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Honolulu, HI, 96816
My sister fell and broke her foot after leaving a poorly lit area at a Chilly's restaurant in Honolulu

Allegany, NY, 14727
i was manipulated into taking a shot of prolixin the dr said it would help panic attacks it isnt even for panic attacks it made me look about 65 years the facial damage is devistating dont even look like me also have developed tardive dyskinsia they wont tell me where they got the script filled or give me that specific medical record of that shot the area all around my eyes is destroyed and mty skin iasnt even the same

Clarion, PA, 16232
I had a abdominal hernia repaired in Sept. 2009 with SepraMesh. I have to undergo surgery to repair the same hernia which was repaired with SepraMesh. The surgeon has to remove SepraMesh and repair the hernia. There are cases of mesh failure. Would this qualify?

Mercer, NJ, 08540
Injured while in police custody. Despite handicap police compelled me to perform physical tasks that were impossible for me to accomplish. I was in police in custody for over 4 hours and denied access to an attorney. This incident resulted in serious physical injury to my spine and legs. Moreover due to injuries i have been unable to work while while in physical therapy and undergoing treatments and further assessments by physicians and surgeons. I also developed serious sepsis infections and celulitis that had to be eliminated before surgery could be done. I have suffered great pain, serious physical injuries, emotional trauma, police bullying and financial losses from this incident.

Aitkin, MN, 55760

Clark, NV, 89119
I have been taking compazine for over 30 years for irritable bowel syndrome. I have been diagnosed with tardive dyskinesia. I have side effects such as lip smacking, my tongue sticks out a little, slurred speech, raspy voice, and involuntary movements inmy arms and legs. I was talking to my lead supervisor on the telephone and she said I was making lip smacking sounds. Also I was talking to my supervisor about a problem I was having and he told me to repeat it again because he didn't understand what I was saying. I gave this case to two different lawyers and they both declined the case. I would appreciate any consideration yougive this matter. Thank You

Saint Charles, LA, 70030
This guy was shot at the door to his house 3 times. He thinks the shooter was employed by a politician who was working for BP in the LA oil spill as a contractor and shot him because he was bad mouthing him. He thinks police will determine who shot him soon, after waiting for 1.5 years. He wants to protect his statute of limitation by filing something to toll the statute.

Mohave, AZ, 86445
i was attending my nephews basketball game at the school and remarked that another player was a ball hog when an individual who i later learned was the assistant coach jumped up from a bench and confronted me as i turned to confront this person another exited the gym who turned out to be the assistant coachs father as well as the players father , this person then threatened to assault me as i was facing this individual the assistant coach who also teaches at the school blindsided me with a violent push from the right side this has further aggravated an existing spinal injury that occured 20 years ago and was rated at a 13% permanent partial disability as well as causing additional injury which has caused great pain and prevented any type of rest as well as a great deal of pain which i am now suffering with, upon consulting with a phsycian it was recommended that i have a cat scan as well as an mri which i am unable to afford, i am 55 years old and a union carpenter in the las vegas area and presently unemployed

Lawrence, OH, 45638
I am writing for my father. His urologist failed to give him an antibiotic for a urinary tract infection. He became septic and spent 2 weeks in the hospital and then 15 days in a nursing facility. I have all the records, there are notes stating that he should have had an antibiotic

Harris, TX, 77092
On 11.02.12 i was ask by Sgt Pulska to retrieve a pipe tractor # 4015 John Deer . I went to the farm shop and ask inmate Philip Biquet help me located it because he would know exactly where to find it . When the tractor was located . Inmate Phillip Biquet sat on the back and started it up going forward the tractor it a small bump in the road and the roof of tractor which weighs between 60 to 80 pounds of steel came crashing down on my head ( over head canapy ) , pinning me to the steering wheel . I couldn't free myself . Inmate Phillip finally realize what had happen and then push the steel off me .

Sacramento, CA, 95823
I walking down the street and I fell into a sewer hole and cut my leg open and soon after cleaning it for a while I start not being able to walk on it I had to go to the hospital the doctor looked at it said it is swollen and red and if I would of never came to the hospital and been treated correctly it could have been worse there they gave me

Alameda, CA, 94501
SUV vs. Bike . taken to hospital with ribb fracture internal bleeding and other injurys . when they determand bleeding had stopped I was released. Driver was cited for useing hand held cell phone. I got atterny who has still done nothing insurence company offer was $2000.00 . the ambulence was $1700.00 . I lost my health Insurence not being able to work as much . I am still having problems with back,hip and sholder . Accident happened Nov 6, 2011 . I am finationally drained .

Marshall, IL, 61377
My sons father passed away a year ago. I just received a copy of death certificate. It was accidental, lethal dose of doxepin.

Cuyahoga, OH, 44113
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Lancaster, PA, 17552
On May 29,2012 the wound specialist discovered infection in abdomen which needed immediate surgery on Aug.22,2012. Hernia repair and removal of all abdominal sepramesh. Doctor cleaned all organs and used stratus[like pig-skin] to build up wall in abdomen. The discovery of the infection was from previous surgery on Nov.5,2010

Switzerland, IN, 47038
I was in prison for DUI,while there a faulty window fell on my finger I had to have surgery to fix the bone and repair the finger.

Los Angeles, CA, 93551
I received ECT treatments in both early 2011 and 2012. The ones in 2011 went fine, but since the 2012 ones my functional capacities have highly diminished, and sometimes I can't even remember what I did this morning. Memory loss was supposed to range from about 2 weeks prior to about 3 weeks after the procedure. At this point it appears permanent and I am now on federal disability for the Major Depressive Disorder that it was supposed to cure.

Los Angeles, CA, 93551
I received ECT treatments in both early 2011 and 2012. The ones in 2011 went fine, but since the 2012 ones my functional capacities have highly diminished, and sometimes I can't even remember what I did this morning. Memory loss was supposed to range from about 2 weeks prior to about 3 weeks after the procedure. At this point it appears permanent and I am now on federal disability for the Major Depressive Disorder that it was supposed to cure.

Union, NJ, 07083
cilvil rights under dv, proff he vilotion in fro, cops wont arresset, gun, nobody will do anything judge threaned me to send me to jail for 15 yr old daughter that wont visit with him, judge said cops dont have a right to do anything, he will kill me, 4 th dwi, he phycaly damaged me

Autauga, AL, 45525

Los Angeles, CA, 90069
i was poisoned by a bug and a neon sign i need my zyprexa but my doctor is out of town

Loudoun, VA, 20147
when i was stop my car and waiting for the green light on the traffic siganl.One woman hit to my car from the back.In the result of that accident i become disabled permanently since that day.Accident occurred on the November 18th,2010 near the DMV Sterling,Virginia.My spinal cord have been damaged,lumber 2,3, have been displaced.i have the fracture on the right feet lower the limb.My two back vains for the circulation of the blood are blocked.I am permanent disabled and waalk with the supporting of a stick since that day.Seven to eight months i was totally paralized and after a long treatment now i can walk very difficultly with the supporting stick.

Loudoun, VA, 20147
I got accident on the november 18th,2010.In the result of that accident my spinal cord (back bone) damaged and my lumber 2,3 are displaced.The swelling is still there.I am become disabled since that day.Now i want to sue the who hit my car from the back side.When i was waiting for the green signal near the sterling DMV Virginia.

Loudoun, VA, 20147
I got accident on the november 18th,2010.My spinal cord( babk bone) damage and lumber 2,3,displaced.I have fracture on the right feet lower the limb.

King, WA, 98032
I was injured in my apt complex which resulted in chronic achilles tendon rupture. I was involved in an incident in which I was areested and taken to jail. I asked police for help, i asked the jail for help and was told to walk on my injury. When i got released from jail, i went to urgent care, and was told to walk on injury without them taking xrays. Got more swollen and extremely painful , went to emergency room and they did xrays and gave me a boot. Went home, started having chest pains, went back to ER, they did testing and found a blood clot in my leg. Now I have to have surgery to try to repair achiles.

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