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Please Call : 520-609-5980

If you are looking for an Attorney in Phoenix Arizona, we can help. Our website features some of the top Attorneys in Phoenix, who will provide you with the best legal advice available. If you peruse our website, you will find an attorney that will suit your needs.

If you or a family member is in need of an attorney, our website will help guide you through the often difficult process of attorney selection. Our attorneys specialize in many facets of law, including bankruptcy, personal injury, DUI/DWI,  wrongful death, family law, malpractice, and many others.

Please Call : 520-609-5980

If ??u h?v? b??n charged w?th a criminal offense ?nd h?v? b??n denied bail (or bail ?? set t?? high f?r ??u t? afford), th?n ??u w?ll h?v? t? find a Phoenix criminal attorney t? represent ??u wh?l? ??u ?r? ?n jail. Th?? m?ght ???m l?k? a formidable task, ?nd ?t is, unl??? ??u kn?w h?w t? g? ?b?ut it.

Out ?f jail, people wh? n??d a criminal attorney h?v? m?r? options b???u?? th?? ??n research backgrounds ?nd obtain references. In jail ??u don’t h?v? ?n? ?f th??? luxuries, but ?ft?n ??ur future depends ?n th? abilities ?f ??ur criminal attorney. S? h?w d? ??u g? ?b?ut finding a attorney wh?l? ?n jail?

(1) Civil ?r Criminal Attorneys You’ve U??d B?f?r?

If ??u h?v? u??d a civil ?r criminal attorney ?n th? past, ??u ??n ?lw??? contact th?t attorney ?nd ??th?r ??k th?m t? represent ??u ?r request a referral. Attorneys ?n civil practice ?r? ?ft?n competent t? represent defendants ?n criminal proceedings ?? well, but ?t m?ght b? b?tt?r t? obtain a referral.

(2) Friends & Family Member Referrals

You h?v? th? r?ght t? contact friends ?r family members wh?l? ?n jail, ?? ??k th?m t? give ??u a referral f?r ?n attorney ?r t? d? ??m? research ?nd find a competent attorney f?r you. S?n?? th?? ?r? n?t ?n jail, th?? h?v? th? time ?nd resources t? d? ??ur research f?r you. Ju?t m?k? ?ur? th?t th? person ??u ??k t? d? th?? f?r ??u ?? trustworthy ?nd ?f sound common sense judgment.

(3) Bail Bondsmen

Even ?f ??u ?r? n?t ?n a position t? post bail f?r yourself, ??u ??n contact a local bail bondsman ?nd request a criminal lawyer referral. B???u?? bail bondsmen deal w?th bail, attorneys ?nd courts ?n a daily basis, th?? w?ll b? familiar w?th th? choices ?f attorneys ?n ??ur area.

(4) Inmates

I ?nl? recommend th?? ?? a l??t resort, but ??u ??n ??k fellow inmates ?f th?? ?r? happy w?th th??r criminal attorneys ?nd request referrals. B? careful ?b?ut wh? ??u talk t? ?b?ut this, ?nd don’t share ?n? confidential information ?b?ut ??ur case. Obtaining th? n?m? ?nd phone number ?f a lawyer ?? enough; ??u ??n explain th? situation ?n?? ??u g?t th?m ?n th? phone.

(5) Request a Public Defender

If ??u ??n legally b? considered indigent b? th? state, ??u ??n submit a request f?r a public defender. A public defender ?? a criminal attorney wh? takes cases fr?m defendants wh? ??nn?t afford t? represent th?m??lv?? otherwise. Th?? ?? ?nl? ?n option ?f ??u ?r? financially incapable ?f hiring a criminal attorney.

Please Call : 520-609-5980

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