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Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

The Law Office of Neil Flit

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Suffering serious injuries can be one of the most devastating and daunting times in an individual’s lifetime.  Not only will you be facing extreme amounts of pain and suffering, but your financial situation will be greatly impacted by the injury.  Even a small injury can keep you from performing daily tasks such as going to work, caring for your family or going to school.  Without a job, without a caretaker or without completing your education, your life and the ones around you may be greatly altered from this moment on.

However, by obtaining the seasoned assistance of an Atlanta personal injury attorney, you may be able to keep yourself on the road to recovery and prevent yourself from slipping into debt.  With medical bills being sent to your home one after the next, you will need a source to help you provide the financial resources to cover the medical costs of your injury.  Here at the Law Office of Neil Flit, our legal team believes that you should not have to pay a penny of your own money for an accident that could have easily been prevented.

If your injuries were caused by a negligent or reckless individual, you may find that you can be eligible to file a personal injury claim in Atlanta.  It is important that you do not speak with any insurance adjusters before you secure legal representation.  Their offer may seem appealing, but a personal injury attorney will be able to maximize the settlement you are entitled to.

At our firm, our team of knowledgeable personal injury lawyers provides exceptional representation for individuals who have been injured in a construction accident, auto accident, slip and fall, workplace accident or has suffered injuries from dangerous drugs, defective products or security negligence.  Do not hesitate another moment; there is a limited time to file your claim!

Contact an Atlanta personal injury lawyer from the Law Office of Neil Flit today to learn more about how we can help protect your rights and fight for a maximized settlement.  Our firm is also proud to serve the communities of Athens, Marietta and Savannah with all of their car accident and personal injury legal matters.

Call : (770) 916-1270

Atlanta Personal Injury Attorney

Protecting the Rights of Atlanta Personal Injury Victims

Have you or someone that you love recently been involved in a preventable accident? If you have recently been injured by something such as a defective product, a dangerous drug or medical malpractice, it is important that you take the necessary steps towards holding the liable parties responsible for their careless or negligent actions. The complications that can stem from an accident resulting in an injury are vast and can affect the rest of your life if you are not proactive and aggressive. For this reason, it is highly advisable that as soon as you possibly can following such an accident that you hire an Atlanta personal injury lawyer to help you fight for your just outcome.

At the Law Office of Neil Flit, our legal team has extensive experience in helping with personal injury claims, such as this involving
dog bites, trip and falls, security negligence, drowning, product recalls and workplace injuries from construction accidents. If you choose to work with us, we can even help to explain proper grounds for personal injury claims as well as the reasoning behind why you should hire a personal injury lawyer. You can be confident that if you choose to work with an attorney from our firm that we will stop at nothing as we fight to help you protect your legal rights. No stone will be left unturned in our pursuit of your just outcome.

Injured in an auto accident in Atlanta? We can help!

One of the more dangerous parts of Atlanta life is the extreme traffic conditions and the daily possibility of serious car accidents. Drivers, no matter how law-abiding, can become involved in serious injury accidents due to the reckless, dangerous or negligent actions of another driver. When this occurs, it is necessary to contact an Atlanta car accident lawyer to assist you in making your claim for damages. Some of the injuries sustained in such accidents are extremely serious, and in the worst cases, fatal. Irresponsible speeding, reckless or drunk drivers can wreak havoc on the lives of their innocent victims. 

If an irresponsible driver caused an accident that left you or someone you love seriously injured, an attorney can assist you in seeking and recovering full
financial compensation for your injuries and losses. It can be extremely stressful to deal with the insurance company in this matter and receiving a fair settlement may be difficult. An experienced professional can step in and provide the support and legal representation necessary to seek justice - even in the face of unethical or underhanded tactics by the insurance provider or in a situation where the real cause of an accident is in question.

At the Law Office of Neil Flit, the close-knit legal team has over 17 years of experience fighting for the rights of the injured, and remains fully dedicated to advocating for victims and ensuring that they do not suffer further unnecessary pain. We represent victims of traffic collisions throughout the Atlanta area and offer a complimentary, confidential case review to discuss what occurred and how we can help you. Although the future may seem bleak, we are confident in our ability to offer you the level of support needed to seek the best possible result to your car accident insurance claim or lawsuit.

The firm can assist clients in any type of accident claim, including those involving
truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and taxi cab accidents. A lawyer at our offices can help if you sustained only minor injuries in a fender bender or if you are dealing with a complex claim involving an uninsured motorist or hit and run driver. In every case we handle, we strive to provide the one-on-one attention that allows us to address a client's unique needs and concerns. We welcome you to call us at your earliest convenience to talk about whatever type of car wreck has left you or a loved one injured, whether a back-up collision, head-on accident, rear-end accident, single-vehicle or multi-vehicle accidents. Take advantage of our free case review and take the first step toward securing the legal counsel you need.

Experienced Help with Your Atlanta Insurance Claim

Each case has unique circumstances, and must be fully reviewed by an attorney from our office in order to determine how to proceed with your claim for damages. Each case has a varying degree of injuries.  In serious injury cases, it is likely that the insurance claim will be very high. The losses can be devastating, both to the injured and their families. Serious brain and spinal injuries or disfiguring injuries or loss of limb alters the life of the injured forever. Medical expenses can reach millions of dollars when someone sustains an injury that leads to permanent disability. Our intimate team of effective attorneys is dedicated to providing the highest quality and affordable legal representation for the injured and their families regardless of the type and cause of their accident.

Whether your injury is severe or mild, it is likely that you can make a claim for damages. The skilled attorneys at our firm will advise you what to expect, and guide you through the claims process. The firm is dedicated to obtaining maximum compensation for their clients. With the already astronomically high cost of medical care continuing to rise, it is important that if you have been injured, you are being taken care of properly. Being thousands of dollars in debt because you were the victim of a preventable accident is both unjust and unacceptable.

Never attempt to make an insurance claim without legal assistance, as it is very likely that the amount you receive will be far lower than you could expect with the firm fighting on your behalf. Most insurance companies will fight to provide you with as little compensation as possible. They are able to do this to personal injury victims without representation because they know that normal individuals don't have the training, time, or specific knowledge that is necessary to fight against them and win. Insurance companies listen to the personal injury lawyer and the staff, as they know the attorney is relentless and determined when fighting for their clients' rights to compensation.

The firm provides 24 hour service and an an injury attorney can visit you in your home, office or in the hospital.  Don't take chances with injury claims, contact the firm as quickly as possible before the evidence and witnesses become harder to find.

Contact an Atlanta personal injury attorney at our office to discuss the details of your case and the best options for your situation.

Call : (770) 916-1270

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