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Holzer Edwards, Chtd
Kurt Holzer

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Boise ID 83702
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Holzer Edwards, Chtd

Please Call : (208) 386-9119

Injury claims are what we do. Our law firm limits its practice to representing people injured through others' negligence - "it's what we do." If you've been injured and you even think you have a case, we know the questions to ask, have the knowledge to assess a situation and find that needle in the haystack where other attorneys might have overlooked it. No matter where you are located in Idaho, including Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian, Idaho Falls, Twin Falls, Mountain Home, McCall, Coeur d'Alene, Rexburg, Bonners Ferry - it doesn't matter - call us to discuss your case.

Idaho Personal Injury Attorneys

Injured people can face life-changing physical injuries, severe pain, and emotional trauma, the extreme loss of a wrongful death or injuries that are real but less-devastating.

We are here to help you figure out the best way to deal with a claim or handle the insurance company.

After the initial emergency room trip, most people have no idea what comes next when dealing with a serious injury caused by someone else's negligence. And why should they? Most people don't have prior experience with catastrophic injuries and nobody teaches us how to deal with these issues in school or church.

Idaho personal injury attorneys are here to help you.

Our job is helping Idahoans receive fair compensation for their injuries. We are good at it and proud of that. We have helped people recover millions in jury verdicts and millions in out of court settlements that they deserved for the losses they incurred. From helping settle claims in a discussion with the insurance company to trials and appeals before our Supreme Court we have helped people move on after unfortunate injuries changed the course of their lives.

We offer free initial legal consultations.

Please contact us so that we can discuss the details of your case.

We want you to understand how to decide whether and when to make a claim, hire a lawyer or pursue a lawsuit. A lawsuit or a lawyer may not be needed or right for you — it's definitely not the right path for everyone.

Our services are based on No Recovery / No Fee agreements. Your consultation is free and you will owe nothing for your attorney fees unless you win a monetary recovery.

This allows us to represent everyone who comes to us with a strong case, regardless of their income or background.

We are experienced personal injury attorneys exclusively dedicated to protecting seriously injured Idaho people.

In our combined 40 years of practice, we've helped thousands of injured people recover the money they need to pay their medical bills, to support their families and to be fully compensated for their injuries.

At Holzer Edwards, Chartered we have dedicated our careers to helping injured people. It is our firm's reason for existing.

Our firm only handles cases on behalf of injured children, individuals and families who have been wrongfully injured. We do not and will not represent insurance companies, governmental organizations or large corporations.

Clients come to us with all types of serious injuries, from broken bones to chronic pain, brain damage, or the severe loss of a wrongful death.

We understand all too well how devastating injuries can be. With a serious injury, medical bills can easily add up to six figures, a sum that often bankrupts ordinary Americans. (In fact, one recent study found that medical bills are the most frequently cited cause of individual bankruptcy.) Hospitals and doctors hold the injured person responsible for paying those bills, which means victims and their families, can be financially crushed if an insurance company refuses to do its job.

We know a personal injury lawsuit cannot turn back the clock of time or undo an injury.

But good legal representation can help victims pay for the costs accidents cause, without devastating them financially as well. It can also compensate them for their injuries, physical pain and emotional suffering. In the best cases, it can even prevent the same accidents from happening to others, by penalizing bad guys and raising community awareness of the dangers.

Some people are uncomfortable with the thought of asking for money to compensate them for injuries. They believe — correctly — that no amount of money will reverse an injury or bring back a loved one. That's true, but unfortunately, science hasn't found a way to do those things. Instead, our civil justice system (and justice systems going all the way back to Biblical times) uses money as a way to penalize bad guys and make their victims whole, as much as possible. The money is for fixing the things that can be fixed, making better those things that can be made better and making up for what can't be fixed or made better. It is an imperfect system, but we do not believe anyone should be ashamed of using it for its intended purpose, especially if they are suffering financially because of the accident. We have yet to meet a single client who wouldn't give back all the money, in a heartbeat, if it could erase their injuries. No one is ever better off after an injury.

Can an Idaho personal injury attorney help YOU?

If we take your case, it means we think you have a valid claim, but no reputable lawyer will guarantee specific results. And even if you do get good results, it will probably not be quick. But we can promise that we will work hard to get you the best possible financial settlement or verdict — and we have a strong record of past successes that we would be proud to show you.

Practice Areas
Idaho Personal Injury Attorneys

We can help when you have been injured by someone else's negligence or recklessness for your and your loved ones safety. Our cases often involve: 18-wheeler crashes, animal attacks, auto collisions, bicycle impacts, inadequate security, defective products, dog bite injuries, head and brain injuries, dram shop liability, long term disability, wrongful death, insurance claims, motorcycles, nursing home abuse, severe adverse drug reactions, slip and fall, serious injuries, recreational vehicle injuries, vehicular homicide, and wrongful death.

Although our law office is located in Boise, Idaho, we handle cases throughout Idaho. Please contact us to discuss your case and we can go from there.

Please Call : (208) 386-9119

Idaho Injury Attorneys, Personal injury lawyers for Boise and beyond

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