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Cochran, Cherry, Givens, Smith, Sistrunk and Sams P.C.
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Cochran, Cherry, Givens, Smith,
Sistrunk and Sams P.C.

Please Call : 214-440-3902

Atlanta GA Personal Injury Attorneys

Justice Prevails—
This Time,
You Have the Advantage.

The Cochran Firm Atlanta has a simple mission.We bring together a diverse group of premiere attorneys to represent clients who have suffered severe or catastrophic personal injuries. Our partners are hand-picked by Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., and we are committed to continue his legacy and his passionate advocacy for the disadvantaged, the disenfranchised, and the downtrodden. The Cochran Firm Atlanta takes an energetic stance against the corporations, doctors or hospitals, and municipal factions that may be responsible for your injury. We are committed to representing clients who may not know how to begin aggressive litigation. Your origin and status are not liabilities at The Cochran Firm Atlanta—this time, you have the advantage.  

Recovery Starts with The Cochran Firm Atlanta

Some injuries will never be completely fixed. Wrongful deaths, amputations, permanent disabilities or emotional traumas—we can’t undo these things for you.  We can demand the entities responsible for your injuries are held accountable. Contact The Cochran Firm Atlanta to learn about how we address your catastrophic personal injury:


Wrongful death. At The Cochran Firm Atlanta, we believe in equal justice for all victims of serious personal injuries, wrongful deaths or catastrophic accidents.


Trucking accidents. Because these can be complex cases, you need an attorney who knows the tractor trailer accident laws. At The Cochran Firm Atlanta, not only do we represent all types of victims of car accidents, we also represent all victims involving truck and 18 wheeler accidents as well.


Auto and car accidents. After you have a better understanding of the auto accident litigation process and with an experienced Cochran auto accident lawyer in GA by your side, you will feel much more comfortable with your lawsuit.


Medical malpractice. Your medical malpractice lawsuit in Atlanta can be very complicated. We want to simplify the process so you understand each part of your medical malpractice claim. The Cochran Firm Atlanta knows what to research to determine who should be held responsible for your injury. Georgia provides that, in some instances, the hospital that employs the doctor or the doctor’s support staff can also be held responsible for the negligible act.


Police misconduct. The Cochran Firm Atlanta believes in equality—no one is above the law, especially the people who are tasked with using it to provide for the public safety through police misconduct

Nursing home neglect. The elderly deserve the affection and respect of society, but certain nursing homes neglect and mistreat elderly patients—they run their care facilities as though they think about nothing but profit.

Wrongful Death Attorneys in Atlanta

For Victims of Catastrophic Personal Injuries

The attorneys at The Cochran Firm Atlanta are committed to representing victims of serious personal injuries and wrongful deaths in Atlanta.  

We dedicate our careers to helping people who have been hurt by the negligence or wrongful acts of large companies or municipal powers, including the police.  

Our team is energetic and focused.  We take your story seriously and arrive in court prepared to fix your situation.  

We are proud advocates who strive to restore justice.  

Get to know the lawyers who continue Johnnie Cochran’s legacy:

Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. (1937-2005)

Personal Injury Attorney and Legal Legend

Johnnie Cochran became famous for his flamboyant courtroom style while representing high-profile clients, but he was proudest of his victories for average people.

His career as a lawyer was characterized by three things:

  • An incredible devotion to justice and fair compensation for all victims of personal injury
  • A firm belief that responsible parties should be held accountable for their actions
  • A tireless dedication to building a firm of attorneys who would continue his goals

Humble Beginnings, Gigantic Vision

Johnnie was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, before his family moved to California.  

He earned his bachelors in Business Administration from the University of California at Los Angeles and, then, his Juris Doctor from Loyola Law School

He began his legal career in the criminal division of the City Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles in 1963 and spent several years in public service, before entering private practice. In 1978, Los Angeles invited him to return as Assistant District Attorney.  He was the third-ranking lawyer in the nation’s largest law office and responsible for 600 attorneys, but, by 1981, he was ready for private practice again.  

Johnnie’s goal was to bring justice to victims who had been injured by major corporations or municipal powers, including cities and police forces.  He began obtaining record verdicts for victims of personal injuries and attracting celebrity clients who wanted his defense services.

While his career in the public eye climaxed during the O.J. Simpson trial, he stopped criminal defense work in 2005, after defending Sean “Puffy” Combs, in order to focus solely on bringing justice to the injured and disadvantaged.    

Driven by Equality

Johnnie’s career was driven by a love of education and the genuine desire to make a difference for people who considered themselves disadvantaged or disenfranchised.  

His primary inspiration was Thurgood Marshall, the great-grandson of a slave and the African-American attorney who argued the victory in Brown v. Board of Education, which led the way to the American civil rights movement.  

“He was my hero,” said Johnnie in a BET interview. “I knew from that point on—not only do I want to be a lawyer, I want to be a lawyer like Thurgood Marshall.”

The Legend Lives

The Cochran Firm today cherishes the same values Johnnie upheld.  

We believe all personal injury victims deserve passionate representation and fair compensation for their losses.

Please Call : 214-440-3902

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

Atlanta GA Personal Injury Lawyer

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