and the judge to pay him 4,000 reduced from 6,000 and to be out on the 5th of March. Now we feel like we don't owe him anything because our house is infested with black mold wich is making my family and I sick, so we were thinking by agreeing to what our landlord's lawyer said we could get on with matters and sue our landlord for personal injury for the black mold. We have a note from one of our peditricians saying that our enviroment "house " could be what is causing our children's lung infections, and we have done a home test for stach,aspg, and penicilium wich all came out positive so we hired a mold inspector our selves in hopes when we decide to sue our landlord as well as take the results to the enviromental health, the city and who ever else we have to it will show that we are serious and that we need help. So we are looking for anyone that could possible help us in our situation, and would be very greatfull. Thank you.

St Joseph, IN, 46628
My car was rear ended by a semi. I just got out of the hospital for a back surgery.

Autauga, AL, 20772
In car accident the other party was at fault

Autauga, AL, 0044
Need to be discuss on injury claims.

Brown, WI, 54304
Not sure if this is a case but Hearst story. I would have to check dental records for the dates however when I was a small child I was eating cool ranch Doritos when a piece of one had been lodged on my gum. It was painful. My mother had taken me to our local family clinic dentist shortly after the complaints. The chip had created an abcess took im which had to be pulled and I had to wear a spacer for two years. It had done nerve damage and I'm not sure but I have had nothing but problems with the same side if my mouth since (route canals etc..)

Riverside, CA, 92571
My daughter slipped and fell from water being on the floor at a resturant. The bartender dropped ice on the floor and kicked it out(he did not look in our direction). I fell forward in 4 in high heels and tried to break my fall with my hands. I have sustained strained/sprain knees, swollen feet, a brusied wrist, and bot wrist are sore. I have been treated and the doctor has provided me with knee braceses, hand splints, and medication.

Spartanburg, SC, 29334
Diagnosed with Hepatitis C. Had blood transfusions prior to 1975 in Houston TX, then in Charleston SC. Do I have a case?

Jefferson, IN, 47224
Aspiration of feces to lungs, symptoms ignored, resulting in wife being placed on life support for 7 weeks. Seperate incident doctor did not follow protocol for weening off of ventilator.

Tulare, CA, 93292
tripped on hard rubber mat at Tachi casino yesterday i caught my self thought i was ok but i'm not. 2 total knee replacements go this am to make a report. is there anything else i need to do

Los Angeles, CA, 90212
I loaned my ex" some money when we were dating to be exact in 2011.The loan was to be paid back in one year i.e by 2012, he has not paid yet. I have put my best contacting him to get my money back from him,but he always promise to pay but has not done so yet.i need a lawyer to help file legal charges against him and help me recover my money back.i hope your firm can be of help in assisting me.thanks

Palm Beach, FL, 33461
was tboned in a car accident - i received 0 tickets - other driver received 3 citations and 4 that went to state attorney - problem is the driver that hit me insurance company is Ocean Harbor Casualty Insurance - I have several bulging discs in neck and lower back plus a herniated disc in my neck caused by accident - anyone interested in at least talking to me?

Sedgwick, KS, 67213
I'm 8 months pregnant and tripped and fell in the parking lot at dillons. I went straight to wesley hospital where i found out I sprained my ankle and was having contractions. I was on monitors for 4 hrs.

Maricopa, AZ, 85037
In December 2012 I was victim to an assault in my home, after being seen in ER I was transported to banner behavioral health Scottsdale to be treated for PTSD. During my stay I had a male patient come into my room at night to make asexual advance towards me, I contacted staff immediately, this is after I had already made repeated reports that his intentions were making me feel uncomfortable. Staff was finally able to remove the patient with a fight from my room. I was left terrified and uncomfortable, after expressing my feelings to staff he said he would lock me in my room which would leave me unable to leave. These are separate rooms outside not a normal hospital floor.

Chittenden, VT, 05446
Work for UPS and was hit by falling ice yesterday. Injury to head, neck and shoulder. Check up at clinic proved no concussion, but today neck is sore, slight headache, but shoulder is extremely sore. Too early to know what the long-term will be with my injuries. Incident location is back door of Guess at the Essex Outlet. Was standing at back door to make delivery to Guess when ice slid off the room and hit me - glanced off my head/face and impacted my right shoulder, breaking the ice apart upon impact, but several good sized chunks remained which the Guess Manager, Outlet Security, and my UPS Building Manager personal saw. There are "NO" ice guards in place on any of the roofs at the Essex Outlet.

Du Page, IL, 60559
please just call.I have a case my mom severly injured,in and out of hospital

Honolulu, HI, 96816
My sister fell and broke her foot after leaving a poorly lit area at a Chilly's restaurant in Honolulu

Allegany, NY, 14727
i was manipulated into taking a shot of prolixin the dr said it would help panic attacks it isnt even for panic attacks it made me look about 65 years the facial damage is devistating dont even look like me also have developed tardive dyskinsia they wont tell me where they got the script filled or give me that specific medical record of that shot the area all around my eyes is destroyed and mty skin iasnt even the same

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