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Welcome to Palo Alto Personal Injury Lawyer in California

Our lawyer understands the difficulty involved in a Personal Injury case in Palo Alto, California.  Our firm is specialized in handling all personal injury cases that are involved in the Palo Alto area and are proud to be working with citizens in this great community.  We offer quality service when it comes to handling your personal injury case. Our counselors are here to answer the phone and answer any possible question you may have.  We are here to defend your rights and offer the maximum settlement possible.   

Common Personal Injury Questions:

How much money will I need for a lawyer to handle my personal injury case in Palo Alto, California? most cases are based on contingency where the lawyer would handle your case and would be awarded a percentage of the winnings.  It is common for contingency cases to range up to 40% depending on the case and complexity.

The insurance company requested that I release my medical forms shall i do this? if you have a large case that a lawyer will be able to handle you should never sign any medical release forms without consulting your lawyer.  In many cases insurance companies are here to work against you and find any fault that you may have.  

Is there a time limit when I can file a claim or in other words is there a statue of limitations? In the state of California there is a 2 Year limit from the date of your accident to file for a personal injury and wrongful death claim as well as 3 years from the date of your accident to file property damage claims.

What are the types of personal injury cases?

Car Accidents that cause Personal Injury - This is one of the most common personal injury cases in America. On average there are over 7 million car accidents in the United States each year.

Truck Accidents that cause Personal Injury - These types of accidents are not as common but can be very destructive in its very nature. Trucks are large vehicles and are typically commercial that can cause huge damages due to its size.

SUV Rollovers that cause Personal Injury or Death - The death rate on roll over injuries are alarming.  These accidents can lead to serious injury or death in many cases.  Over 5,000 cases a year are reported from SUV rollover deaths.

Dog Bites that cause personal Injury - With more and more people becoming dog owners this rate of dog bites have sky rocketed. In recent news we have heard vicious dog bites that have injured people or even kill someone.  These cases are growing into over 5 million dog bites a year in the United States and have called for new regulations for dog owners.

Drowning Accidents - are serious cases that typically happen because of negligence.  These cases are a tragedy involving children and the elderly who should have had some type of supervision.  Reports have shown over 3,200 cases a year in the United States involving drowning victims.

Amusement Park Accidents that cause Personal Injury - these cases have been growing in the United States. An amusement part is a fun alternative for families to enjoy time with their friends and family.  These amusement parks operate under equipment that could cause injury to people if not properly maintained or inspected.  Reports have shown at their peak that over 271 million people visit amusement parks on a yearly basis.  On average over 7,200 people are injured at these amusement parks.

Construction Site Accidents that involve Personal Injury - due to the recent boom of construction being done this had lead to a higher accident rate among the construction sites.  Most accidents in a construction site typically are serious because of the environment these workers are in.  Reports have shown over 1,000 deaths have occurred due to construction site injuries.

Below are some other examples of Personal Injury Cases:Boat Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents, All Terrain Vehicle Accidents (ATV), Train Accidents, Aviation Accidents. 

Kuvara Law Firm proudly serves the entire state of California.

Kuvara Law Firm

550 Las Gallinas Ave.

San Rafael, CA 94903




Phone: (415) 479-7070

Our lawyer offers its services for personal injury in Palo Alto, California: Zip Codes: 94301, 94302, 94303, 94304, 94305, 94306, 94307, 94308, 94309, 94310 - Area Code: 650 

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