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The Law Offices of Douglas D. Law, Esq.

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California Lemon Law & Auto Fraud
Lemon Law Statutes Can Help You Get the Compensation You DeserveIf your recently-purchased vehicle has been experiencing defects that aren’t going away, despite repair efforts, you may be entitled to due compensation from the manufacturer. The California Lemon Law and auto fraud experts at The Law Offices of Douglas D. Law, Esq. are dedicated to making sure that car buyers who have purchased Lemons get the money or replacement vehicles they deserve.

Our expert attorneys have helped thousands of clients over the years, with an industry-topping 99% success rate. Our legal teams have over 33 years of combined experience, and they will fight to ensure that you receive full compensation for your purchase.

Know Your Consumer Rights – Is Your Vehicle Eligible?

If you’ve purchased a car that is still under warranty, be it new or used, and one or more defects have popped up that can’t seem to be fixed despite a number of repair attempts, you might be eligible, under California Law, to:

  • Receive a complete purchase refund, including registration fees, down payment, financing costs, and more
  • Receive a replacement vehicle from the manufacturer
  • File a Civil Complaint against the manufacturer
  • Have the full balance of your car loan paid off
  • And possibly more

The benefits that are due to the consumer under California State Lemon Law vary from case to case. To find out what you may be entitled to, call us today for a FREE case evaluation at (888) 587-9623, or fill out our online Case Evaluation Form here.

How Our Legal Team Can Help You

Why is it a good idea to have an experienced California Lemon attorney on your side when you file your claim? For starters, without the help of a qualified legal team, you are almost certain to have a hard time dealing with the dealership or manufacturer that sold you the Lemon. Whether you’ve purchased a car, truck, boat or RV, chances are that the dealer who sold it to you will refuse to admit that the vehicle is a Lemon. Trying to make your case to them on your own will probably result in you simply being ignored, the same way they’ll likely ignore any requests for due compensation.

Having a knowledgeable legal team on your side means that your case will get made effectively and right away. An experienced Lemon Law attorney knows how these cases work and will make the manufacturers pay attention to your case immediately. Enlisting the aid of a legal team also means that you won’t have to fill out all the paperwork involved nor have to make court appearances on your own. And best of all, your lawyers will deal with the manufacturers and dealerships on your behalf.California Lemon Law Lawyers

The Expertise of Douglas D. Law’s Legal Team – Statewide Consumer Help With Auto Case Law

With over 33 years of Lemon Law experience under our belt, we know the ins and outs of California Lemon Law and can get you the reimbursement you deserve, guaranteed. Having handled thousands of Lemon Law cases, we’ve become familiar with every car manufacturer in the State and know how to deal with their legal teams effectively. If you want the best legal representation in the industry for your case, give us a call at (888) 587-9623 and schedule your free consultation today. Other benefits you’ll get when working with The Law Offices of Douglas D. Law, Esq. include:No Legal Fees – All your hourly legal fees are paid by the defendant after your case has been won.FREE Phone Advice Whenever You Need It – At The Law Offices of Douglas D. Law, Esq., our attorneys are available to answer any question you might have over the phone, for FREE. Again, our number is (888) 587-9623.Minimal to Zero Court Dates Required ­­­– Because we have an aggressive reputation in the Lemon Law industry, most manufacturers and dealerships we file cases against prefer 99% of the time to settle the dispute out of court. This means that, in all likelihood, you will never have to deal with court dates at all for the duration of your case. And in the unlikely event that a court appearance is required, we are fully qualified and prepared to go to court on your behalf.An Attorney With The Experience To Back Up His Claims  - Learn about the California Lemon Law inside and out; how it works, how it affects your new/used automobile purchase, statutes, rights, refund possibilities and motor vehicle law.Call Us Now For A FREE  Case EvaluationDon’t wait any longer; if you think you might have been sold a Lemon and want to know if you are due to receive compensation under California State Lemon Law, call us today and get a free consultation. Our toll free number is (888) 587-9623, and you can also fill out our FREE case evaluation form online.Though we are based in Southern California, we have been helping clients from all over the state for more than 33 years. So whether you’re in San Diego, Sacramento, or anywhere in between, give us a call and find out how we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Call : (888) 587-9623

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