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During the over 20 years I have practiced law many clients complained of symptoms such as headaches and dizziness after an accident. Their Doctors offered no explanation. Many of those suffering had worn seatbelts.

The complaints continued and for the most part were ignored by their doctors. Some doctors just prescribed pain medication and told their patients that the symptoms would probably get better with time. Many never got better.

Outwardly the person suffering with a closed head injury appears to be normal. In some cases relatives and friends may notice an attitude or personality change. However, only the victim of this type of injury can appreciate the physical and emotional harm associated with a Closed Head Injury.

These injuries are commonly caused from trauma to the brain such as when the head strikes a windshield, steering wheel, head rest or deployed airbag. They are also caused by the violent movement of the head forwards and backwards and from side to side without any contact.

My curiosity was aroused and I began to learn about Closed Head Injuries. I attended seminars with doctors who are aware of and treat Closed Head Injuries. I also attended legal seminars dealing with the issue.

I learned that many doctors did not realize what was going on with their patients and failed to treat this often disabling and serious injury. Even with proper medical treatment it is an ordeal for the injured. If left untreated it can quickly become a disaster.

A good personal injury attorney must be aware of this type of injury so that he can properly prepare and help manage his client’s case.

Common Closed Head Injury Symptoms

If you experience some or all these symptoms after an accident or fall you may have a Closed Head Injury also known as a Post Traumatic Concussion:

1. Headaches 10. Memory Problems
2. Dizziness 11. Loss of Appetite
3. Nausea 12. Fatigue
4. Concentration Problems 13. Ringing in Ears
5. Depression 14. Personality Changes
6. Trouble Sleeping 15. Increased Anger and Anxiety
7. Changes in Taste or Smell 16. Emotional Changes
8. Vision Problems 17. Difficulty at Work or School
9. Sensitivity to Light or Sound 18. Difficulty with Relationships

About Us:-

AAAA Legal Center was founded by, Attorney Robert D. Mouradian, in 1977. Robert D. Mouradian received his undergraduate degree in political science from the University of Michigan in 1974.

Robert D. Mouradian graduated from the Detroit College of Law in 1977 and while attending there served on the Law Review.

Since 1977 Robert D. Mouradian has practiced in the State of Michigan in many areas with an emphasis on civil and commercial litigation. Robert D. Mouradian has extensive experience in negotiating and preparing media, sponsorship and vendor contracts.

As part of AAAA Legal Center’s commitment to the metropolitan Detroit community Robert D. Mouradian has provided extensive Pro Bono services. Presently, Robert D. Mouradian is a member of  the  Oakland University Legal Assistant Advisory Board.

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