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Davidson, TN, 37207
Had 3 surgery's in a months time autory was cut and now have aphorism and have a possibility of another surgery and can not turn my head left or right and difficulty speaking

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Merced, CA, 93620
My mom and my dog were both attacked by our neighbors dog 3 times

Crawford, PA, 16335
I was walking home on 11/26/2012 through the city housing authority yard when a man came out from behind the buildings shed and he attempted to mug me , when i refused to give him my belongings I was stabbed through the arm and then the knife continued through my chest and into my lung and liver. Being only feet from my home I made it to my house where my roommate helped to slow the bleeding I was taken to Meadville medical center and then transferred to Hamot trauma unit by ambulance because no body would give me a chest tube in Meadville . the police believe they have the person that was my assailent but are not sure they tell me he is incarcerated in the state of indiana at this time.

Los Angeles, CA, 91387
I injured my right ankle during a 5:30 am cycling class on 3/25/13 at a 24-hour fitness center. It's my first time attending a gym. I've been going there for four weeks now. During class, I was never instructed how to really use the equipment. I feel that they should have a beginners cycling class's because every member is at a different level of fitness. Also, the instructor could have the ability of explaining how to use the bike. Although, I noticed that the instructor kept looking at my position and at the level of the bicycle height. I also believe that I was using the wrong shoes without being informed the type of shoes needed for that equipment.

Monmouth, NJ, 07747
auto accident

Pierce, WA, 98329
we have been renting a house that we descover mold in the attic the landlord did pay for it to be removed and leek fixed but then we found that there is mildow mold and ant droppings in a few of the walls in the master bath and closet my childer have been comlpaning that they dont feel good and hthere head hurts and dizzyness i would like to know what right we have

Autauga, AL, 20748
Hurt in car accident in sep 2010. Sue person responsible. Injury caused hearing loss, ringing in my ear, Tinittus. Documented. The case went to trial. Defendant admitted liability before end of case. Since liability was admitted, jury only had to determine damages. They never looked at the evidence, my medical bill or anything else. The jury came back with a three thousand dollar pain and suffering. This doesn't even cover the medical expenses that were accumulated after the accident. This is not fair. How can I resolve this? Can you help? The attornies that handled my case seem not wanting to appeal.

Bourbon, KY, 40361
I was in a car wreck on feb 9th where an elderly lady ran a red light and hit me on the drivers side front quarter panel. I hit my head on the window and had pulled muscles in my neck. I have already been contacted by the insurance company to settle. I just need to knwo what a fair settlement should be.

Tuolumne, CA, 95370
i was aclass a tow truck driver that was made to work overtime when i got injured.

Lake, IN, 46327
On Friday March 15th I attended a birthday party of one of my girlfriends at King of Diamonds Strip Club in Harvey, Illinois. At around 1 am I needed to get singles and walked towards the singles booth. As I did so I suddenly and violently twisted my ankle and fell. As I looked down I noticed that this tile floor was broken and cracked right were I twisted my ankle. I tried to sit it off for a minute before I left, considering maybe it was just sore for the minute. But I couldn't even stand, and even one of their security guards had to carry me to the car, with no paper work filled out or anything .Now I have worn then boots all year prior to the date of the injury, and have never been hurt. I am a hooters girl/bartender and cheerleading coach, and because of this injury, I may have to consider surgery for my ankle, because somehow it has not become realigned. Which means I will be out and so will my funds.

Tulsa, OK, 74127
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Cascade, MT, 59404
on ss from truck accident.would like to cash-in workers comp insurance,medical.

Dallas, TX, 75254
I'm preparing for a motion for a new trial in Dallas, Texas. My deadline is March 14, 2013. I have new evidence to toll the statute of limitations, including my psychiatrist's records, prescriptions and a compelling affidavit from a person with special knowledge. My case is based on Texas Civil Practices & Remedies Code Section 81: Sexual Exploitation By A Mental Health Services Provider and using 81.009 to toll the statute of limitations. (1) What constitutes a properly sworn affidavit in Texas Courts? How do I correct existing affidavits that were submitted by my attorney and were said to be “unsworn and lacked a jurat”. (2) How are medical records used as evidence in a Texas civil case? Must they be sworn? If so, what constitutes properly sworn medical records? (3) How are text messages and history of phone calls (that are still on original phone) used as evidence in a Texas civil case? Must they be sworn? If so, what constitutes properly sworn text messages and records of phone calls. (4) If I file a motion for a new trial due to new evidence and the judge denies it for whatever reason, can I then include the new evidence in my appeal?

Multnomah, OR, 97205
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Santa Clara, CA, 95044
disability and police personal injury matter

Ventura, CA, 93034
Wrongful termination and discrimination against me after hurt afree working for Del Notre Recycling Regional Center through Labor Ready worked for 6 months.

Chemung, NY, 14904
Daughter has cp and I almost lost my life due to hospital and dr negligence

Cook, IL, 60612
I fell in a pothole andhurt my leg and knee

Stanislaus, CA, 95354
We have gone to court with our landlord over him evecting us for back rent he says we owe him and with out really understanding what are rights or responsabilities are we agreed with our landlord's lawyer and the judge to pay him 4,000 reduced from 6,000 and to be out on the 5th of March. Now we feel like we don't owe him anything because our house is infested with black mold wich is making my family and I sick, so we were thinking by agreeing to what our landlord's lawyer said we could get on with matters and sue our landlord for personal injury for the black mold. We have a note from one of our peditricians saying that our enviroment "house " could be what is causing our children's lung infections, and we have done a home test for stach,aspg, and penicilium wich all came out positive so we hired a mold inspector our selves in hopes when we decide to sue our landlord as well as take the results to the enviromental health, the city and who ever else we have to it will show that we are serious and that we need help. So we are looking for anyone that could possible help us in our situation, and would be very greatfull. Thank you.

St Joseph, IN, 46628
My car was rear ended by a semi. I just got out of the hospital for a back surgery.

Autauga, AL, 20772
In car accident the other party was at fault

Autauga, AL, 0044
Need to be discuss on injury claims.

Brown, WI, 54304
Not sure if this is a case but Hearst story. I would have to check dental records for the dates however when I was a small child I was eating cool ranch Doritos when a piece of one had been lodged on my gum. It was painful. My mother had taken me to our local family clinic dentist shortly after the complaints. The chip had created an abcess took im which had to be pulled and I had to wear a spacer for two years. It had done nerve damage and I'm not sure but I have had nothing but problems with the same side if my mouth since (route canals etc..)

Riverside, CA, 92571
My daughter slipped and fell from water being on the floor at a resturant. The bartender dropped ice on the floor and kicked it out(he did not look in our direction). I fell forward in 4 in high heels and tried to break my fall with my hands. I have sustained strained/sprain knees, swollen feet, a brusied wrist, and bot wrist are sore. I have been treated and the doctor has provided me with knee braceses, hand splints, and medication.

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