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Stevenson Klotz Law

Please Call : (850) 444-0000

Eric Stevenson and Chris Klotz are dedicated to the highest client service and customer satisfaction. We have incorporated this belief into our firm's core values. We don’t practice law the same way lawyers did 100 or even 10 years ago. In this new age, a new type of law firm is needed. Laws are constantly changing. The way lawyers practice law is continually adapting to new technologies. These days, lawyers have to compete with companies that sell forms online, and anyone can do some basic legal research on the Internet now. Lawyers no longer have a monopoly on legal research and knowledge. With today's fast paced changes and readily available information, clients need lawyers who can keep up with technology. They need lawyers that communicate with clients so that clients know what to expect and can understand the process.

Despite the vast available knowledge and seemingly unlimited legal information at someone’s fingertips, only a lawyer can give legal advice. Only a trained lawyer can skillfully argue for a client in court. You want a lawyer that is experienced in the courtroom and able to teach you what to expect as your case progresses in the system. At Stevenson Klotz, our lawyers regularly practice in both state court and federal courts in Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. Our vision centers on providing excellent service to our clients and getting the absolute best results we can. We are a small law firm that takes on big cases with the attention and satisfaction you should expect in difficult times.

We practice with integrity knowing that with today’s technologies, clients are more involved than ever in their cases. With increased involvement sometimes comes more confusion. Our aim is to make the legal process simpler for our clients to understand. With so much information available, we know it is hard to make decisions. We look forward to working with people who face what may seem to be overwhelming adversity. Our goal is to guide our clients through difficult times and help them make good decisions that will affect their lives. Any lawyer can print a form or look up the law, but a good lawyer knows how to relate to their clients and how to fight for them in the courtroom.

Please Call : (850) 444-0000

Attorney Profiles:

About Eric Stevenson

Thank you for looking at our site. I hope we are able to help you. Rather than just giving you the "typical" biographical information (my resume can be found HERE), I want to tell you about myself. I have a strong sense of justice. All my friends and family would tell you it is absolutely true, but I once took a personality test that confirmed it! Seriously, when Chris and I started our firm, we took personality tests to determine if we would work well together, and it confirmed that justice is extremely important to me. That is probably why I became a trial lawyer. The courtroom is the great leveling of the playing field. I enjoy taking on big opponents for the disadvantaged or the oppressed. I feel helping individuals fight against big corporations or the government is a calling of mine.

My clients hire me because they know I will fight for them. Sometimes cases go to trial. Sometimes they do not. Regardless, I am always prepared to try a case and to aggressively represent my clients within the scope of the law. I am constantly studying the law and the latest strategies for being a successful lawyer. I regularly talk with other lawyers about what has worked best in their practice and share my own experiences with them so that they can help their clients. Many lawyers try to keep information or strategies to themselves because they are afraid that other lawyers will compete with them for business. I feel that if I can help another lawyer help his or her client, then I have not lost business, but have helped someone gain justice.

I am a native Floridian. I was born in Pensacola and graduated from Gulf Breeze High School. I attended college at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee. I majored in American History and felt a strong call to become a lawyer after realizing just how short we sometimes fall of the American Dream. I went to law school at Cumberland School of Law at Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama and passed the Florida Bar shortly after. I am also licensed in Federal courts and in Alabama. I have represented clients from Huntsville, Hayneville, Foley, and Mobile, Alabama to Pensacola, Fort Walton, Marianna, Jacksonville, and Tampa, Florida. I have found that the American system of justice is the same in each place. It is the greatest system in the world despite its flaws. I spent my early years as a lawyer honing my trial skills through stints as a prosecutor and an insurance defense lawyer. However, I have found my passion is representing individuals in the courtroom against those who mistreat them.

I grew up in the waters and the forests of Florida and Alabama's Gulf Coast, and I chose to move back home because of the natural beauty of the area. I find strength spending time with my family on the waters of Pensacola Bay or the Gulf of Mexico or among the pine woods of South Alabama. Watching my kids play sports (they play baseball, soccer, and football) gives me great joy. If I am not in the office, I am likely enjoying an outdoors activity with my wife or children. I am also active in community and civic organizations including governing boards for Christ Church, Pathways for Change, and St. John's Cemetery. I have played drums since I was 10 years old, and Chris and I play in a rock and roll band called Alcaniz. We play in different venues around Pensacola like Hopjacks,The Fish House,The Bridge Bar, and Seville Quarter. Come see us play some time!

Please Call : (850) 444-0000

About Christopher J. Klotz

If you would like, you can can see our resumes in another part of this website. We wanted to use the biography section to tell you a little more about us.... what you can not learn just from reading somebody's resume. If want to learn more about my qualifications, you can find that HERE.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about who we are. It matters that you know about us. And, it matters that we get to know about you.

I was raised in a military family. Moving with my family every three years of my childhood was a powerful influence on who I have become as an adult. In moving around the country and world, always being the new kid, I learned how to make friends and get to know people quickly. This aspect of my childhood fine-tuned my ability to perceive and interpret my surroundings and understand the dynamics of people around me. I think that experience has made me a good listener and may have been part of why I decided to major in psychology for my undergraduate degree.

I've lived in Hawaii, St. Louis, Maine, Virginia, New Orleans, Manila, Mobile, Baton Rouge, District of Columbia, Jackson (MS), and now Pensacola. I went to both private and public school as my family moved from one duty station to the next. There were important life lessons in both kinds of schools. Always being the new kid in school meant learning how to make friends quickly. It also meant that you always knew that in a few years you would be leaving for a new place. That dynamic meant family was your core sphere of influence. Fortunately, I had caring parents, good discipline, and a stable childhood.

In school, I ran cross country and pole vaulted. I'm actually in my high school’s sports hall of fame for cross country and track. I held the school pole vault record for many years. This fact greatly amuses my sons since I don't follow any sports and they think of me as sports ignorant. Though these two sports were team sports, they were also highly individual. I am very self-reliant as an individual, but I also enjoy the teamwork that running a law office requires.

Another influence on my childhood was that my family loved restoring historic homes wherever we happened to move. MY parents still live in a house built in 1860. I learned how to paint, saw, hammer and build things from a very young age. As a child, those things were almost always tedious tasks my parents made me do. The skills I learned then now are my enjoyable pastime. Building furniture and home renovations now bring me great pleasure. Here's another life lesson from being put to work by my parents: a task you once dread doing may give you a skill that in a new or later chapter of life will become an asset. I strongly believe that you should keep your eyes open, learn as much as you can from the many people around you in life. You never know how you might be able to use a skill you pick up from someone who is willing to invest the time to teach you. Keep your eyes open for gifts of knowledge and growth that may come from the most unexpected places.

I love my job as your attorney. I worry about my clients and think about my cases all the time and how I can better help my clients with their legal challenges. I am thankful to each of my clients for the things that I learn from them as I am helping them.

If you would like to talk to our staff and schedule an appointment to meet with us, please give us a call at:

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